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EMG James Hetfield Signature "Het Set" Guitar Pickups

Metallica Guitarist's Signature Guitar Pickups

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The EMG James Hetfield signature pickups look flash and sound killer - just like you'd expect from the leader of one of the world's foremost rock bands! Featuring black nickel covers, and based upon modded versions of EMG classics the EMG60 and EMG81, these pickups are meaner and fuller with higher output - suited to James Hetfield's playing style.

The EMGJH SET has a solderless installation system and diagrams and instructions for easy installation even without prior experience.

Here's what EMG say about the James Hetfield "Het Set" of Pickups

"...We have to make something unique and historic... It's stealth, it's sleek, it's fast looking..."

The JH Set is a totally new dimension for EMG with the design being driven solely with the input of James Hetfield. In early 2009 James Hetfield contacted EMG Pickups president Rob Turner and presented him with a challenge: to create a "stealth" looking set that captures the clarity and punch of a passive pickup and still retains the legendary active tone that molded a generation.

Featuring sleek black nickel plated caps and EMG's Solderless Installation System components, the JH Set consists of the JH-N (neck) and the JH-B (bridge). Both pickups were patterned after the pickups James has used for 30 years but the end result was a completely different animal. The JH-N has individual ceramic poles and bobbins that feature a larger core and are taller than the 60. This produces more attack, higher output, and fuller low end in the neck position. The JH-B uses the same type of core but has steel pole pieces, unlike the 81 that uses bar magnets. This produces the familiar tight attack with less inductance for a cleaner low end.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 31 December 2013

    Awesome pups! It's as they say when it comes to the attack of the pickup. It's very responsive, has a very nasty bite and it's quite articulate (bridge). The neck pickup was surprisingly good when riffing away as well, at least in standard tuning. Otherwise does what you'd expect from a neck pickup. Very clean and smooth sounding. (br/)If you're looking for an upgrade for the 81/85 combo I'd say go for it. These are indeed worth the money. Have in mind though that if you have a Floyd (as I did on my guitar) it might become hard (or even impossible) to insert them onto yours. I had to file each side of the pickups 1 mm so a total of 2 mm was removed before I could fit them into the guitar (on each pup). They are 85 mm long and needed to be 83.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 29 September 2013

    I've never had active pick ups before, but they are truly amazing. they seem to adapt ot your playing style. (br/)they also look and sound great, things don't get mjuch better than that.

    Phil | Purchase date: 20 September 2011

    Originally I was planning to buy EMG 60 and 81's for a guitar, but the fan boy in be caved in and I got the Het Set. I've got them in a modified eppiphone and the difference from the original eppiphone pickups is fantastic. You wouldn't know it was the same guitar.

    Played though a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier they sound bright, loads of attack, thick and crunchy. The guitar sounds like a guitar worth 3 or 4 times more money than it cost. They look great, classier than the plastic cases on most EMG pick ups.

    Unfortunatly I've don't have a guitar with a 60/81 configeration to compair these agaist, but having played a few in andertons i'd say these have the edge. the bridge pickup especically.

    I also like that the pickup doesn't have James' name on it, sometimes signature equiptment can look a bit fan boyish, you'd have to be in the know to know these were a signature thing.

    Get them!

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