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Mackie ONYX 1640i Onyx-i 16-Channel Mixer with Firewire interface

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Please Note: There is currently no driver support for OSX Yosemite. Therefore if you have a Mac with the 10.10 (Yosemite) operating system, the Onyx mixer will have trouble connecting and communicating with your computer.

The Onyx-i series is a range of deeply integrated Firewire mixers that will delight those who wish to exploit the advantages of both digital recording and tactile mixing using a traditionally-laid-out mixing desk. Onyx-i mixers work with all major DAW programs including Pro Tools M-Powered 8.

The Onyx-i series is a step up from the original Onyx with Firewire connectivity included as standard. Thanks to innovative thinking and excellent execution, these mixers allow you to exploit digital technology with an analog workflow. Take a look at these examples to see what I mean...

  • Wet or Dry? - Every channel on the mixer can be routed pre or post EQ to the computer, allowing you to choose whether to implement 'EQ to tape' or not.
  • Studio Quality Effects - Aux sends are routable to the computer, allowing you to utilize your computer as a powerful FX engine by implementing your favorite plug-ins in a live scenario.
  • Preserve Your Mix - Master L/R is routable to the computer for recording your analog mix. Burn and sell CDs of the mix at the end of the gig!
  • Mix Integration - Stereo return from the computer can be routed to either the control room for instant monitoring or to a stereo channel for mix integration.
  • Latency-Free Overdubs - Having a "real" mixer has its benefits. Latency-free overdubs are simple since you are using an analog mixer. No more wasted time dealing with the complicated "DSP" mixers commonly used on standalone interfaces.

The mixers can be used in the studio to exploit the best of computer and analog mixing at the same time; or used live to record gigs, and take your sound to a new level by utilising your favourite plugins from your computer as live Aux effects.

This premium 16 channel model features 16 fully fledged channels with mic pres on every channel as well as 4 busses. It is one of a kind in the live sound world with its unique marriage of analog fascia and digital insides to give you maximum flexibility as an analog mixer and digital interface. By combining the two, Mackie have created an awesome product that would sit proudly within any installation! 


  • "The feature set is very well thought out...no corner-cutting, and  seamless firewire integration"
  • "If you need to record multiple mic inputs, or you simply want to mix in the analogue domain or have convenient means of plumbing hardware into your DAW, the Onyx 1620i is a very serious proposition indeed."

Paul White, Sound on Sound, May 2010.

What Mackie say about the Onyx-i 1620 Mixer

The 16-channel Mackie Onyx 1640i FireWire Recording Mixer combines the benefits of an extremely powerful computer interface with the tactile, hands-on control of a sleek premium analog mixer. Proven, professional features like 16 Onyx mic preamps and classic Perkins EQ provide unmatched sonic performance. Qualified by Mackie for use will all major DAWs, including Pro Tools M-Powered 8, the 1640i allows you to send channels, aux sends, groups or master L/R signals discretely to your Mac or PC for recording. You can even return all 16 channels back to the mixer for a truly professional mixdown. It's a premium analog mixer that integrates seamlessly with your favorite DAW. A better way to record - Onyx-i.


16-channel premium analog mixer with integrated 24-bit/96kHz FireWire I/O

  • Qualified by Mackie for use will all major DAWs, including: Pro Tools M-Powered 8, Logic, SONAR, Cubase, Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro
  • 16 Onyx boutique-quality mic preamps
  • 4-band Perkins EQ with sweepable mids on all channels
  • Full 16x16 FireWire channel streaming for ultimate DAW integration
  • Flexible FireWire routing, including aux sends, groups and pre/post EQ assignment for all channels
  • 6 aux sends with pre/post assignment and solo
  • Smooth 60mm channel and master faders
  • Built-in DI on first two channels for direct connection of guitars, bass, etc.
  • Individual 48V phantom power switches on all mic inputs
  • 4-segment metering on every channel
  • 4-bus architecture for flexible sub-grouping of channels
  • Talkback section for use with internal or external mic
  • Rotating I/O pod for desktop or rackmount operation – rack ears included
  • "Planet Earth" switching power supply for worldwide use

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 12 October 2013

    Having already owned two of these mixers, I can honestly say they're an excellent product.

    Roberto | Purchase date: 24 May 2012

    Great mixer! Lots of routing functionality which makes this a really flexible piece of kit! Its quite a large unit for a compact mixer so I'd advise you all to measure your desk space before taking the plunge! It was too big for my desk but luckily it fit on my old mixer stand!

    I had a few issues with the Firewire connection to start with but after a few tweaks to the firewire drivers in Windows(7-64bit), I was able to get this working flawlessly!

    A great sounding mixer that can do it all! Definitely worth a look! Great for small gigs, recording/ tracking and band rehearsals! And not to mention analogue style mix downs! Superb!

    tim | Purchase date: 07 March 2012

    Bought using the 0

    Ben Reid | Purchase date: 02 March 2010

    I use this desk with an Imac 27 quad core and logic 9, and let me tell you it is amazing,

    The pre amps are so clear, and there is minimum latency.

    I have also used this desk live, again the pre amps are fantastic, and to be able to plug a guitar straight into the HI z inputs is a bonus.

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