Fender Telecaster Guitars

Fender American Ultra Series Telecaster Guitars

The American Ultra series encompasses Fender's most advanced instruments to date. Blending contemporary tweaks with a classic design, the Fender American Ultra Telecaster is made for modern musicians that seek ultimate performance.

Fender American Ultra Series Telecaster Guitars

Following in the spirit of its Stratocaster counterpart, the Fender American Ultra Telecaster boasts a raft of thoughtful updates that bring it up to the standards of modern, performance-seeking guitarists. Delivering that distinctive twang, the new Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups retain that classic Tele character yet eradicate the annoying hum that afflicts older single-coils.

Fender hasn’t reinvented the wheel when it comes to the American Ultra Tele’s tonewoods. With either an Alder or Ash body depending on the colour option, this guitar is paired with a bolt-on Modern “D”-shaped Maple neck that guarantees the signature Tele snap and a comfortable feel. Maple or Rosewood fingerboards are available, cut to a contemporary compound radius that ensures optimal playability at all areas of the neck. A recessed heel also allows you to reach the higher frets completely unhindered.

The iconic Telecaster control layout remains intact, with master volume and tone knobs giving you that familiar setup. However, the acclaimed S-1 switch opens up plenty of additional pickup combinations that make the American Ultra Tele an incredibly versatile workhorse.