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Session Pro DD505 Electronic Drum Kit

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 Session Pro DD505 Electronic Drum Kit - Great Value

Session Pro DD505 KitThe Session Pro DD505 electronic drum kit is a bit of a breakthrough. Electronic drums are such a great way of playing drums without making much noise, but until recently, starting prices have been too high! For people just learning to play, e-kits are quite a lot more money than just buying an entry level acoustic drum kit. With even the cheap-and-nasty electronic kits coming in at twice the price of some acoustic kits, there was quite a difference if you wanted to enjoy the benefits of an electric kit.session pro dd505 pedal However, with the Session Pro DD505, you can strike the perfect balance between price and real playability.

The Session Pro DD505 is the first electronic drum kit that we've seen for under 400 pounds that we could actually recommend to drummers. The frame is sturdy, the pads feel pretty realistic & are very robust. The brain (sound module) is pretty basic, but the kit sounds are OK, & you can plug you iPod (or similar) into it & then jam along to all your favourite tracks via headphones. The brain also has a midi out feature, meaning this kit can be used to trigger the sounds in any other midi sound module or computer. The price is still a little bit more than buying a starter acoustic kit, but for anyone that has to live in the same house as a practicing drummer, we're sure you'll be glad you spent the extra money! Everything you need to get started is included except for a pair of headphones!

Here's what Session Pro say about the DD505 Electronic Kit


  • 4 x Drum Pads (1 snare & 3 toms)
  • 3 x Cymbal Pads (1 hihat & 2 cymbals)
  • 1 x Hi-Hat Control Pedal With Half Open Feature
  • 1 x Bass Drum Kick Trigger
  • Brain features 215 Voices, 20 Preset Kits, 10 User Kits, 50 Preset Songs
  • Midi Out
  • Aux In (Allows you to connect your MP3 or CD player)
  • Head Phone Out

Weight: 15Kg

    Lisa | Purchase date: 15 December 2012

    A fab drum kit - keeps neighbours happy too! Very well packed and quite easy to assemble - easier with two people!

    CJ | Purchase date: 17 October 2012

    This set is ideal for me as a beginner.

    It was easy to set up (only took me 1hr...as a woman :o).

    I love the fact that there is some music in its 'brain' and you can speed it up or slow it down.

    I managed to connect my MP3 player as well as an amplifier to it.

    This set came with extra drum sticks and earphones which was great as you don't have to start shopping twice.

    Having searched the net I found this to be the best deal.

    Delivery was prompt and everything was in mint condition.

    Definitely recommended!

    Richard | Purchase date: 23 July 2012

    A great piece of kit. The assembly instructions were easy to follow, although being a left handed drummer I had to set it up back to front, but once I had spotted the cables to the control console were of different lengths it wasn't too difficult. The kit gives a great sound and has a good feel to it. Setting up the individual drums and cymbals is easy, once you realise which control setting you are on. I found that the bass pedal and the hi-hat needed boosting to maximum sensitivity because they weren't picking up every beat. That was probably due to the drum stool, that came free with it, being a bit too low for me and I couldn't get comfortable on the pedals. (See seperate review). I bought the kit for my grandson so that he could practise to his heart's content using the headphones and not annoy the neighbours, and for a beginner it is more than adequate. I will be sorry to see it go when I pass it on as a present but hope to visit it frequently!

    Matt | Purchase date: 16 July 2012

    I've played guitar on and off for 20 years but never got past 'that' level.

    So I decided to take up drums for a hobby and after reviewing the options, settled on this because it seemed like the best value for money, especially from Andertons where you get the free stool, headphones and sticks.

    I've got no baseline to compare with (other than bashing a few real drums in the past) but can say that this is a great little kit for the price

    It was easy to set up. I would reccommend using velcro cable ties to keep the cable spaghetti under control. The postition of the kit is fully adjustable to suit your frame\style.

    The songs\metronome are basic but a good starting point until you can get some music minus drums tunes fed in through the handy AUX port.

    The drum sounds have enough variety to create loads of different virtual kits, which can be enabled simply using the brain. Other features include being able to change the volume of each pad, each pad's sensitivity (I increased the bass drum), the pitch of each pad voice.

    The pads feel responsive for this price level and with 3 toms, snare, bass, hi-hat, ride and crash, its a great little kit for beginners and perhaps more advanced drummers looking for a quiter practice set\on a tighter budget.

    The only reason I dont give this kit 5 stars is that I'm tight and would have liked pads with 2 strike areas and perhaps a choke function on the cymbals! But to honest, it probably gets 5 stars anyway.

    Stephen Park | Purchase date: 26 May 2011

    this kit is ok for home practice and real easy to set up and playing along to your favourite tracks etc...

    the only problem is the snare, it often misses the hit.. i used to have an Alesis DM5 which for a little more money is a whole lot better, i just wish i kept hold of it!

    this is a decent kit but i dont really think its worth the price tag.

    Mr. chris Wassan | Purchase date: 17 March 2011

    A great bit of kit, if your new to drumming then this an ideal first kit to get you started . the sound is great. and its easy to put together, strong and robust and cheap for the amount of stuff thats on the brain.

    Mrs S Dellow | Purchase date: 31 December 2010

    My 15yr old son says that he loves this new kit and it sounds great to me. He set it up by himself and it is easy to adjust and play

    Mr. Daniel Howard | Purchase date: 21 July 2010

    An excellent value kit -- I'm really happy with it. Set up was easy, and it's highly playable and responsive. Sounds are perfectly acceptable for the money, and the option of custom user kits is very welcome. The 'brain' is surprisingly well featured: individual item sound control, pitch, sensitivity, volume etc. Plus a metronome, reverb setting and practice songs (ok, they're dire but nevermind).

    'Full' style bass drum, with a proper bass drum pedal, is a real bonus as well -- as a learner, it means I'm learning correct technique. The hi-hat pedal is also fine, a bit over-sensitive but I've got used to it now.

    As I'm still very much a learner, it does everything I want or need it to. And I can practice without causing neighbour rage!

    Mr. Steve Mclean | Purchase date: 15 June 2010

    As soon as i started to play this kit i could tell the difference from my old IOn kit, the pads on the DD505 feel more realistic and are far more responsive, the frame is extremely sturdy and very easy to set up.

    The on board sounds are wonderfull with a wide array of kits both preset and user, connecting up to a midi module needed tweeking as the drum map is not quite right but it did not take long to sort out then saved as a user kit.

    the base drum pedal is a 'real' pedal not a silly switch you get with most kits in this price range.

    My drummer helped me set it up and was so impressed that within 20 minutes of playing we had ordered a second kit for him.

    Great value for money

    Dan Birkett | Purchase date: 25 January 2010

    For it's money this product deserves a full 5 stars. It's the perfect starter kit! Sounds good and is very robust.

    tom Linton | Purchase date: 21 May 2009

    Excellent kit I couldnt explain it in any other way

    its really realistic, has so many different kits and is so unepectedly quiet


    tom Linton | Purchase date: 21 May 2009

    Excellent kit I couldnt explain it in any other way

    its really realistic, has so many different kits and is so unepectedly quiet


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