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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1

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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1

Now the award winning DJ Software Traktor has its own dedicated controller! The Traktor Kontrol X1 is designed to seamlessly integrate with Native Instruments Traktor for the ultimate tactile DJing experience with all the benefits of DJing using your computer without having to fiddle with a mouse. DJing is now more creative than ever, and the Kontrol X1 allows you to express yourself and play your decks like an instrument. With the included Kore 2 software you can add your own samples, and if Traktor isn't your thing, the X1 will act as a MIDI controller for the DAW of your choice.

Here's what Native Instruments say about the X1

From the makers of TRAKTOR comes TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 - the first official TRAKTOR controller for use with any DJ software. Whether you are a DVS timecode or software DJ, simply connect the TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 to a computer running TRAKTOR (or other performance software) and gain instant control of your decks and effect parameters. Robust rotary knobs with a heavy-duty feel and backlit buttons provide precise visual and tactile status feedback- letting you delve deep inside TRAKTOR without having to touch your computer.

Bi-directional communication with TRAKTOR via Native Instruments' high resolution protocol gives the hardware a smoother and more precise feel compared to regular MIDI controllers. All buttons and knobs have been pre-mapped for optimum TRAKTOR use but can be re-configured in any way you like. TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 can also be used as a MIDI controller for any software as well as expanded with a second unit to control four decks and four FX units.

TRAKTOR KONTROL X1's high-quality, back-lit LED buttons and push encoders are clearly arranged in distinct transport, browse, loop and effects sections. With enough room for convenient control of selecting, cueing, synching and pitching tracks, you always have the right music on hand. Eight knobs and eight buttons simultaneously control up to three effects on each deck, while the intuitive loop control section together with direct access to eight hotcues per track will have you remixing your music without interrupting the flow.

Bundled Software

TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 comes with a powerful selection of software to get you mixing and making music straight out of the box. The included software consists of the following:

TRAKTOR LE makes it easy to mix your digital music files. This convenient DJ software offers two playback decks, a 2-channel mixer, and more.

If you produce your own music, the included KORE 2 PLAYER offers 600 MB of production-ready sounds for use in any sequencer.

Advanced Features

  • Seamlessly adjustable LED brightness adapts to any environment from bright daylight to the darkest club
  • Button off glow for reading button labels in absolute darkness.
  • All buttons feature backlights in multiple colors for ease of use. FX buttons: orange. Transport buttons: blue MIDI mode: green. Shift + Hotcue buttons: white.
  • Bi-directional communication with TRAKTOR using NHL (Native Hardware Library). The NHL protocol features resolution that is almot 4 times that of regular MIDI
  • Calibration wizard precisely and individually defines mid-point of each knob
    The controller is pre-mapped by the makers of TRAKTOR, with the option to freely customize any individual part. Tweak the defaults or reconfigure the mapping entirely to your preferred workflow.Two controller overlays for alternative mappings / assignments are already included: one with the pre-configured mappings for Serato Scratch Live, one blank overlay for marking your own assignments.
  • Included powerful MIDI configuration software provides templates for various applications and gives access to advanced features such as encoder step size, note up/down encoder messages and more
  • Fully hot-pluggable in TRAKTOR. The X1 runs the instant you connect it to your computer with TRAKTOR running. If the USB connection is accidentally disconnected TRAKTOR continues to play unaffected. Simply plug the X1 back in and it's good to go again.


TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 features a total of 30 buttons, 4 push encoders and 8 knobs arranged in the following sections:

8 high resolution potentiometers and 8 buttons make up the effect section of TRAKTOR KONTROL X1. This section allows control of all the parameters of 2 TRAKTOR effect units simultaneously. In Chained mode, this means simultaneous control over 3 effects per deck. The effects section buttons are programmed to give direct access to 3 of your favorite effect presets.

One push encoder per deck is dedicated to browsing through play lists and loading tracks. Simply turn the push encoder to find the track you want, and push it to load it into the corresponding deck. Once the track is loaded the same encoders seek through the track, using tempo sync'd beat jumps to remain in time.

This section allows for intuitive control of TRAKTOR's loop function, giving clear visual feedback about the loop status via LEDs. The section offers first level access to auto loops and manual loops as well as loop editing functions such as loop size and loop position, both coarse and fine.

This section provides direct access to basic playback controls as well as shifted access to 8 secondary functions for each deck. All buttons for industry standard workflows (Play, Sync, Cue + Cup) are located here. Switch to hotcue mode and you get another 16 buttons for controlling the 8 hot cues or hot loops per track. Plus, the CUP button flashes in time with the deck's BPM as an added visual mix aid.

Package includes

  • 2 controller overlays (one with mappings for Serato Scratch Live, one blank overlay for marking your own assignments)
  • KORE 2 PLAYER & SELECTION Instrument
  • Installation DVD including controller editor
  • USB Cable
  • Quickstart Guide

    Chris | Purchase date: 02 January 2013

    A really sweet piece of kit. Really showing why Native Instruments have such a good name for themselves. Control track decks and remix decks, no need to touch your laptop when in the mix, add the A6 soundcard and F1 controller for a really tight set up

    Chris | Purchase date: 02 January 2013

    The Traktor Kontrol X1 is such a tight piece of kit.

    I made the changeover from CD to digital, and after getting Native Instruments hardware and software involved I haven't looked back nor regretted it.

    Adding the ability to drop effects, change parameters of those effects, as well as hit cue points at the touch of a button, it seriously livens up a set.

    An extra feature I find important, is that with the X1 you don't actually have to touch your laptop during your set, which makes things easier and looks better to the crowd.

    A very reasonable price, and I definitely recommend adding this to any DJing set up

    steve | Purchase date: 13 July 2012

    This controller gives you full control of tracktor

    decks and if used in conjuntion with the f1 controller

    you have the ultimate dj setup for tracktor

    fantastic bit of kit!!!!

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