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Allen & Heath ZED10FX 10 Channel Compact Mixer

Built in USB interface allows stereo recording!

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Allen & Heath ZED 10FX Mixer

Allen and Heath expand their popular Zed Range with this 10 channel mixer with built in effects. It features 4 mic pres, 3 band EQ (with sweepable mids) two auxes and a USB interface to record stereo tracks to your computer.

A quality desk that will handle a basic live gig or function with ease and rugged A&H reliability and sound quality. The built in effects will be especially useful for smaller gigs where you want to keep the rig compact and easy-to set up and down.

Here's what Allen & Heath say about the Zed 10

ZED's are great for live mixing! Their layout makes them very easy to use and easy to achieve a great sound. They are also perfect for recording, either a live show or an audio project at home can be built up track by track using the USB digital audio interface.

The flexibility and quality of these mixers make them stand out from the crowd. You can plug your guitars or instruments straight into the class A discrete FET high impedance inputs, cater for up to four microphones, two stereo sources with MP3 player compatibility, separate 2-track record outputs and a stereo playback input for 2-track replay or perhaps interval music from a CD player, XLR main stereo outputs with inserts, comprehensive monitoring with headphones and separate monitor speaker outputs, 48V microphone phantom power, DI level switching for sub mixing, and not least of all, the same digital effects algorithms as those used on our flagship digital consoles costing 150 times as much!


One of the great things about the ZED series is the number and variety of things you can plug in. In addition to the sixteen mono channels there are two dual stereo channels, each with a main stereo input on jack sockets and with additional inputs on phono sockets. the USB return can be selected to one of the additional inputs so that it feeds either the main LR bus or the stereo channel.

EQ section

ZED-10 mixers feature a responsive 3-band EQ taken from the acclaimed GL2400 mixer. The design utilises MusiQ - optimised slope (or Q factor) for equalising individual instruments.

Guitar DI

In place of the DuoPre, the ZED-10 &10FX have pre-amps similar in design to our MixWizard range of mixers, but with a twist! Inputs 3 & 4 have a high impedance jack input capable of taking either a normal line level or a low level input from a guitar pickup.

These newly designed inputs have been crafted with the aim of replicating the sound of a classic guitar or instrument tube pre-amp in a combo or head amp. An extremely high input impedance ensures loading on pick-ups is minimal and a Class A FET (field effect transistor) circuit powered from 48V is employed to give the valve-like gain stage. There is a gain "Boost" switch associated with the guitar inputs which boosts gain by 26dB to cater for instruments with very low level outputs and the overdrive characteristics of the guitar inputs are very similar to a valve (tube) circuit, being asymmetric and soft. All this makes for a wonderfully natural sound to be reproduced from the instrument, full of warmth and character.

USB audio flexibility

Getting audio to and from a computer easily is now a common requirement for live sound and music production. The way we have implemented this on ZED is super-flexible and super-easy! No longer do you need to fiddle around the back of your PC to get to the soundcard inputs, only to find that the levels are all wrong and noisy. Just plug in a USB lead to your ZED, select the USB routing on the mixer and the device on your computer and that's it! Quality audio to and from your PC or Mac. Three switches provide different send/return configurations for recording, playback and utilising external FX.


  • Multipurpose Mixers with FX for live sound & recording
  • 4 mic/line inputs, 2 with Class A FET high impedance inputs
  • Neutrik mic XLR
  • Neutrik 1/4 inch jacks
  • 3 band EQ with MusiQ
  • 2 auxes
  • Sound image pan
  • Illuminated PFL indicator
  • Stereo returns & playback
  • All inputs with level control
  • 12 bar meters
  • Professional FX
  • Responsive 3-band, swept mid EQ with MusiQ
  • 2 stereo sources with MP3 player compatibility
  • Separate 2-track record outputs
  • Stereo playback input for 2-track replay
  • XLR main stereo outputs with inserts
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Configurable USB stereo audio in/out
  • Stereo monitor outs
  • 48V microphone phantom power
  • DI level switching for sub mixing

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 11 September 2014

    This has been set up but full functionality yet to be understood but we will eventually get there.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 03 July 2014

    As Above

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 27 May 2014

    Simple and a great size .

