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Yamaha Piaggero NPV80 Portable Keyboard

Lightweight Performance Keyboard

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When you need a keyboard to be used everywhere from your bedroom to the stage, you don't want to have to worry about breaking your back every time you move it! The Yamaha NPV range solves the problem by providing pro features and comfortable playing action in a slim and light package that will leave you wondering where the electronics that make all the great sounds actually are!

The NPV80 forms part of the Yamaha Piaggero series, that for it's unique name and ethos, combines the "Piano" with "leggero" which is italian for light. The result is a fun piano that suits both the home enthusiast and light entertainment performer with its great sounds, creative feature set and truly portable design.

Soft Touch Keys

As most pianists will agree, one of the most important features of any piano/keyboard is the feel of the keys. Yamaha have created a light and comfortable piano-like "Graded Soft-Touch" response, Giving you total control of the high quality sounds for dynamic and musical performance potential.

Learning Tools

If you're just learning the piano, the V80 has a variety of fun learning guides to help you make the most of your practice sessions. The Performance Assistant is great for complete beginners and there's a lesson system that is really useful if you are teaching yourself or are looking for something different to compliment your playing.

Built-in Backing Band

Whether Yamaha meant it or not, a perfect anagram of Piaggero is Arpeggio which just happens to hint at the the Series' powerful trump card, the "Style" section. This versatile arpeggiator feature provides a complete backing band controlled by the chords you play in your left hand, leaving you're right hand to jam out a awesome melodies over the top for a full performance. Whether your're looking to play Jazz, Blues, Disco or Reggae, the NVP80 delivers with bass, drums, guitars, brass, piano; anything that's style appropriate. You can trigger fills, intros, endings and everything to add a little sparkle and polish to your original compositions. What's more, its really easy to get the hang of and find something that sounds great, with plenty of flexibility as you learn.

Here's what Yamaha say about the NPV80

An enhanced Piaggero with extra high quality piano and orchestral voicings, a wider range of styles and new performance features such as Arpeggiator and USB storage. Combine "piano" with "leggero" (Italian - "light") and you have Piaggero - a new era in digital keyboards. NP-V80 offers even more performance potential!

Go-anywhere portability, up to the minute style, Yamaha's legendary sound quality and ease of use, together with a 76-note 'box key' Graded Soft Touch keyboard - the perfect Piaggero for new hobby players or experienced musicians.

Main Features

  • Graded Soft Touch keyboard features graded lightweight keys for a more piano-like response
  • Choose from hundreds of instrumental sounds!
  • Enjoy playing along with your own personal backing band with 165 styles
  • A variety of fun learning technologies including Performance Assistant and lessons
    Arpeggiator function provides intriguing new musical potential!
  • Keyboard: 76 keys (Graded Touch)
  • Voices: 489
  • Rhythm Accompaniment Styles: 160
  • Polyphony (Max.): 32
  • Effect: Reverb, Chorus, EQ
  • Volume: Master Volume
  • Controls: Dual, Metronome, Transpose, Tuning, Touch(Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed)
  • Preset Songs: 30 Preset Songs
  • Recording Facility: 5 x 6 tracks
  • Registration Banks: 4 Pads x 8 Banks
  • Jacks/Connectors: MIDI (IN/OUT), PHONES/OUTPUT, DC IN 12V, SUSTAIN
  • Main Amplifier: 6W + 6W
  • Speaker: (12 cm x 6 cm) x 2
  • Power Consumption: 20W
  • Dimensions: (WxDxH) 1228mm × 111mm × 312mm
  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • Batteries: Six AA size, LR-6 or equivalent
  • Accessories: Owner's Manual, Music Rest
  • AC Power Adaptor : Yamaha PA-150 (included)

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 22 December 2015

    It is a useful item - extremely lghtweight for gigging, and works as an excellent input keyboard for computerised sequencing programs.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 28 February 2015

    Very good service.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 30 July 2014

    Item was a gift, however, have been given excellent feed back on the item. Great value for money.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 21 May 2014

    Highly recommended

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 10 December 2013

    Superb on phone. Excellent web site. Speedy, well packed delivery.

    kenneth | Purchase date: 02 February 2013

    The piano rendition is well inferior to what is portrayed on the Internet. My guess is that the Internet sound is not produced by the NPV80 model.

