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Spectrasonics Trilian Bass Virtual Instrument

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Next Generation "STEAM-powered" Trilogy Successor
Features Integration with Omnisphere

Spectrasonics announced and previewed their brand new virtual instrument Trilian, the long-awaited successor to their award-winning Trilogy bass module. The new instrument has a much larger core library and features highly-detailed new acoustic, electric and synth basses - as well as enhanced versions of the classic Trilogy sounds. Sporting a brand new user interface with numerous software innovations, Trilian is the first 64-bit native software based on Spectrasonics STEAM Engine and is the first virtual instrument to feature full library integration with the company's flagship Omnisphere synthesizer.

"At Spectrasonics, we've always loved Bass sounds." notes Eric Persing, Founder and Creative Director. "When we started 15 years ago, our very first product was the best-selling Bass Legends sample library. Then in 2002, we introduced Trilogy - the world's first Bass Virtual Instrument. Today, we are very pleased to announce Trilian, which represents a whole new generation of our Bass development. Trilian is built on the STEAM Engine that powers Omnisphere, which has allowed us to create the most expressive and flexible Bass module we've ever made."



  • "The sonic variety is astonishing, so much so that I found it hard to imagine ever getting tired of playing this instrument."
  • "This seems a fair price to pay for a classy instrument with very wide applications and huge musical power, which operates on the same level as high-end sample libraries. As I've found with every Spectrasonics Instrument to date, Trilian is an investment that won't let you down."

Dave Stewart - Read the whole review in the January 2010 Issue.

Trilian Features

  • Trilian is the long-awaited successor to the award-winning Trilogy software plug-in
  • Muchlarger core library includes multiple NEW Acoustic, Electric & Synth Basses
  • Includes enhanced versions of all the original Trilogy patches
  • Based on powerful STEAM Engine technology - like Omnisphere
  • Arpeggiator with Groove Lock; for instant bass line syncing to any RMX groove or MIDI Files.
  • Omnisphere library integration: use any of the Trilian sounds inside Omnisphere!
  • Integrated FX racks, including all effects from Omnisphere
  • 8-part multitimbrality allows access to multiple articulations in a single plug-in
  • High Definition streaming sample playback with Multi-channel audio architecture allows easy Mic, DI and Release soundsource mixing within a single layer
  • Extensive 'Round-Robin' sampling for natural sounding bass lines with repeated notes
  • Expressive Multisampled dynamic slides - realistically slide from one note down to another
  • Live Mode allows 8 dynamic bass articulations loaded at once with instant, seamless key-switching
  • Stack Mode allows user configurable key/velocity/controller articulation mapping
  • New Custom Controls main page for rapid editing, access to the most useful controls and user interface customization for each patch
  • State of the art new Browser with Searching, Attributes/Tags, Images
  • Edit Page offers very powerful sound manipulation features including Timbre Shifting, FM, Flex Mod, Modultable FX, Dual-voice Harmonia; and more
  • Mac Universal Binary VST/AU/RTAS support - Windows VST, RTAS
  • 64-Bit native support

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 23 February 2015

    Amazing VI. Only just scratched the service. Double bass is superb!!!

    Diân | Purchase date: 01 December 2012

    Absolutely brilliant. I'm always for using live musicians, but sometimes I have a specific sound that I wish to create that sometimes, a real musician can't get. After all... we can't read minds. This patch allows me to consistently stream ideas from my mind whilst at the same time producing a great sense of realism. This can be used as either a studio tool or a liver performance machine!

    Allan | Purchase date: 21 August 2012

    What can I say that's not already been said? Fantastic instrument, great interface (unlike some plugins!) and superb sounds - just take a look at some of the YouTube videos!!

    Andrew | Purchase date: 23 May 2012

    The clarity and quality of basses using this software is mostly down to your amp and speakers. Accuracy of sound relates to how you play it but the general result is really convincing. Nice and easy to use with minimal learning and there's loads of flexibility under the bonnet should you wish.

    Mr. Ben Albiston | Purchase date: 20 July 2010

    This is the dogs bollocks of all bass module systems...I mean so long as you've got the correct tools to use it on i.e enough RAM space and HARD DRIVE space you haven't got a problem using the endless bass samples.

    Mr. Christopher McGrath | Purchase date: 30 June 2010

    Having spent a lot of time with Trilian I have to say it's one of the best instruments I've ever bought. It's in my DAW template now as my go to bass instrument. The amount and quality of sound is superb, I'll be tweaking and exploring this for a long time to come. My only problem is now I want Omnisphere!

    Mr T Wedlake | Purchase date: 25 April 2010

    Everything i was expecting, you would not want any other bass plug-in after you purchase trilian it does everything and better than any other. 35gb core sound library acoustic electric and synth its all here, and they've even remastered there two previous plug-ins trilogy and bass legends and included them in trilian, so your getting 3 in 1 which is great. The sound's are so well sampled its hard to tell the difference between trilian and the real thing, its easy to use so you dont have to be a mastermind to get a great sound it does it for you. A must for any home studio.

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