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TC Electronic PolyTune Polyphonic Tuner - V1

Tune all 6 Strings at once!

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Was £69! Save £20!

Iinstead of playing each string individually to see whether it's in tune, just strum through the open strings once, and the dot matrix display will tell you all the information you need to tune your guitar! If you're struggling at first, you can just use it in normal Chromatic mode. You don't even have to tell it to switch between poly and mono! This tuner is probably more intelligent than my dog!


"Polyphonic tuning is the sort of brilliant idea everyone hoped for, but nobody actually created. Until now. The Polytune tunes up quickly and accurately, with the minimum of fuss, which is exactly what TG was looking for."

"Were it a straight automatic chromatic tuner it would be good, but by adding the polyphonic mode for an instant view of all six strings, it becomes an undoubted winner at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended."


Here's what TC Electronic Say about the Polytune

PolyTune is the world's first polyphonic tuner, and a game-changing total tuning turnaround that will have future guitarists wondering how we ever got by without it. 

It couldn't be done - until we did it.

The magic lies in a never before seen approach to tuning aimed at speed, accuracy and ease of use. With PolyTune, you simply strum all strings on your guitar or bass at once, and it will immediately tell you which strings need tuning! This cutting-edge tuning technology revolutionizes the way you tune and accomplishes what has been deemed 'impossible' until now: tuning all strings simultaneously! It really is as simple as strum - tune - rock, and this quantum leap forward allows you to get in tune fast, and back to doing what you love: playing.

Strum - Tune - Rock

Providing an instant overview of the pitch of all your strings, PolyTuneTM is an invaluable tool in live-settings, where it is essential to be in tune quickly and ready to play. Crowds don't want to wait around, they want to rock, and, let's face it, so do you. Besides live use, this stomp box will deliver like no other in any situation where you want to get tuning out of the way and focus on play.

Fever Pitch

Equally effective for guitar and bass, PolyTuneTM is extremely flexible as well. The reference pitch can be set to your preference and ranges from 435Hz to 445Hz. This guarantees you'll be able to play along with anyone, with any instrument and in any situation.

Drop it like it's hot

If you are a guitarist that likes to play at a different pitch than standard, this is your go-to pedal, allowing for dropped tunings from E-flat all the way down to B. Whatever your pitch or tuning, PolyTune is a sure-fire way to be spot-on, with an accuracy of just plus/minus 1cent.

Chromatic champion

Besides the Polyphonic tuner, PolyTuneTM has a chromatic tuner that can hang with the best current tuning technology out there, with an amazing 0.5 cent accuracy. But we are never satisfied with the current norm, and added some features to make this tuner's chromatic section stand out from the crowd.

Tuning modes

Let's start with the two separate chromatic tuning modes, which cater to your individual preferences and needs. Needle mode is for those that are used to the classic view on a tuner. For the people that want a little more real-time information, we have included stream-mode, which measures even the slightest pitch variation and instantly feeds the info back to you via a rotating motion on the display.

Tuning Magnet

Key to both these great chromatic modes is an ultra-fast and precise response, which is achieved via the use of the unique tuner magnet feature. This slows down the needle once you get close to the desired pitch, making it much easier to get the job done quickly.


Whether you want to use the polyphonic tuner to get in tune, or prefer to go the chromatic route,this pedal has you covered. PolyTuneTM features "MonoPoly", a unique patent-pending technology that recognizes whether you play one or more strings and instantly replies with the appropriate poly- or monophonic tuning mode.

Total Recall

Of course, all of these amazing features would not mean a thing if they were a pain to use or set up. So, we added some traits to ensure this tuner is calibrated to the guitarist. Unlike most other tuners, PolyTune stores your preferences. From pitch reference to tuning mode, it hangs on to this information even after it is powered down, making sure you only have to set how you want things to happen once.

The next time you power up again, it will show you the settings, so you instantly know Everything is exactly how you want it to be.

Tuning as it should be

PolyTune was our chance to build the ultimate tuning tool from the ground up and finally get rid of some of the current tuner drawbacks that guitarists run into time and time again. Tuners have been around for some 30 odd years and we felt it was high time they got in tune with todays guitarists.

Design is where beauty and technology meet

But besides all the spearheading features inside the tuner, we took a long hard look at the outside as well, and pushed tuner design to new heights in the process!

A strong display of innovation

Starting with the display, it instantly becomes clear why PolyTune is lightyears ahead of current tuners. Guitarists that play gigs, will no doubt recognize the nightmare of an unclear display, due to for example bright sunlight, an overeager light technician or a stage smoke machine gone bonkers.

PolyTune offers unprecedented visibility using an ambient light sensor, which automatically matches the brightness of the LEDs to its surroundings.

What is the Matrix?

