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Yamaha SLG110N Nylon String Silent Guitar in Natural

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When it comes to crazy concepts, the "silent guitar" might have you raising your eyebrows, but the idea has really taken off! The thought of being able to take a light-weight guitar anywhere you go, pop on a pair of headphones and jam away until your heart's content without disturbing anyone has captured guitarists, and the Yamaha Silent Guitar has found a place in the collection of many players offering a solution to silent practice, and an extra rehearsal, studio and gigging guitar as well!

The SLG110N is a slim-neck, flat fingerboard silent guitar, designed to feel like a modern nylon-strung classical guitar. The frame can be dismantled for even greater portability. Yamaha SLG Series Silent guitars all come with a Yamaha gig bag.

Here's what Yamaha say about their Silent Guitar Series

Wherever there are people, there is music. And wherever musicians are, their music is always with them, waiting to get out. Yamaha's Silent Guitar now means that wherever you are, and whenever you want to play, your guitar can be right there with you.

Cutting edge design and master-luthier craftsmanship are uniquely combined to create a guitar that offers outstanding playability matched with incredible practicality - all with the same attention to detail as the guitars that have been played by some of the biggest names in music, players such as Jimmy Page, Brian May, John Lennon, Paul Simon and Joe Bonamassa.

At home or on the road, with headphones or direct into a recording console, in the rehearsal studio or on stage in front of 20,000 fans Silent Guitar performs perfectly and gives you something new. The ability to really have your music with you, wherever you are.

Comparing to orthodox classical guitars, the slimmer neck and lower action of the SLG110N lets players create a more aggressive style.


  • Scale Length: 650mm
  • Material: Maple
  • Body Depth: 49mm
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Radius: Flat
  • Controls: M.Vol, Bass, Treble, Effect.
  • Nut: Urea 50mm White
  • Bridge: Rosewood
  • Saddle: Urea 82mm White


The revolutionary design of the Silent Guitar offers outstanding playability with the real feel of an acoustic guitar. The smoothly curved body frame matches stunning looks with ergonomic design for a natural, comfortable fit while the neck and headstock offer incredible playability and perfect balance.

The digital effects taken from the class-leading SPX studio effects and industry-standard digital mixing consoles developed by Yamaha Commercial Audio, audiophile quality and the ambience of a warm, small room or luxurious large hall are with you wherever you are.


Yamaha's exclusive pickup and preamp technology gives Silent Guitar a rich, natural tone that belies its unconventional appearance.

The digital effects taken from the class-leading SPX studio effects and industry-standard digital mixing consoles developed by Yamaha Commercial Audio, audiophile quality and the ambience of a warm, small room or luxurious large hall are with you wherever you are.


The detachable top section of Silent Guitar's frame means that practicality and portability are way beyond that of a conventional guitar. The included luxury gigbag fits easily into an aircraft overhead compartment of or can be comfortably carried thanks to ultra-light weight and ergonomic strap design.

Power is supplied either by AC adaptor or 9V battery - with Yamaha's high-stamina circuitry up to 13 hours of playing time is possible from a single battery.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 06 September 2014

    Very much better than the previous SLG100N model.

    Geoff | Purchase date: 24 November 2012

    I love my Yamaha silent nylon guitar and agree with your review 99 per cent. Why not 100 per cent? Because if John Lennon is one of your endorsers then he must have risen from the dead!

    Andrew | Purchase date: 19 April 2012

    After reading many reviews and posts on youtube about the silent guitars l decided to purchase the slg110N.

    Firstly I was looking for something that could be very portable, playable and could be used at a practice. My biggest problem is that I have small hands and generally l play electric guitars that have very slim necks and I'm playing mostly Jazz rock and Pop etc and although that the neck isn't the same neck size as a normal nylon acoustic it feels good and i was pleased that it plays really well running arpeggios and jazz licks up to the 12th fret are very comfortable and also playing basic jazz chords which seem to work for me. The action is a little high but after playing for a few hours it's hardly noticed.

    The guitar comes with a decent case and fits most things like a tuner, lead or a practice book inside.

    The sound has really changed my view on the guitar as it really stands out and sounds really nice through headphones and alse through a marshall mgfx amp.

    playing silently works well as my daughter who is 10 months old slept on the sofa next to myself while playing this so that's passed the test on that one.

    In all if your looking for something that can be played on the move and perhaps at a gig or open mic then i would go ahead and by one but it doesan't have the sound \ tone that a true acoustic has but it offers just as much pleasure.

    Hats off to yamaha

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