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Guitar Amplifiers

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If you've got an electric guitar or electric bass then you need an amplifier to complete the partnership: you just can't have one without the other and the millions of variable combinations between guitar/amp are what account for the limitless pallete of tones in the music world. Will you go Fender/Fender? or Gibson/Marshall? Why not mix things up? Here at Andertons we've got Electric Guitar Amplifiers, heads and cabs from the world's foremost brands including Marshall, Line 6, Blackstar, Vox, Mesa Boogie, Fender and more. So whatever electric guitars or basses you own, they'll find their tag team partner here at Andertons!

We're proud to stock a wide range of Acoustic Amps too from respected names like AER and Freshman these amps often have a microphone input and some are even battery powered! Which makes them ideal for small gigs and busking.

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