PolyTune features 17 LEDS which allow for a higher resolution and the LEDs themselves are super bright and focused to ensure optimal visibility at all times. This guarantees the most effortless tuning experience money can buy. And as an added bonus, the 100 LED matrix can give you information right on the display, so you won't have to go dig for the manual mid-gig.

Size Matters

PolyTune will brighten any pedalboard, and we aren't just talking about the LEDs! Besides looking like a million bucks, its small footprint design means that PolyTuneTM doesn't take up more of your precious pedalboard real estate than absolutely necessary.

Spruce the juice

Battery changes are a breeze thanks to the one-screw easy access to the battery compartment and when powered by an external 9v DC power supply, the 9v DC out can be used to power other pedals on your board.

True Bypass

The true bypass feature ensures PolyTune is only there when you need it. It allows for your carefully sculpted tone to flow unaffected when the pedal is bypassed and for silent tuning once engaged.

We can't make tuning fun. But we can sure make it a whole lot easier.

We want to do our part for the guitar community and truly innovate the life of guitarists. And with PolyTune's extraordinary features and cutting-edge technology, we feel we have accomplished just that. We are passionate guitarists ourselves and we work every single day to make all our lives easier and more rocking. We did it for multi-effects with G-Force, G-Major2, Nova System and G-System, we did it for stomp boxes with the Nova series, and now PolyTune is here to give tuning a much needed kick in the A440!


  • Tuning Accuracy: +/- 0.5 cent
  • Reference Pitch: A4 = 435 to 445Hz (1 Hz steps)
  • Input Impedance: 500 kOhm (pedal on)
  • Power Supply: One 9V type battery or AC adapter (9V DC), - sold separately
  • Current Draw: 45-50 mA (typical use)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 72 mm x 122 mm x 45 mm
  • Weight: 300 g/10.6 oz (incl. battery)
  • Included items: One 9V battery 2 pcs. 3M velcro for pedal board attachment

    christopher | Purchase date: 25 June 2013

    Excellent tuner , very accurate , versatile & easy to use . Most important of all , it's totaly anonymous & dosen't colour your sound . Somehow TC have improved tuners & there's is now the one that all other should be measured by .

    Toby | Purchase date: 24 June 2013

    The PolyTune is an amazing little tuner stomp box, easy to use right out the box and the display is nice and clear. not much to say really except delivery was fast, and it was well packaged. its worth the money if your looking at true bypass stomp box tuners. being TC Electronics I doubt there will be any issues. its as solid as a goat's forehead. WIN

    Alex | Purchase date: 05 June 2013

    The tuning pedal is excellent. It's dead easy to use and accurate. The design looks good, too. I found the polyphonic tuning function really useful. It is great when you are in-between songs and just want to make sure that everything's ok. However, for the precise tuning of individual strings I prefer the ordinary chromatic tuning function. You don't need to switch from polyphonic mode to chromatic mode. The pedal does that automatically. If you are looking for a reliable tuning pedal, I'd recommend this one.

    Kurt | Purchase date: 17 May 2013

    very effective and solid guitar tuner, being able to strumm and tune all strings at once is perfect and very reliable

    Dan | Purchase date: 25 January 2013

    Can't fault this Tuner. What a clever bit of kit. So handy that you can just strum open strings and see what string is out of tune in a flash. Great for live gigs.

    Daren | Purchase date: 14 December 2012

    What's to say about the PolyTune that hasn't already been said?

    It works very well in polyphonic mode with all my gear (electric gtr, electro-acoustic gtr and 5-string bass), and the single-note mode helps for really fine tuning.

    It's very solidly built, and it comes with velcro for pedalboards. The only thing missing is a power supply, but it runs off a standard 9V DC supply, which you can get very cheaply - or a battery of course.

    Giacomo | Purchase date: 19 November 2012

    Great tuner. The screen is very bright and easy to read. Tuning the guitar in "polytune" mode is easy and quick; if more accuracy is needed, the "normal" mode works great - I was able to do a proper fine intonation of my guitar with it.

    Adam | Purchase date: 22 September 2012

    I bought the TC electronics Polytune polyphonic tuner after seeing Guthrie Govan uses one as his live tuner. I figure if it is good enough for him, it'll be more than enough for me.

    The brightness of the tuner is supposed to alter according to light conditions, so it is always visible during any performance. This is an amazing feature, one that I've not tested all that much admittedly, but never the less a good feature to have.

    It has a DC in and out, so it can be powered by a power supply, but also can power the next pedal in your chain if you buy a cable to do so.

    It seems to me to be a very accurate tuner, much more so than the hand held tuner/metronomes you get. It also has a strum feature, that allows you to strum the guitar and it tells you exactly which string is out (taking out the guess work again for live use). One thing I've not tried is alternate tunings, but knowing the guys at TC, it probably does that fantastically well also.

