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Tascam DP-008 Portable 8 track recorder

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Tascam DP-008 Portable 8 track recorder

The DP008 is a high quality, portable and affordable 8 track multitrack recorder that is packed with a host of great features so it is ideal for on-the-move recording. Record up to two channels at once (with XLR, line and guitar inputs, or built in scratch mics [great for getting ideas down instantly]) of CD quality audio.

Just like any good 8 track, you can digitally bounce tracks to enable you to get more parts into your arrangement. The DP-008 is dead simple to use so you're never caught out when trying to get an idea down quickly. Record on standard SD cards then transfer to your PC with USB. The final touches include EQ, reverb and pan controls on each channel so you can put together a quick mix on your way home!

Here's what Tascam say about the DP008

TASCAM culminates 30 years of Portastudio Recording with the DP-008, a portable 8-track recorder for all musicians. TASCAM's DP-008 is an eight-track recorder that captures CD-quality audio, two tracks at a time. You can use built-in microphones to grab ideas, plug condenser mics into the XLR inputs or plug a guitar directly in to lay tracks. There's even a metronome and chromatic tuner built-in for tight-sounding tracks. The DP-008 also allows you to digitally bounce tracks to make room for more, and touches like editing and undo make recording stress-free.

Each track on the DP-008 has its own row of knobs for level, pan and effects, just like our classic cassette Portastudios of the past. The effects knob sends to a built-in stereo reverb processor with hall, room, stage and other effects. Each track also has EQ to tailor the sound for your mix. When your song is complete, mix it to a dedicated stereo track while riding levels and flipping pan as much as you want. You can export your mix, or even individual tracks, as a WAV or MP3 file.

TASCAM invented the home recording studio with the original cassette Portastudio. The DP-008 takes the ease-of-use of those classic songwriting tools and adds portability, digital sound quality, effects and mixdown to bring home recording into the 21st century. Simplify your recording workflow with TASCAM's DP-008.

  • 8-track Digital Portastudio
  • 2-track simultaneous recording
  • (2) XLR microphone inputs with phantom power
  • (2) 1/4" line inputs, one switchable to guitar level for direct recording
  • 1/4" footswitch input and Autopunch features for punch-in recording
  • RCA line outputs
  • 1/8" stereo headphone output
  • Powered by four AA batteries (included) or PS-P520 power supply (optional)
  • Chromatic tuner and metronome features
  • Stereo reverb effect on send/return path
  • Level, Pan and 2-band EQ controls per channel
  • 44.1kHz/16-bit recording resolution
  • Records to SD or SDHC Card media, up to 32GB supported
  • USB 2.0 connection to computer for backup and track/mixdown export
  • 2GB SD Card, USB cable, AA batteries included
  • Built-in stereo electret condenser microphones
  • Backlit LCD display

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 25 November 2013

    Amazing!!! Best £200 I have ever spent!!! You do not need to fork out a fortune for studio time, this records perfect quality, it's all you need and you can record any time, any where!!!! The finished wav files are quite quiet, but all you do is upload it to a computer daw and amplify the volume (I use audacity, which is free).

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 27 September 2013

    great sound experience, easy to use.

    RichyRich | Purchase date: 20 June 2013

    This is a well designed and intuitive bit of kit. Simple controls and just a few little menus, unlike other gear with large manuals, unwieldy menus and packed full of features that you will get a headache learning then promptly forget after a week!

    Some of the transfers from its own partions to the FAT partition are a bit slow but generally, I love this recorder. It lets you just get on with creating music and not having to wrestle with a PC. No digital interface but WAV files can be exported and manipulated on a PC if you wished. Also, you can backup songs to PC as well.

    I strongly recommend this recorder. However, watch the SD cards as some can report Busy errors. Please note that there are different classes of SD and it's best to consult the manufacturer's list of preferred media. I tried some 16 GB SDHC cards, one was OK, one was not. Also, as Tascam do not provide a Power Supply, watch for dodgy suppliers out there. You will need a 5V supply that gives you a minimum of 1.5A.

    Neil | Purchase date: 18 October 2012

    Well happy with this 8 track, asked for something not too complicated to use and found it quite easy. Instructions really helpful. Great for the price

    Simes | Purchase date: 06 October 2012

    Excellent piece of kit. Easy to understand and use. Built in mic's very impressive. For someone who just wants to note on an acoustic and stick a few harmony vocals on, it's unbeatable.

    And with time an ever present limiter with a family, set up is a few seconds and you are away. Bought a soft case in the market for a fiver and you have a holiday studio as well.

    Reverb good, pan good, metronome OK but quiet, not tried the EQ yet.

    Best bit is stick it on the sofa beside you and you can have a "mix" of sorts in half an hour.

    Ad | Purchase date: 19 March 2012

    I Bought this product to record some demo's @ home and found it very easy to use...

    Its ideal for getting ideas down...

    I am very happy with this product and delivery from andertons was very quick...

    Steve | Purchase date: 01 December 2010

    Absolutely perfect in every respect! Well done Tascam! I use this not for guitars and vocals, but for synthesizers. It's much easier to use than a PC based digital recorder (IMHO) and enables me to easily get over polyphony issues with things like my Blofeld or TI Snow, by just layering new tracks and bouncing them down when ready - all in the digital domain, so no loss of quality at all... And I can back it all up safely onto my PC as well.

    If my timing gets dodgy (it usually does!) I can easily adjust one track, or a pair of stereo tracks, relative to others, to keep the whole ensemble nice and tight.

    At this price, it's a must-have item whether you're a guitarist, singer, drummer,. keyboard player or whatever!

    Mr. Keith Williams | Purchase date: 15 July 2010

    very simple to get into,easy to use and produces good results,perfect for recording your practice sessions or capturing your demos

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