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Korg DT10 Stomp Tuner - NEW LOW PRICE!

Korg DT10 Stomp Tuner

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We've just knocked 25% off the price of this great floor tuner. Grab one now while stocks last!

A rugged body that stands up to the demands of on-stage use, with a cool silver chassis that projects a dramatic presence. Announcing the new DT-10 foot-type tuner, with superb precision, visibility, and durability.

The floor-type DT-10 Digital Tuner joins Korg's wide range of digital tuners, known for their accuracy and versatility. It features an LED-type meter for rapid response and accurate detection, guaranteeing stable tuning. The 16-segment note display provides excellent visibility even on a dark stage, and the cool silver body projects a dramatic presence. The rugged body is designed for years of tough use.

Floor-type chromatic tuner optimized for guitar/bass players
Simple and stable design with a rugged body
Easy to read 13 point LED display and note name display
16-segment note display for excellent visibility even on dark stages
Flat-tuning up to seven semi-tones. Tune down to A1
Detection range of E0 (20.60 Hz)--C8 (4186 Hz)
438--445 Hz calibration adjustment
Two Selectable Outputs (Buffered-Bypass and Tuner out)
Rapid response and accurate operation for smooth tuning
The LED-type meter indicates the difference between the reference pitch and the input signal, and delivers rapid response and accurate operation for stress-free tuning.
Tough silver body designed for on-stage use
The tough and solid-feeling body ensures stability even during intense live performances, and the cool silver chassis will inspire you to play your best.
Excellent visibility even on a dark stage
Note names, flat settings, and calibration values are shown by a 16-segment display and high-brightness LED-type meter for excellent visibility even on a dark stage.
Support for seven-semitone flatted tunings

The DT-10 provides a flat tuning mode that supports dropped tunings in a range from one to seven semitones. Low-pitch performance techniques are also supported.
Adjustable calibration setting
Calibration can be adjusted to accommodate different reference pitches, allowing you to precisely match any song or key.
Dual outputs for a variety of applications

The DT-10 provides two output jacks; a bypass jack that always outputs the input signal, and a separate output jack that can be muted while tuning between songs. This gives you flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of situations. 

Scale: 12 equal-tempered
Meters: Cent indicator
Detection Range: E0(20.60Hz)-C8(4186Hz)
Calibration Function: 438-445Hz(1Hz steps)
Detection Accuracy: +/-1 cent
Input Impedance: 1M Ohm
Connectors: Input (1/4" mono), Output(1/4" mono), Bypass(1/4" mono), DC9V IN
Power Supply: 9V battery, or AC Adapter (sold separately)
Battery Life: approximately 3 hours continuous use with tuner on (A4 input continuously), approximately 50 hours continuous use with tuner off (A4 input continuously)
Current consumption: maximum 43 mA
Dimensions: 104 (W) x 119 (D) x 51 (H) mm / 4.09" (W) x 4.69" (D) x 2.01" (H)
Weight: 0.90 Ibs. / 410 g
Included items: One 9V battery
DT-10 Options
AC adapter (9V, sold separately)

    Mr. Mauricio Colussi | Purchase date: 07 December 2010

    Very reliable floor tuner in a solid metal case. Great for studio and gig use. Great value for money.

    OliCameron | Purchase date: 17 November 2010

    The Korg DT10 is a solid and accurate chromatic pedal tuner suitable for both guitar and bass, able to stand up to many years of use and abuse.

    Key Features:

    - Bypass and constant tuner outputs

    - Easy to read 13 point LED display and note name display

    - 16-segment note display for excellent visibility even on dark stages

    - Flat-tuning up to seven semi-tones. Tune down to A

    - Detection range of E0 (20.60 Hz)--C8 (4186 Hz)

    - 438 - 445 Hz calibration adjustment

    - Battery and 9v power supply options

    Tuning to -1 cent it's more accurate than a Boss Tuner which tunes to -3 cents.

    The display is easy to read except in the brightest of lights, but that is an inherent problem with any pedal that uses this style of display and as such cannot be taken as a negative point of the pedal.

    I had my first Korg DT10 which survived 7 years of heavy use and only ever had a fault as the result of a power surge, an easy fix for anyone with electrical skills. I bought a second straight away to cover gigs whilst the old one was being fixed and now both are being used by the bassist in my band and myself.

    Overall this is one of the best value, accurate and reliable pedal tuners you could get, Definitely recommended!

    Mr. Matthew Bray | Purchase date: 05 October 2010

    Very accurate and a useful piece of kit. Found it very easy to set up and route with the rest of my pedals, nothing confusing about and very adjustable with the different outputs depending on what you want.

    Mr. Simon Wright | Purchase date: 09 July 2010

    Very easy to use ,bright LED display makes tuning easy. Very tough, well built.

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