    It seems a little pricey, but considering all the features it has, you can justify it. Also, the boss TU-3 isn't much cheaper and lacks a lot of the usable features that this has.

    Bottom line, if you are after a good solid live tuner, this is the one.

    David | Purchase date: 24 August 2012

    Excellent tuner, a quality product that lives up to expectations,I am extremely happy with the purchase.

    Kash | Purchase date: 17 August 2012

    Amazing pedal, great tuner and really accurate even for the really down tuned stuff it works as a mono tuner or a poly tuner so you can strum all 6 strings at once and get an immediate overview of each string on one display which is so useful, especially in gig conditions where things need to be done quickly. My bass player also uses this pedal to tune and it seems to be equally as efficient for bass tuning as it is for a guitar. This pedal is also very simple to use and in my opinion, looks good too. Overall i can't se myself going back to any other tuning pedal after this!!!!

    Simon | Purchase date: 24 June 2012

    Genius little tuner, replaced my old and worn out Boss TU-2 - true bypass is a real bonus and much needed when you've got your tuner first in the chain you don't want to start losing tone that early on! Very well made (as are all the TC products), battery and 9v power supply friendly and you can daisy chain the rest of your pedals should you feel the desire and have the right cable - nice bright display and although I find the individual string tuning to be more accurate than the polytune method, a nice touch all the same!

    Andy | Purchase date: 08 May 2012


    I've been using a Boss TU-2 for years and this tuner just blows it away.

    I got it to quickly check tuning across all strings inbetween songs in a rapid fire set (wedding/function band www.specialguestsband.co.uk) and it performs without question.

    Its built to last, the LED is bright and easy to see and it is pedalboard friendly size-wise.

    You need this pedal if you regularly play live, you will wonder why you lived without it!

    Nicholas | Purchase date: 19 March 2012

    An excellent new twist on the must have guitar tuner. great build quality and the polyphonic function works well. the LEDs are bright enough to see clearly in daylight and the battery life is great. the battery option was the reason I bought this over the smaller mini.

    Chris | Purchase date: 03 February 2012

    Not as accurate as it professes to be. I found myself retuning low E and G to fine tune on all my guitars. I guess this is a useful gadget to tune silently when the need arises but frankly you can get it as close by ear.

    Aidan | Purchase date: 01 November 2011

    Absolutely awesome tuner pedal, I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a decent and accurate tuner. The price was right and the poly mode really works! Awesome

    Oliver | Purchase date: 26 July 2011

    Does what it says on the tin. It's great, really easy to use and its preety accurate and quick :). The LED does really help for you to see it clearly.

    Mr. Elliott Fuller | Purchase date: 25 July 2011

    Well there's not a great deal to mention here. This pedal does what it says on the tin - it tunes, and it does that very well. The multi string tuner option is brilliant and actually works, it is highly visible on stage in all lighting environments and is built like a tank, so no worries of it breaking any time soon.

    True Bypass is always a nice addition and there's no 'pop's when turning it on and off within the signal chain on a pedalboard.

    My only gripe (and it might be to do with not reading the manual properly yet) is that I tried to tune a bass on it briefly and it didn't seem to pick up the signal that well - I think this is to do with you have to set it to a 'bass mode' but I didn't have time to fiddle with it and figure that out. I imagine it would be fine for bass tuning.

    All in all a great little tuner will withstand the road and multiple gigs - guys like Guthrie Govan and John Petrucci have begun using this over their classic BOSS TU's which says a lot.

    Definitely worth the price you even get a free TC electronic sticker in the box, how nice.

    Mr. Richard Donovan | Purchase date: 19 May 2011

    This is an excellent product.

    Tuning is very accurate, and easy to do on stage, the display is very clear and easy to see, both in polyphonic mode and chromatic modes. The fact that it senses what you want is excellent and makes tuning up a breeze. Alternative tunings are a big bonus for me, and the ability to upload updated tunings is great, DADGAD for example.

    In over 40 years of playing the guitar this is the best tuner I've ever had.

    Mr. Paul Ingleby | Purchase date: 17 May 2011

    The best guitar tuner by a long way.

    Simple to use and very acurate as well the bonus being you can see at a glance which string is out of tune.

    Several tunings also available

    Mr. James Keys | Purchase date: 26 April 2011

    I've had a few tuners in my time, i like this one the best. It's very accurate and innovative with the polyphonic mode, allowing you to strum all your strings and it tell you which ones are out of tune. It caters for a lot of different tunings such as open, flats and drop tunings. What i like about if the most is the true bypass, other tuners which normally feature a buffer, run the signal into low impedance which is good unless you got good distortion/fuzz pedals behind them which makes them act strangely. With true bypass you wont have that problem. Overall it's a good accurate well built tuner, true bypass and pedalboard friendly.

