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Electro Acoustic Guitars

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Electro Acoustic guitars are exactly like their counterparts in our Steel Strung Acoustics catagory but they have pcikups and preamps pre-installed. That means you can plug right in to a PA or mixing console and have your acoustic sound projected for better coverage. Almost all onboard pre-amps have EQ controls and many of our Electro Acousitc guitars features premium pre-amps with options like stereo outputs, feedback rejection, even microphone modelling and placement!

Here at Andertons we've gotAcoustic Guitars">Electro Acoustic Guitars that are are ideal for live performance. We stock top brands with the best Pickups and preamps: Taylor, Takamine, Martin, Freshman and more. Why not drop in to our Guildford store and try one out today from out huge selection on display?

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