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Mackie ONYX 820i Onyx-i 8-Channel Mixer with Firewire interface

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Mackie ONYX 820i Premium 8-Channel Mixer with Firewire interface

The Onyx-i series is a range of deeply integrated Firewire mixers that will delight those who wish to exploit the advantages of both digital recording and tactile mixing using a traditionally-laid-out mixing desk. Onyx-i mixers work with all major DAW programs including Pro Tools M-Powered 8.

The Onyx-i series is a step up from the original Onyx with Firewire connectivity included as standard. Thanks to innovative thinking and excellent execution, these mixers allow you to exploit digital technology with an analog workflow. Take a look at these examples to see what I mean...

  • Wet or Dry? - Every channel on the mixer can be routed pre or post EQ to the computer, allowing you to choose whether to implement 'EQ to tape' or not.
  • Studio Quality Effects - Aux sends are routable to the computer, allowing you to utilize your computer as a powerful FX engine by implementing your favorite plug-ins in a live scenario.
  • Preserve Your Mix - Master L/R is routable to the computer for recording your analog mix. Burn and sell CDs of the mix at the end of the gig!
  • Mix Integration - Stereo return from the computer can be routed to either the control room for instant monitoring or to a stereo channel for mix integration.
  • Latency-Free Overdubs - Having a "real" mixer has its benefits. Latency-free overdubs are simple since you are using an analog mixer. No more wasted time dealing with the complicated "DSP" mixers commonly used on standalone interfaces.

The mixers can be used in the studio to exploit the best of computer and analog mixing at the same time; or used live to record gigs, and take your sound to a new level by utilising your favourite plugins from your computer as live Aux effects.

The baby of the range is a great little mixer for those who like to mix on a board but have limited space in their home studio. It still features the top-notch quality of the rest of the range with flexible routing, balanced XLR outputs and sweepable-mid-band EQ, but this time in a compact package for those who only record a few sources simultaneously.


  • "Traditional Mackie Onyx quality; Robust Firewire interface; Allows Pro Tools M-Powered users to work with the Onyx i-series range."
  • "The 820i also includes some fairly sophisticated routing options, allowing you to monitor different sources and set up foldback mixes."
  • "The ability to work with ProTools M-Powered will be welcomed by many users. In other respects, the 820i comes as highly recommended as the existing larger Onyx i-series mixers."

Paul White, Sound On Sound- Read the whole review in the October 2009 issue

Here's what Mackie say about the Onyx-i 820 Mixer

The ultra-compact Mackie Onyx 820i FireWire Recording Mixer combines the benefits of a powerful computer interface with the tactile, hands-on control of a sleek, space-saving premium analog mixer. Proven, professional features like three Onyx mic preamps and classic Perkins EQ only accentuate the mixer's ample connectivity and clear-cut workflow. Qualified by Mackie for use with all major DAWs, including Pro Tools M-Powered; 8, the 820i allows you to send channels, aux sends or master L/R signals discretely to your Mac or PC for recording. It's a premium analog mixer that integrates seamlessly with your favorite DAW. A better way to record - Onyx-i.


  • 8-channel premium analog mixer with integrated 24-bit/96kHz FireWire I/O
  • Qualified by Mackie for use will all major DAWs, including: Pro Tools M-Powered; 8, Logic, SONAR;, Cubase, Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro
  • 3 Onyx boutique-quality mic preamps
  • 3-band Perkins EQ with sweepable mids on mic/line channels
  • 3-band Perkins EQ on stereo line channels
  • Hybrid mono/stereo channel with 4-band Perkins EQ with sweepable mids
  • Flexible FireWire routing, including aux sends and pre/post EQ assignment for all channels
  • Stereo playback from DAW, returned to control room or into channel for integration into mix
  • 2 aux sends with pre/post assignment
  • Built-in DI on first two channels for direct connection of guitars, bass, etc.
  • Individual 48V phantom power switches on all mic inputs
  • Talkback section with built in mic and flexible routing
  • "Planet Earth" switching power supply for worldwide use
  • Optional rack kit available

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 15 January 2015

    Really great speedy service!!!

    Julian | Purchase date: 03 January 2013

    Core Audio compliant, no extra drivers to get in the way (on a Mac).

    Works fine with Mountain Lion.

    Built like a tank, sounds great.

    Very versatile.

    Plug in and Play!

    Mr. Simon Hannaford | Purchase date: 02 June 2011

    The quality, flexibility and price of this unit is simply astonishing. It feels solid and well made. I already use a Mackie onyx satellite 2 channel audio interface and I can't recommend the onyx preamps highly enough, there is nothing else of this quality at the price.

    Finally, a live desk that simply sends everything to the mac at the same time. VERY easy to use and set up with logic 9 on a MacBook pro. I won't go through all the wonderful features ( see the Mackie website and read the manuals ) but it truly is more flexible than you could possibly imagine. That's probably overdoing it, but it really is that good.

    Just bear in mind that although it's an 8 track desk it really is 5 inputs. 2 mono, 1 hybrid stero/mono, and 2 stereo. Though for the money that's not really surprising.

    If your considering the 820i for any application, I would recommend you just get it.

    But go for one of it's bigger brothers if you need more inputs.

    Absolutely fantastic, worth at least 745 stars :-))

    Mr. James McCombie | Purchase date: 19 May 2011

    I have been using the mixer to record vocals, an acoustic guitar miked up, and also electric and bass guitar. The sound is a definite improvement on a Focusrite Saffire LE that I have. It's really cool to have the Analog EQ before going into the computer - it is a lovely tone, I think.

    Mr Andy Whitlow | Purchase date: 29 April 2010

    Mackie ONYX 820i Premium 8-Channel Mixer with Firewire interface built in

    I've been using this now for over half a year. Its a very solid unit with great performance. Excellent mic pres and eq. Solid performace with macbookpro using logic pro. Its build quality would convince me to take gigging.

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