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Epiphone Vintage G400 SG in Worn Brown

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Here's the Vintage guitar you're not afraid to play every day! Epiphone's SG-shaped Vintage G-400 has the well-worn look and feel of a favorite guitar. It's Worn finish showcases the wood grain (similar to Gibson's popular Faded series). The Vintage Series' well-traveled look has another advantage when it comes to maintenance: The satin finish and 'aged' inlays on the fingerboard require less cosmetic care than guitars with a glossy finish and new-looking inlays. The G-400 has a one-piece neck with super satin finish, humbucker pickups, chrome hardware and tune-o-matic bridge.

About Epiphone
Epiphone's passion has always been about more than just making guitars. It has been about making music. It has been about understanding what is inside every musican that makes them want to, have to, express themselves. And understanding the myriad musical styles, where they are going and how they might develop. For over one hundred and twenty-five years they have continually looked for new and better ways to help players take their music farther.

Epi Stathopoulo, their founder and namesake, was always on the forefront of music. He was the first instrument maker to embrace Jazz music and led the industry away from mandolin and banjo production and into making guitars. At the age of twenty-four Epi obtained his first of many patents that would change fretted instrument construction forever. The extension truss rod design, the first pick-up with individual pole pieces, and the Tonexpressor - the precursor to the modern day 'wah-wah' pedal - were all epiphone innovations. But perhaps the greatest contribution to guitar making came in 1941 while Les Paul was experimenting in the Epiphone factory. These experiments led to the Les Paul 'Log' and the first solid-body electric guitar.

Epi's vision of the future of music and guitar, as well as the importance of his work could be seen by, and in, those who chose to play an Epiphone. Musicians who themselves were visionaries. George Van Epps, Harry Volpe, Howard Roberts, Joe Pass and other Jazz players would make music history with an Epiphone guitar, as would Blues legend, John Lee Hooker. And the Beatles, who recorded Paperback Writer, Ticket to Ride, and the most recorded song ever written, Yesterday, with Epiphone guitars they purchased in 1964. It is an incredible legacy that continues today with Noel Gallagher, Lenny Kravitz and other artists who choose to make their music with an Epiphone

The same sprit of innovation that drove the Stathopoulos to start pushing the boundaries of guitar design over one hundred and twenty-five years ago is alive and well at Epiphone today. Styles of music will continue to evolve, new technologies will come and go and new players will continue to take music and guitar in new directions. But their passion for making music and their mission of providing musicians with a great instrument they can rely on to express themselves will always remain constant. 

Technical Info

Pickups: 57m humbucker, Hot-B humbucker

Hardware: Chrome

Scale: 24.75 in.

Nut Width: 1.68 in.

Neck: Set

Neck Material: 1-piece mahogany

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Inlay: Trapezoid

Body material: Mahogany

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 27 December 2014

    Second time I've bought from Andertons.Always delivered next day.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 05 October 2014

    Lovely guitar for a good price!

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 02 June 2014

    From our experience with the product to-date, it is exactly the type of guitar we were after.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 01 April 2014

    excellent guitar, much better than I thought, and for the money was an excellent purchase. Guitar build is top notch, neck is glued in, not bolted on, make for better tone and richness. Very easy to play, and set up perfectly. Can't fault

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 25 January 2014

    Love the guitar its better than i thought ,,for the price

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 21 January 2014


    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 17 January 2014

    He loves it!

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 03 October 2013

    Looks amazing, better than some of the best pictures i could find online...i could just stare at it if it wasnt for the fact that it also sounds amazing. Playing wise im still trying to get used to the neck feeling longer though its actualy just that it sits differently in my lap.I dont mind the heavy neck so much. Also this guitar reminds me that there realy is a difference in sound to the Epi LP i also own

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 27 September 2013

    Great price for an excellent guitar

    Joao | Purchase date: 12 June 2013

    I bought this Epiphone SG after reading some reviews on it. I was a little concerned, because I've had some bad experience with cheaper products. After I unboxed, and start doodling on it (unplugged), I was surprised on how resonant it was. This SG sounds good and plays great. It stays in tune really, really well (grover tuners eheh). I'm upgrading the pickups because I'm picky, but the stock ones are not bad at all! They sound great trough a fuzz / tube screamer in to my fender amp. Epiphone sure made a good budget guitar!