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 11 May 2014

    Great little mixer ideal for single artist

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 24 February 2014

    As Above

    Paul | Purchase date: 07 March 2013

    I use acoustic guitar in the high Z channel, vocals, laptop for mp3 use and in every instance the ZED10FX is perfect for what I need. Its got knobs instead of sliders and no mute button, which may be a deal breaker to some but it wasnt for me. I use the built in effects to add a touch of reverb or delay for vocals. A great little desk for the money!

    Jerzy | Purchase date: 28 September 2012

    This mixer is awesome, well built and nice looking, I use it for rehearsal, live and for home recording. The sound is fantastic clear and not a hint of noise at high levels. The built in effects are great sounding and great for adding colour but I also use separate outboard effects. Connectivity is ample for my personal use although the larger Allen and Heath zed desks are available for people who need more. All in all a fantastic purchase, I cannot comment on long term use as have not had it long enough but Allen and Heath reputation gives me confidence in the mixer. Also great service from Andersons again.

    Andrew | Purchase date: 31 March 2012

    A&H! Their kit is just top quality. My rock band used one of their bigger mixers for several years and despite travelling to about 60 gigs it survived in perfect condition). When it came to refitting a downsized home studio, well, you have to use the best don't you?!

    It's a great USB sound interconnector which I'm using in that tedious job of transferring analogue recordings to digital.

    There's a fun range of effects which I only really got to encourage my 3 year old to have as much fun twiddling controls as I have. It works, though she does have a tendency to press and turn everything!

    Rock steady performance and the ability to swiftly return to usability after random alterations by little tyke.

    Peter | Purchase date: 17 August 2011

    Not quite the product I hoped for.The first mixer was returned to Andertons because it was producing a bad smell from the rear when running hot. The stereo channel was also noisy producing a distinct hum when connected to a Roland RD 700GX stage piano.In fact the mixer is used with Yamaha MSP7 monitors for two stage pianos, the other being a Nord stage88.It is used in the home setting where the last thing you need is noise. I have tried it with a larger band system P.A., top of the line JBL actives 18 subs and 15 tops, but this only exaggerates the problem.The cabling is top class too Monster P500-M15.If I run the pianos direct to the monitors they are as silent as makes no difference,even at the top end of the volume spectrum.

    Andertons were very good and replaced the mixer with a new one but the smell and noise are still there so I am left to conclude it is the mixer design and cheap components. You get what you pay for I guess.This is my first Allen and Heath purchase. Would I buy any more of their products.? On the basis of this experience definitely not.I will stick with Yamaha or Mackie mixers in the future.

    Mr. John Edmond | Purchase date: 16 February 2011

    Fantastic compact mixing desk- does exactly what it says on the tin,great reverbs! Brilliant company to deal with- no problems what so ever, very fast delivery and free of charge. Thank you.

    Mr. Jim Forrest | Purchase date: 18 November 2010

    This mixer is the quality you would expect from this long established manufacturer - low noise, well constructed and vibrant sound. The facilities and effects are excellent.

    The only downside is there not having an effects on/off socket for a footswitch which is surprising.

    The mixer is well worth the price.

    Mr A Park | Purchase date: 23 September 2010

    All in all a good desk.

    The built in effects are not too bad which was a suprise as they are normally dreadfull. Being able to edit the fx and for the desk to remember your edit, is a big plus.

    Its a very quiet desk and easily laid out. The functionality is great and at the moment it seems as though its well built and reliable.

    So why 4 stars instead of 5?

    It's not a 10 channel desk as the name suggests, its an 8 at a push. I knew this before i bought it and it suits my needs fine. However i think it is very cheeky counting a playback in as a channel. It just isn't one in anyones book.

    That being said it's a nice bit of kit.

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Part Number: ZED10FX