    Michael | Purchase date: 11 April 2011

    Solidly built super little tuner with clear display screen. The polymode allows for all six strings to be tuned at once or if one string is played it indicates that individual note. It's a true bypass unit and also allows for dropped tunings. Seriously recomended if you are after a tuner!

    Mr. Ross Wareing | Purchase date: 28 February 2011

    Excellent tuner for live use and will be a welcome addition to your pedal board. This includes 2 modes. Mode 1 'multi string' tune, enables you to view all 6 ( or 5 / 4 for bass ) strings intonation. Mode 2 'single string' acts like normal tuner pedal. Handles dropped tuning. This is without question the best tuner I have owned, would fully recommend.

    Mr. Russell Andrews | Purchase date: 04 February 2011

    Not a thing I'd change. Tracks very fast indeed, does what it says on the tin really. I cant fault it and it seems the majority cant either. The new "king of tuners?"

    Mr. Michael Williams | Purchase date: 03 February 2011

    This is my first pedal tuner and I think it's absolutely fantastic. I've got it at the start of me effects pedal run and it's so easy to just turn it on at the start of a session and quickly see which strings are out of tune. It makes the whole process of tuning so simple and quick. I won't be without it from now on.

    dr howard Simpson | Purchase date: 03 November 2010

    I had seen this advertised and bought it because I didn't believe it was possible for a tuner to show the tuning of all 6 strings simultaneously. But it really does. Just play all 6 open strings and you can see at a glance which need tweaking up or down. There is still the option to play just one string and it shows a magnified tuning meter.

    The display is clear and bright enough on stage and gives you the ability to check and correct your tuning very rapidly and on the fly.

    Hilary Whitley | Purchase date: 24 October 2010

    Polytune, a great idea, and pretty good in reality too. In a strum you can tune to: E, E(flat), D, D(flat), C or B standard, it really is that easy. However if you like to drop your top string an extra two semitones, or the whole guitar below B or play in an open tuning, you can only use the tuner chromatically; it works great, but it sort of defeats the object of it. The display is clear, much more so than a Boss TU-3, and easy to read in all lights, also it's designed for use with bases. The only bad points are that it drinks batteries like there's no tomorrow, and that sometimes you have to insert the input jack twice before it will turn on. Overall I would recommend this product , but if you are going to be using it chromatically I think you should check out some of the cheaper ones first.

    Mr. Alan Webber | Purchase date: 12 June 2010

    What a great piece of kit for a gigging guitarist!

    Strum all 6 strings of your guitar (or 4,5, or 6 strings of your bass guitar) and in "polytune" mode this tuner shows you which strings are flat or sharp - all at once! This takes a bit of getting used to at first, but it allows you to very quickly sort out any sharp or flat strings between songs.

    There are also LED strobe or needle options with note display so you can tune strings individually if required. This probably also gives a slightly higher degree of accuracy when tuning than the polytune mode.

    The polytune mode only works with standard tunings (e.g. it won't work with, say, DADGAD or open tunings) and although it can cope with down-tunings, these must be standard interval (e.g. E, Eb , D, C#, C or B), which will also rule out use of this mode if you use standard tuning with a capo. If that's exclusively your bag then this pedal might not be for you.

    The USB port on the pedal hints that it might be software upgradeable in future, perhaps to support other instruments and/or tunings, who knows!

    All in all a very ruggedly built pedal with a good display when used on stage.

    Mr James Caws | Purchase date: 25 March 2010

    Extremely pleased and surprised by this novel tuner!

    I was sceptical that it would not add much value in both a home and live situation over a standard chromatic tuner but the fact that it changes seamlessly between the two modes makes it a fantastic alternative to other tuners on the market.

    I now own both the PolyTune and a Boss TU-2 and it will be tough to decide which will feature on my pedal board! Excellent product!

    Mr. Robert Bill | Purchase date: 15 March 2010

    Check the settings when you plug in- mine arrived in bass mode, tuned to C... took me a while to work out why it wouldn't work.

    Once set up, its quick and easy to use, with flexibility in settings and displays. Polyphonic mode works well as a quick check between songs, but sometimes I get conflicing readings between the polyphonic and mono tuning mode, where it says I'm out on one, but not on the other, particularly on the 6th E.

    Mr. Rob Townley | Purchase date: 09 March 2010

    Great, innovative tuner. Allows you to view all 6 strings at once which is great for a quick check, also has the normal tuning mode if you prefer.

    Mr. Tristan Jones | Purchase date: 04 March 2010

    Amazing; I used to hate the tuning process, took ages. Done in seconds now; it's very satisfying strumming all the strings and seeing a beautiful sea of green (lights)....

    An essential purchase. If the thought of tuning up put you right off practice, this is a must.

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