    Unfortunately I rushed my purchase so I blame myself.

    Bottom line is I would not recommend the Yamaha NPV80 model to anyone who required a good piano sampling sound.

    Tessa | Purchase date: 16 January 2013

    Excellent product. I am a first time keyboard player and with the help of the tutorial within half an hour I was playing something that sounded vaguely musical, which is very encouraging for a novice. The keyboard has many great features and has far exceed my expectations. A very clever instrument with a great sound, and lots of voices that makes learning fun at a very modest price.

    Luciano | Purchase date: 24 November 2012

    It's good value for money and i would recommend to anyone. I esepcially like the fact that you can have lessons with it as it can teach you how to play the songsthat come with it

    sam | Purchase date: 13 July 2011

    this is the ultimate best keyboard you cant beat this it has everything 500 voices 290 styles and loads more. this is not a starter keyboard as the price can tell. this is for people composing music and experimenting with different effects that you can download from the website(www.Yamaha.com)i would recomend this for anyone who loves a good play along maybe rehersing before a gig but this is professional not a starter no one under 9 should have this as its very complex :)

    Mr. Rafael Berenguer Vidal | Purchase date: 30 June 2011

    The keyboard is quite good for its price but the keys are very soft and the upper part of the keyboard sounds very soft. It is supposed that it tries to imitates the real behauviour of a real piano, but you have to play very hard the treble sounds.

    Additionally when a sound is pressed very strong it appears a very disgusting glitch.

    FERNANDO DA MATA | Purchase date: 29 April 2011

    outstanding keyboard ! High quality sound and superb value for money ... recommended to anyone looking for a good equipment at a low cost .

    Mr. MALCOLM Porter | Purchase date: 10 January 2011

    I was given 6 piano lessons for Christmas and needed a piano keyboard to learn on. Whilst its ideal for me as a complete beginner the features that have been included make this keyboard ideal for anyone who's looking for a simple, lightweight, portable instrument that's has it all.

    Mr Mike Rose | Purchase date: 27 November 2010

    A good home keyboard, for someone that has used a "Casio" and wants to move onto a professional set up.But is not yet confident, to do so.(or to lay out the money,because,because,beause.)

    Mr. Christopher Matthews | Purchase date: 08 September 2010

    This is my first Yamaha keyboard and it was bought to replace an 18 year old Casio CT450 Tonebank. You will not be surprised to hear that this new keyboard simply beats my old one hands down.

    I chose this partucalr model because it was a 76 key keyboard and to a lesser degree the change in "weighting" of the keys. The keys definately do offer more resistance at the bass end than the top end but as a very novice player I cannot say if this helps or not. It definately is not a problem and my only problem is that having 76 keys this instrument only just fits into the space I have available.

    I like the touch sensitive keys and have found that they respond well to a light touch as well as a hard "slap". Something my old keyboard didn't do at all.

    The Sweet and Cool voices are really good. I love the grand piano and the Sweet Pan\Flute voices. The MIDI voices are good and I imagine that they are common to most keyboards so very little to add there.

    I like the lesson features and believe them to be standard on most of Yamaha's keyboards. I have managed to use Midi files generally available on the Internet as lessons after some minor tweaks and have created my own lessons too.

    I have used both a USB cable (not supplied) and a USB memory stick (not supplied) to transfer music to and from the instrument without any problems. The memeory stick port was the main reason that I chose the V80 rather than the V60. The appegiator fitted on the V80 works well enough but is something that I will use infrequently and was only of secondary importance to me. Maybe that will change in the future?

    The registration memory I would say is more than adequate for most peoples requirements and allows you to play music with distinct sections without breaks(8 banks of 4).

    I like the P.A.T. system when you are playing bum notes as this seems to prevent them. Great when you are getting frustrated with a piece. As a novice player this is nice but maybe of limited use to a good player. Still if you don't want to use it then don't.

    On balance I have to say I love this keyboard and I have no regrets buying it. I think people that compare keyboards in this proce range with an actual concert quality piano are doing both Yamaha and themselves a disservice and should accept them for what they are!!! excellent keyboards with a good sound quality and a good build quality.

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