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Pro Tools Recording Studio Fast Track Interface and Software

Entry level recording with the industry standard recording software package

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If you're looking for your entry point into the world of recording: this is it!everyone knows Pro Tools as an industry standard package for recording and producing, and the chances are - if you've heard the radio in the past 20 years - you've heard Pro Tools in action!

This Pro Tools Recording Studio software comes bundled with an M-Audio Fast Track USB recording interface so you can plug in and get recording on Pro Tools straight away!

N.B. The Fast Track USB does not have phantom power.

M-Audio Fast Track USB Audio Interface

Easily and affordably craft professional-sounding songs and remixes with Pro Tools M-Powered Essentials software - no experience needed. Fatten your guitar sound, sharpen your drums, deepen the groove and achieve pristine, clean tones using the Pro Tools simple interface. Dub, mix, remix, edit, blend, restore, hone and more to create supersonic audio projects. Fast Track USB audio interface pairs with Pro Tools M-Powered Essentials software so you can play and record guitars and microphones directly to your PC or Mac. You'll sound like a pro - even if you've never recorded a note before.

Pro Tools Recording Studio

Smash through the ceiling of your musical creativity with Pro Tools Recording Studio. Easily create, play, mix and record your music with the same platform professionals use to produce much of the most popular music in the world. Plug in standard guitars, microphones and other instruments to play and record your music directly to your PC or Mac with Fast Track USB, a simple yet high-quality audio interface that pairs with Pro Tools M-Powered Essential software. Even if you're a beginner, your music will sound like it came from a top recording studio, so get ready to explore creative depths you never knew you had with the ultimate audio production software.

M-Audio Fast Track USB Audio Interface

  • Record guitar, vocals and more: capture pristine digital sound for any recording project with Fast Track USB -whether your guitar is plugged straight into the computer or you're using a standard microphone.
  • Professional quality audio interface: create your favorite hit songs and soundtracks with M-Audio hardware technology previously only available to pros-delivering far superior sound than standard-issue PC audio cards. Even if you're just listening to music, Fast Track USB delivers a high quality audio experience.
  • Connect directly to your PC or Mac: start recording immediately by plugging in a guitar, microphone or other instrument into the interface, then connect the included USB cable to your Mac or PC. For playback, just plug headphones right into the interface for high-quality sound without disturbing the neighbors. (cont'd)


Create the perfect sound: adjust your input levels with the simple Pro Tools controls to achieve the perfect sound for your track with the included Pro Tools M-Powered Essential software.

Pro Tools M-Powered Essential Software

  • Play, mix and record with the creative power of Pro Tools: start creating great music right out of the box with the platform the professionals use to record, edit and produce much of the most popular music in the world.
  • Get inspired with a treasure trove of loops : go from casual playing or singing to full-fledged music production in styles ranging from hip-hop and funk to pop, jazz, rock and blues. Use our included vast library of drum and instrument loops as a perfect starting point for practicing, jamming or songwriting.
  • Plug it in: experience the rich coloring of the SansAmp tube amplifier simulator when you plug your guitar into the included Fast Track USB interface. It's like playing on the real thing. Whether you're recording vocals, guitar, bass or any other instrument, Pro Tools has the power to deliver your masterpieces.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP (SP3)* or Windows Vista 32/64 or OSX 10.5.5
  • 1.8 GHz multi-core processor (Intel or AMD)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 5400 RPM drive
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 4GB hard drive space (additional space required for loop content)
  • 1 native USB port
  • *Home and Professional Editions only. Windows Media Center is not supported.

    Charlie | Purchase date: 06 July 2012

    It's good for the price, this was my first venture into recording with dedicated hardware and this really captures the sound quite well. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't amazing, but it's pretty good for what you pay. As well as this I had a few bugs getting the drivers to work (the ones one the disk are well out of date and wouldn't work with windows 7) but the new ones are easily accessible through the website and after that it's worked fine. The interface is fairly simple to use and the hardware seems pretty well made, enough to survive a few drops and knocks from my guitar.

    Andrew | Purchase date: 04 May 2012

    Great piece of kit, delivered when promised, sounds quality :) Bass doesn't record very well though, maybe I'm just not doing it properly lol. Either way, good service and product

    Andrei Newton | Purchase date: 27 April 2011

    I was looking for a simple and effective ( cheap) recording setup. The choice was between this and the low end Line 6 product. Installation was a breeze, but its a very steep learning curve to produce some adaquate results. Three days later and everything is much easier. The sounds are great and the results are better than I could have hoped for. An excellent buy for a first foray into home recording.

    Mr. Richard Roberts | Purchase date: 30 December 2010

    My M-audio box arrived in the post and worked straight away.

    I am not a technician and I have found some of the PC music software hard to understand. The M-audio is easier to set up and use than most of the others I have encountered although there was some head scratching.

    My requirement is to make 'demos' of multi instrument songs where each instrument is added to the mix incrementally. The box and the software does quite a good job of this.

    Why only 4 points? Partly the product - it needed setting up (i.e. it did not straight away) but perhaps with a variety of computer operating systems this is a necessity and partly the ease of use (this is probably me) but is almost (but not 100

    Mr. Massimilliano Guidi | Purchase date: 20 December 2010

    Got this for my brand new notebook, works terrible, pops/clicks drop-outs, the current driver from m-audio is not working properly with windows 7 64-bit.

    External usb audio interfaces are used mainly by notebook users, not desktop, they can buy a internal card.

    My pc specs are not low either, intel i5, 4gb ram, 1gb nvidia, 750gig hdd, the installer and driver should work properly but does not, looked at official and unofficial forums and users of windows 7 are having all sort of problems with the Fasttrack usb interface.

    I read if I used windows xp or a mac it works ok, great.

    Not Anderton's fault but M-audio is failing users of the latest PC OS.

    The current driver has been available since December, If m-audio doesn't sort out the driver and the installer in the next couple of weeks, I'll eBay this, cut my losses and forget m-audio products for a very long time.

    If you use windows 7 with a current spec PC and want an audio USB interface, buy this at your own risk.

    Massimiliano Guidi | Purchase date: 20 December 2010

    Since my last review there have been many Windows 7 64-bit system updates by Microsoft and now the Fast Track USB works fine with my laptop.

    The driver from M-Audio hasn't been updated, after all it seems it was a Windows issue, not M-Audio.

    Anyway just wanted to update you that the Fast Track USB now works on my laptop running WIndows 7 64-bit, so please take down my old negative review.

    Seems it wasn't M-audio's fault after all.

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