    Andrea | Purchase date: 11 April 2013

    Guitar case free with guitar

    Great case and it was free what could be better

    andrea | Purchase date: 10 April 2013

    i bought this guitar for my son on his 18th birthday as he is fairly new to the guitar as this is his second guitar he loves it especially the grover tuners , as well as my husband who has been playing guitar for around 30 years this guitar was 20 pounds cheaper than my local guitar shop and it came with a free gig bag with free next day delivery if you order before 12 in the afternoon all under £200 what more could you ask for ?

    Monica | Purchase date: 02 April 2012

    Despite not being a genuine les paul. This guitar is the perfect product that pays less and has quality. The full-bodied bass tones are wonderful and the pickups make all the difference, moreover, the guitar is lighter than a traditional les paul which gives greater comfort.

    Mr P Beal | Purchase date: 11 July 2011

    On receiving the Epiphone G400 (Worn Brown) the day after ordering it from Andertons, I was immediately impressed by the look (the body is "industrial mahogany" but with a lovely African mahogany veneer which has been flawlessly applied) and the neck profile (big and chunky, like a vintage Gibson, but fast and comfortable at the same time) all with a thinly applied satin finish which feels so much nicer than thick gloss, in my opinion. The neck was very straight when it arrived which was causing slight buzzing on frets 1 - 5, so I simply loosened the truss rod 1/8th of a turn, adjusted the action to my preference and that did the trick.

    Everything, including the nickel plated hardware, is well-aligned, the stop-bar tail piece is closer to the bridge than on my Gibbo LP Standard, but as it's a flat-top unlike the LP, the strings clear the back of the bridge even with the tail piece screwed right down to the body. As per Epiphone spec, the bridge also has a wire saddle-screw retainer which is prone to sympathetic rattling when certain notes are played on certain strings. The black plastic nut appears 1mm too narrow for the neck...though string spacing and distance from edge of fretboard seem to be correct. The tuners are licensed by Grover, not quite as high quality as the real thing but better than adequate with a nice feel and positive action to the buttons. The fretboard is, much to my surprise, actually bound in rosewood (!) which is a nice touch and while it did feel dry, a few drops of lemon oil soon sorts that.

    Plugging into my Laney Cub 10, the bridge pickup had me doing "Hells Bells" in seconds with a big smile on my face...this guitar does exactly what it says on the tin! The neck pickup initially sounded muddy to my ears, but after messing with the height and treble/bass balance, it improved immensely...too far back (from the neck) for jazz but rounded enough to compliment the bite of the hotter bridge unit nicely.

    The guitar is noticeably neck-heavy when worn on a strap, but this is easily overcome by choosing a leather or fabric strap rather than a cheap nylon one.

    Overall, the Epiphone Vintage G400 SG is a superb guitar! Great looks, tone and playability, any niggles really are minor and I have seen far worse on guitars costing several times more than the £199 (including Stagg gig bag and next day delivery) that Andertons are offering them for at the moment.

    For cool on a shoestring, look no further!

    Mr M J Kerry | Purchase date: 31 May 2011

    Superb guitar for the money. Build quality and finish are excellent and sounds great.

    Mr M K Mason | Purchase date: 05 April 2011

    Really brilliant guitar for the price I paid, lovely, throaty and resonant classic SG goodness with a set of crisp pickups- very happy!

    Mark Scott | Purchase date: 26 November 2010

    Excellent value for money the finish is lovely ,it plays really well after set up and it ticks the Angus Young moments with the sound no bother.Very quick delivery and the guys at Andertons couldnt have been more helpful.

    Mr. Stu Footitt | Purchase date: 22 July 2010

    Without doubt the best guitar I have ever played. I was so surprised wit how good this guitar was. I have always played Epiphone guitars and I have always rated them highly. I had a go on the Gibson version of this and there really isn't much difference, only about £800 and a small sound improvement. I would reccomend this guitar to anyone.

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