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Mackie Thump TH-15A Active 15" Active Loudspeaker

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Mackie Thump Active 15" Active Loudspeaker (Price Each)

Our most popular P.A. speakers are made by Mackie (the ubiquitous SRM450s) but we understand that sometimes, the budget doesn't always stretch quite that far. Especially for 'local level' gigs and venues. That's where the Thump comes in!

This speaker has everything you need to get your event heard! With 400 watts of power you'll happily be able to fill the room with sound at the majority of small to medium venues. Just because it's affordable doesn't mean Mackie have compromised on features either! The Thumps have 3 band EQ to compensate for the sound of the room, and you can plug a Mic direct in without the need for a seperate mixer if you only need input to amplify a vocal.

What's more is that you can even set up the Mackie Thump as a wedge monitor. If you have two speakers, you then have the flexibility of deciding whether you'd prefer a traditional stereo setup or whether the venue is more suited to a single speaker for the audience and one to monitor your own sound. This flexibility is great for bands who often struggle to get the balance of sound right at gigs because of the variations in the venues they play.

The Thump is perfect for bands, solo/duo acts, small venues like pubs and village halls and for comperes at local events - or just about anywhere you might need to be heard above the crowd! It's simple to use, affordable, and has the Mackie seal of quality attached for good measure!

Here's what Mackie say about the Thump TH-15A PA Speaker

Designed by the same team that produced the best-selling Mackie SRM450v2, the Mackie Thump TH-15A delivers deep low-end and real power in a lightweight design that is extremely portable. Class-D Fast Recovery; amplification pushes 400-watts of power to the high-frequency compression driver and bass-pounding 15″ woofer. Plus, Mackie Active electronics, including a precision crossover and driver time-alignment provides total optimization for maximum system efficiency. Versatile by design, the TH-15A features a user-adjustable 3-band EQ for tone control and, since it can be pole-mounted or used as a wedge, the TH-15A represents the best value available for a complete stage solution.

  • 400W of ultra-efficient Fast Recovery; amplification
    - LF 300W peak power (Class-D)
    - HF 100W peak power (Class A/B)
  • High-output transducers
    - 15" high-precision woofer
    - 1" compression driver
  • Mackie Active electronics provide total system optimization
    - Precision 2-way crossover
    - Transducer time-alignment
  • User-adjustable 3-band contour EQ with sweepable mid-frequency
  • Mic/Line input for direct connection of single microphone
  • Tough, impact-resistant polypropylene enclosure
  • Pole-mountable and floor wedge-able
  • Extremely lightweight and portable (36 lbs)

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 13 February 2014

    As Above

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 23 October 2013

    As Above

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 03 October 2013

    Powerfull enough for a pub band for sure. Well built by the look of things.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 16 September 2013

    I read an enormous amount of reviews for PAs before buying these. There seems to be a real purist element to a lot of them. I almost spent £100s of pounds more, as despite the fact that the majority of people where giving excellent reviews on these speakers there were a few really negatives ones about volume and sound quality. I've only used the once so far but they were not only LOUD (we didn't have them anywhere near full volume) they also had a superb sound quality. We had an audience of around 100 and we received many comments about the quality of the sound. Maybe if you're a professional band gigging every week to massive crowds then you might want more but if you're an amateur group want an excellent sound at a reasonable price then I would definitely recommend these. We also ran a disco through them and they sounded great for this too.

    Dave | Purchase date: 13 November 2012

    Bought these as part of the package offer. They do a great job for the money. plenty of power available & 15" speakers always sound better than smalle rones.

    russ | Purchase date: 09 July 2012

    these speakers are absolutely excellent. i did many hours research and checked out many makes before i bought these. Because they are powered they are really versatile, they were excellent value for money, they are a lot lighter than the others i were looking at and the sound is amazing. The equaliser is a bonus and is usefull when not using a mixer or using the speakers separate.

    An excellent piece of kit.

    Katrina | Purchase date: 30 May 2012

    These babies are the business! Good for small to medium gigs, very good sound.

    Stefan | Purchase date: 11 September 2011

    Great speaker, light weight and easy to carry, with very powerful output

    Paddy | Purchase date: 25 June 2011

    Really nice sound for the price. They look great and are light enough to carry two at a time. We used them for a club gig last night, the mackies filled the room with sound really well without having to drive them to hard. I'm glad I bought them for Andertons Music, really good service and i will use them again soon.

