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Yamaha MG166CXUSB 16 Channel Mixer With USB

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Free Mixer Bag Worth £65

While stocks last you can get a free offical soft case with your Yamaha MG166CXUSB Mixer

The Yamaha MG166CX-USB 16-channel live mixing console will give you the capacity, control, and performance you need to get great live mixing results. The MG166CX-USB is remarkably compact and lightweight, but no compromises have been made in terms of features, performance, or durability. You get premium preamps, top-mounted inputs and outputs for easy patching and re-patching, impressive built-in single-knob compression, and EQ that's practical as well as very musical. All these features plus onboard effects, USB connectivity, and included production software from Cubase make the MG166CX-USB a great value!

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile connections, handy placement
  • Channel compressors
  • Top-notch mic preamps with switchable phantom power
  • 3-band Channel EQ, digital effects, and high-pass filters

Lightweight and portable
The Yamaha design team went to extraordinary lengths in the MG series, including in-depth material and structural analysis, to bring you maximum manageability and maximum performance in the same packages. The result is that you can easily pop the smallest models into your briefcase or shoulder bag and take with you anywhere. Even the larger models can be tucked under an arm and carried around quite easily. But the performance you'll get at the studio, club, hall, or anywhere you choose to use these fine mixers is far from lightweight. Every one of the MGseries mixers provides significant space savings along with huge performance benefits.

Versatile connections, handy placement
Top-mounted input and output connectors make setting up and re-patching your system quick and easy. All models feature high-quality Neutrik; balanced XLR connectors on mono microphone/line channels and XLR-equipped stereo channels. These professional-class connectors were subjected to extensive testing by the Yamaha design team, and were chosen for the MG mixers for their superior reliability and sonic qualities. The XLR-equipped stereo channels can accept mono microphone input either via the XLR or phone jack connectors. The remaining stereo channels provide phone jack and pin jack connectors for compatibility with a wide range of sources. Mono input channels also feature insert I/O connectors that let you patch external signal processing gear into those channels as required. Separate pinjack 2TR inputs are provided to accept the output from a CD player or similar stereo source.

Channel compressors
This advanced feature can be a tremendous advantage in achieving great vocal sound, as well as to refine the sound of bass, guitar, and other sources. The new MG mixers give you Yamaha's innovative one-knob compression feature on several of the mono input channels. Conventional audio compressors with their threshold, ratio, knee, makeup gain and other controls can be complex and timeconsuming to set appropriately for a given source. Yamaha's one-knob compressor eliminates the need for an engineering degree with a single control that lets you simply dial in the amount of compression you want.

Top-notch mic preamps with switchable phantom power
Microphone preamplifiers are critical in any mixer, and a performance bottleneck in many. That's why pros often spend thousands of dollars on just a single channel of microphone pre-amplification. The microphone preamps built into the MG mixers inherit technology from Yamaha's top-line professional consoles, and have been painstakingly designed to deliver superior sonic performance with any dynamic or condenser microphone. Gain trim covers a wide -60dB to -16dB range for microphones (-34dB to +10dB for line input), so you'll be able to achieve optimum level matching with just about any source. All microphone preamps also feature switchable phantom power so you can take advantage of the natural, extended response of high-quality condenser microphones.

3-band Channel EQ, high-pass filters, great effects
Building a truly useful, musical-sounding channel equalizer is no easy task, but Yamaha has decades of experience in building pro consoles to draw on. You reap the benefits in the MG series mixers: all mono channels feature 3-band equalizers with LOW, MID, and HIGH controls. Depending on the model some of all of the stereo channels have 2-band EQ for smooth equalization of stereo sources. Although not directly related to the equalizer circuitry, all inputs also feature 80 Hz low-pass filters that can be used to eliminate subsonic noise that is outside the equalizers' range. This MG series mixer also includes Yamaha's incredible SPX digital multi-effects for even better sound.


  • 16 input channels
  • High-quality mic preamp
  • 10 Mic inputs, four stereo line inputs
  • USB
  • HPF
  • 8 insert I/O
  • 6 Compressors
  • Phantom power switch (+ 48V)
  • Illuminated CH ON switches
  • 3-band Mid-sweep EQ (Ch 1-8)
  • 60mm super-smooth fader
  • 2-band EQ (Ch 9/10-15/16)
  • SPX diigital multi-effect
  • 6 busses (Stereo + 4 groups)
  • Monitor mix
  • 2 Aux sends + 1 Effect send
  • Lightweight (12 lbs)
  • 1 Stereo Aux return
  • 12-seg LED level meter
  • Neutrik; XLR Connectors
  • Rackmountable
  • Input gain trim
  • Cubase AI4 recording software included

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 19 January 2015

    Yamaha PA Equipment is always good value in my opinion

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 05 January 2015

    As Above

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 29 October 2014

    As Above

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 07 October 2014

    This is a brilliant machine, especially if you are not that good with technology. It is really easy to work and is a very professional piece of kit.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 28 March 2014

    Good mixer

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 20 March 2014

    Thank you

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 07 March 2014

    he loves his desk, he said it loads better than his Thousand pound mixing desk he had(from a different shop) and it blew up!!!

    Aaron | Purchase date: 28 November 2012

    Great sounding mixing desk for its value... Very light. EQ is very limited but for under 500 pounds you cant really moan

    Andy | Purchase date: 26 July 2011

    If you play in a band that gigs medium/small venues this mixer is the one for you.

    It has easily handled everything plugged into it so far. Our band can have this thing up and running with a near perfect (if i dont say so myself) live mix within minutes. Its all helped by Yamaha's knack of making a mixer with a layout a trained monkey can operate!

    Be aware that the USB output will only mix down to a stereo mix. So if using two mics, hard left and right is the only way to seperate out the tracks. So, when going for a live recording of your band you will need to get the mix right on the desk before recording. I use this with Reaper and the drivers available on the website work flawlessly with Windows 7 (32bit).

    As a live mixer this thing will do everything you ask of it and more.

    Highly recommended, buy with confidence.

    Mr. Henry Ray | Purchase date: 14 April 2011

    Yet another impressive product from Yamaha who have always been at the top of the list of the most reliable, sturdy, and great sounding mixing desks available. This console not only has enough inputs to mic the entire band but also offers a usb output and software to record a live gig straight to your laptop and/or favourite DAW at any location. This is something that every working band has waited for. Add the bonuses of built in digital effects, 2 aux sends and you have a real winner! I give this unit a 5 out of 5 for looks, ease of use, capabilities, functionality, durability, sound quality,..etc..etc..

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