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Fulltone 15ft Jack-to-Jack Guitar Cable


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We are all mostly aware that guitar cables made from different manufacturers can offer slightly different tonal qualities when we plug our guitars in. Some offer massive low end, yet lack clarity and others can provide piercing high frequencies. If you're looking for a solid all-rounder that will provide you with crystal-clear projection, take a look at the Fulltone 15ft Jack-to-Jack Guitar Cable.

Fulltone have an extensive artist following with players including Ron Wood (Rolling Stones), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), Nigel Tufnel (Spinal Tap), Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Horton Heat, Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Jack Bruce (Cream), Lou Reed known to have Fulltone equipment in their set-ups!

The Fulltone's 'Gold Standard' 15ft Jack-to-Jack Guitar Cable is a low-capacitance cable, which features Gold-Plated ends, working to keep the higher frequencies intact even through the longer lengths of cord without losing any clarity or giving off any unwanted, harsh tone. Manufactured with materials such as oxygen-free copper, shield, etc. and using specific construction methods and plating the cable, you, the player, can achieve a bold sound, confident in its highs and lows, yet also promotes the more articulate tones found within in the Mid frequencies.

Key Features:

  • 15' Length
  • Gold Lead Ends
  • 1/4" TS - 1/4" TS
  • Straight - Straight


  • Balanced: No
  • Connector 1: TS Male 1/4
  • Connector 2: TS Male 1/4
  • Length: 10'

What Fulltone say about the Fulltone 15ft Jack-to-Jack Guitar Cable:

Cables have a way of putting their own unique stamp on your sound and they do all sound just a little bit different from one another. Some have too much Highs, some not enough, while others have tremendous Bottom-end, at the same time sounding flat and lifeless! Fulltone's Gold Standard™ low-capacitance cables with Gold-Plated ends keep the higher frequencies intact over longer lengths of cord without sounding shrill.

Having said that, a cable that passes more Highs and Lows does not necessarily result in a cable that sounds best for guitar and bass applications, as evidenced by the many expensive cables you may have tried and rejected! I designed the Fulltone Gold Standard™ specifically for guitarists and bassists, choosing all materials (oxygen-free copper, shield, etc.), construction methods, and plating for a sound not only strong in Lows and Highs, but also rich in the Mid frequencies where all the complex overtones lie, a crucial area often overlooked by other "premium" cables.

Fulltone cables are also built to outlast you, and I'm confident enough in their construction to offer a "Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty." Translation: If it fails and it's our fault, you get a new one.... on me.... forever. If you have a failed Fulltone cable and are the original owner, we will replace your ends free of charge with the new Neutrik ends.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 15 March 2015

    As Above

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 31 July 2014

    Quick shipping and absolutely great financial services.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 11 April 2014

    Great sound

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 24 August 2013

    Like the other reviews say, a much more high fidelity sound compared to my old curly fender cable! Absolutely worth the investment.

    Mike | Purchase date: 04 December 2012

    The subject of cables and tone is pretty subjective and there are plenty who say cable choice makes little difference.

    Well for my part I was happy to take the plunge and after my last Monster cable failed I thought I'd see what the Fulltone cable had to offer.

    Overall I wouldn't say its a night and day improvement but there is certainly more dynamics to the sound and more clarity. It just has that extra "something" going on!!

    All in all its a great cable and with the warranty, worth the investment.

    Richard | Purchase date: 10 October 2012

    This is a must have in my opinion.Very well made. The difference between my old lead and the Fulltone lead is like having a new guitar! Loads of new tones which just weren't there before.Buy one now!

    Ray | Purchase date: 09 August 2012

    Excellent product very fast response.

    Kevin | Purchase date: 15 March 2012

    Great cable this, I have a range of Fulltone pedals & can say that the cable is in the same league. I like t

    Lye fact that it is not harsh on trebles & gives a lovely all round signal. I got sick of talking to engineers who say we measured the signals with machines & there is no difference. Thank fully this cable has been designed by a MUSICIAN who understands tone & ears!

    There is a difference!

    Andertons by the way are wonderful people to deal with, I had a little problem with my order & they fixed it promptly.

    Mr. Paul Lisak | Purchase date: 18 April 2011

    I bought the fulltone cables for two reasons: one, my old planet waves had packed in YET AGAIN, and I thus needed a replacement - and two, I read a shining review about these cables on the net.

    So, I eventually took the plunge and bought myself a set.

    And what a surprise when I plugged in! I never believe over much in reviews, so was all the more blown away by how much better these cables are from every other top brand I have previously owned.

    The sound is crystal clear, yet VERY rich, with a full range of mids, lows and highs, unusual to say the least, and very noticeable. And noticeable too were all the annoying intereference noises, ie clicks, hums... gone. Vanished.

    The whole band looked quite surprised, but none more so than myself!!!

    It is fair to say that this is not a cheap product, and that these cables are often not in stock, but for a few pounds extra (because Planet waves are not cheap either), you get a truly superior cable that affects the tone in a major way. And these are built to last.

    If you use pedals, then you will need to buy two to experience the full effect (mixing one of these with an inferior cable is useless), but if you do try it, you will see: Awesome.

    Mr. Christian Spreadbury | Purchase date: 18 February 2011

    Great quality cable that sounds great and feels very well made. Highly recommended!

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