    Mr. Mark Armstrong | Purchase date: 15 June 2011

    Well, I am on a budget and did quite a lot of research and review reading before buying the Mackie Thumps and I am really pleased with them.

    They look good, are very light for powered 15" speakers (I can carry one with each arm), they have the ability to plug in a mic directly and control the volume and eq too - so can be used without a mixer for single mic use.

    Regarding the sound - I really don't think you could beat it for the money, they have good and clear highs and lows, good mids and a wide spread, it is well balanced and the eq enables you to tweak the sound for different venues. They suffer from minor mains inteference, but nothing you could hear when playing at at a gig, I will be getting a mains conditioner to clean things up a bit.

    All in all I consider them a fantastic buy and am well pleased with them, and with Andertons service. I am just about to buy another pair as monitors.

    Al | Purchase date: 03 May 2011

    Use these regularly, two guitars, two vocals and an RC30 looping recordings of drums and bass,

    Absolutely superb, crystal clear, good bass handling, low feedback susceptibility, read a few reviews bemoaning low spl's, but this isn't my experience :-)

    Mr. Paul Green | Purchase date: 29 April 2011

    The mackie thump TH15a speaker looks the part mounted on stands alone or paired with an active sub.

    Lightweight they are easily portable.

    The only downside is they are new to me and suffer with a slight distortion when the volume level is low. However I have never needed speakers that low at a gig so do not see this as a problem.

    The Mackie is a versatile speaker and can be used as a wedge speaker and a great PA application plugging a microphone straight into the speaker.

    In my opinion a great step into an active system.

    Mr. Lennox Simpson-Gray | Purchase date: 26 February 2011

    Amazing qualty speaker - thoroughly recommended. Plan to get another equivalent speaker soon..

    Alfie | Purchase date: 13 February 2011

    Great budget speakers, not amazingly loud, but good for crowds of up to 80 people, any more people or if you are in larger rooms you will definitely need a sub. Good build quality, although one thing I did notice was that there was a shaking/vibration sound coming from the woofer, to fix this I put door/window sealant between the woofer and the area which it screws onto to make it air tight, once I had done this these speakers are great! Excellent for dj's and small bands, as a dj, I use them for children's parties and small functions.

    Mr S Grainger | Purchase date: 05 February 2011

    I've already used these speakers for a couple of gigs, and I'm really impressed. I've used them for a duo, where they have to handle the bass from midi files, and as a conventional PA with a live band. They've been excellent in both contexts. The weight and performance of the TH15a's means I can dispense with a sub for smaller gigs, and they're great for a speedy load-in and out.

    I honestly think they hold up well against the equivalent 'premium' speakers I own - most of which don't have the bass capability. I'm already considering getting another pair of 'thumps'.

    The acid test was that both audiences enjoyed the sound, and at the end of the day, that's what its all about.

    Mr. Alan Day | Purchase date: 22 June 2010

    Excellent entry level speaker that would be well suited to small venues, solo acts or bands playing at a sensible volume. sound quality is superb but massive volumes will not be reached due to the 150w RMS rating.

    lightweight and easy to transport.

    Mr. James Igoe | Purchase date: 06 April 2010

    I have used the Mackie Thumps for about half a dozen gigs and they sound as clear as a bell. They're much lighter and more portable than other options I had and can be stored in transit and at home easily, all these things are important for me.

    Mr L Nathan | Purchase date: 24 March 2010

    Look good, sound good, great design features; though I've not had any other speakers to compare these with I am an audiophile of sorts and am quite satisfied with these bad-boys.

    Good heavy bass, nice high-end; I agree with other reviews that the mackies 450v2s are a cleaner high-end but for the price these win for me, and as these will be front of house just waiting to be knocked over and destroyed I'd rather keep replacement costs to a min.

    As a monitor; I've been happy too, nice to finally hear what my audience hears!

    Leave off giving it five stars only because I've owned one for less than a month so durability is based on appearance only, but time will tell.....

    Mrs. Dawn Chamberlain | Purchase date: 08 December 2009

    Best speakers that I have bought to date. Service off Andertons was A1. Would recommend both the product and the store.

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