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Hello America, and welcome to the page where we explain how to purchase a Chapman guitar & have it shipped to the USA! It's really simple, but there are a few things you need to know before you place the order, so here goes...


In the UK, we have to advertise all our prices in £, and we have to show the price including VAT (our version of sales tax, which is 20%!). However, if we ship the guitar to the USA you don’t have to pay the VAT, which means the price of a Chapman guitar will come down by 20% for you. So a guitar that costs £369 to a UK customer, will actually cost you £307.50. The price updates automatically in the checkout when you update your delivery country to USA.

How Do I Pay?

We accept credit cards & Paypal in our checkout, so you can pay via either method. The £ price that we’ll charge you will automatically be converted to $ by the credit card or via Paypal, so that’s all sorted for you. If you’re not sure what exchange rate you’ll get when you make the purchase then you can use the Google Currency Converter. Today (Sept 2013) the rate is £1 = $1.57, so a Chapman Guitar costing £307.50, will actually cost you $482.77.


Shipping to North America on a Chapman Guitar is about £30 – approx $48 – this is added on in the checkout automatically. We use an insured air freight, so delivery takes about 3-5 days and is insured against loss or damage. Please note that you will probably have to pay some sort of local import tax charge to the courier when he delivers the guitar. In most states this is 5%, but you may want to check online to be sure.

After Sales

Every Chapman guitar goes through a full inspection before we ship it to you, so you shouldn’t have any problems with the guitar when it arrives. However, if a guitar is supplied to you and is faulty, we are happy to help correct things and are happy to liaise with a local guitar tech of your choice and pay towards to the cost of fixing the problem if necessary. Please note, warranties do not cover normal wear & tear, or basic set up work.

What if the guitar is out of stock when I order it?

If the guitar is out of stock you will still need to pay for the item at point of order, and we’ll just ship the guitar to you as soon as it arrives. If at any point you get bored of waiting, we will cancel the order & refund the total amount, no problem!

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