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Chapman Rob Chapman ML3-RC Signature Model in Satin Cherry

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The long awaited Chapman ML3-RC is here! Designed to the exact specification of Chapman guitars founder, Rob Chapman, the Chapman ML3 guitar combines two of Rob's favourite axes into one awesome electric guitar!

Featuring Seymour Duncan USA pickups, a string-thru body / set thru neck for ultimate sustain, mahogany body, arched top with the choice of two satin finishes, and a vast variety of tones thanks to coil tapping abilities. The Chapman ML3 lets you dial in the best shred tones - perfect for the man himself, Rob Chappers!

Here's what Rob Chapman says about the ML3-RC Electric Guitar

"My signature guitar is a combination of two guitars from my collection that I particularly enjoyed, this coupled with my experience of different spec and body elements through years of recording, demonstrating and playing live.

It's a Swiss Army knife of tone, with the twin humbuckers, both can be coil tapped so you get the best classic and contemporary tones available.

I love it to pieces and have been playing it extensively every night on tour, I hope you like it too." 


  • Chambered mahogany body with arched top & strung-through-body design
  • Set-through mahogany neck with rosewood fret board
  • Reverse Chapman design headstock
  • Seymour Duncan USA pickups - Hot Rails in the neck & Lil 59 in the bridge. Both pickups can be coil tapped by pulling out the tone control.
  • Grover machine heads
  • Available in 2 colours - Satin Cherry & Satin Black
  • Includes Chapman Deluxe Gig Bag

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 11 July 2015

    Great customer service

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 26 April 2015

    Couldn't be happier with my ml3 signature guitar well made, set up out of the box was almost perfect and the price was and still is unbelievable value.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 04 April 2015

    I am a big fan of Rob and Lee on you tube and when I saw that Chapman had released the ML3 RC signature, I couldn't wait to order one. Once I received my ML3 and opened it up, I was very impressed at the quality workmanship. It plays and sounds great and looks totaly awesome! I'm very very happy with it, and will definitely be shopping with Chapman Guitars and Andertons again in the future 10/10 guys!!!

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 26 December 2014

    I'm very pleased with the guitar it's more than met my expectation! My only criticism is the satin black guitar was delivered instead of the satin cherry but I'm not disapointed with the colour its awrsome!

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 09 November 2014

    Excellent guitar and price, couldn't be happier with it and quite see myself buying different models from the same brand given the chance.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 11 July 2014

    Excellent guitar, really well-made and versatile. My only regret is not having bought it earlier.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 09 July 2014

    Hello, I ordered my ML3 - RC having another two really expensive guitars because I liked the look and I wanted to support Rob. To my great disappointment the guitar arrived in a bad state. The neck was not properly finished (which felt like you where playing on a very rough piece of wood, sliding down the neck was at least unpleasant), the nut was not cut correctly(imagine that when my g string was completely in tune and when I was hitting the 2nd fret I was getting an A#) and after a trip to one of the best luthiers in England (Doug Wilkes) we found out that it was extremely hard to make the truss rod stay still because the woods where not as dry as they should have been, thus making the neck a bit rubbery and able to bend slightly as you play, making the intonation hard to set. Thankfully the luthier managed to sort everything out by giving a proper finish to the neck, letting the wood of the neck dry out a bit for about 3 weeks and by fine tuning the nut to where it was supposed to be. Now, the guitar plays AMAZING don't get me wrong, I would encourage you to buy the guitar since it is up to par with the other two guitars that I own. (an esp eclipse = £1500 and a Musicman Jp signature model= £ 2000). It is an amazing instrument and I think Rob created one of the best guitars that are out there at the moment. My problem was the state the guitar was when it arrived. I do not know whether it has to do with Anderton's or the factory it self but I have to say it was unacceptable. The sound of it it amazing, it is such a good instrument and, Rob if you are reading this I have to say a big well done for what you have done and thanks for creating such a great guitar. But man, please just make sure you spank whoever sets the guitars before it reaches the customer. If no one is setting em up then I would definitely encourage them to do so. Not everyone has a good luthier around the corner and extra money for a set up. I am honest because I like what you guys have done and I want to support you. I am just giving feedback because I believe in what you guys do and I really believe in genuine constructive criticism. All the best to everyone that is taking part in Chapman Guitars, they are great instruments and I would recommend them without second thought to all my fellow musicians and students.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 19 May 2014

    Great guitar but too much darker sound

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 02 May 2014

    Good guitar with a small problem: upon receiving the shipment, I started tuning the strings and the "string-tree" (small metal piece screwed into headstock to add downward tension on strings 5/6 and 3/4) popped off. I spent hours looking for it. (br/) (br/)Then the same thing happened on the second string tree (holding down strings 3 and 4). (br/) (br/)Upon closer inspection, the screws used to hold down the string trees were much too short. Barely any of the screw would actually go into the wood of the headstock.. I had to go to the guitar store to get longer length screws. A little surprising to have this issue on the higher end model of a Chapman guitars.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 11 April 2014

    Amazing Guitar

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 04 March 2014

    Really pleased with this guitar, excellent quality and finish and also setup well straight or of the box.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 28 December 2013

    great service - the people that helped went above and beyond.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 12 December 2013

    I am no expert- this was bought as a gift. However, it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The finish is really good quality.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 06 November 2013

    Couldn't be happier. Cheers

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 18 October 2013

    Everything I expected it to be, plus more. I will enjoy this guitar for years to come.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 18 October 2013

    The guitar is nice. I like it. I was a little surprise though by the lack of tone difference between the neck pickup position, and the middle position. I was expecting more tonal versatility. Still a very nice guitar.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 15 October 2013

    this is the best guitar I've ever play, and she's gorgeous!!!

    Joel | Purchase date: 30 September 2013

    absolutely stunning ! I bought the red one because the black was out of stock but I do not regret this choice, she's gorgeous. She's a bit heavy but the sustain is huge. I like the sound of the 2 pick-uk and the coil tape give her a lot of versatility. The neck is just perfect in my hand. It's by far the best guitar I've ever owned.

    jonathan | Purchase date: 28 August 2013

    wow! one of the best guitars i have played and for the price its amazing. The pickups are so good i have active blackouts in my schecter and im beginning to think that these are better. The neck feels amazing and the finish feels great. Overall amazing guitar

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 27 August 2013

    absolutely brilliant once again

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 11 August 2013

    The best guitar I played with. And trust me, i`ve played with many!

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 10 August 2013

    It's not bad. It is very heavy and not certain of its overall playability yet...will get a better set up first. But given the price and its Korean build...it's a good buy.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 08 August 2013

    A brilliant, versatile guitar. Good weight, lovely neck and the finish is excellent. I might even buy another Chapman guitar if they are all as good as this!

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 07 August 2013

    quality check could have been better, setup was not as it shoulb be ( e.g. string action) but overall great guitar.

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