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Mesa Boogie Express Plus 5:25+ 1x12 Combo

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Say hello to the new dramatically improved Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 Plus with four awesome new features either borrowed from or inspired by top of the range pro touring amps from Mesa:

New Features

  • NEW Patented Multi-Watt technology lets you chose the output wattage from 5w, 15w or 25 independently for each channel. Each option actually reconfigures the elements of the power amp section so that you aren't just running a 25w amp attenuated to 5w but you can get the proper feel and tone of a dedicated 5w amp complete with the smooth and rich Class A electronics
  • NEW Footswitchable 'Solo' master volume boost control for increasing the overall volume of the amp with just a tap. More effective that booster pedals that just drive the tubes harder resulting in increase in gain without a bit increase in volume.
  • NEW Footswitchable Graphic EQ for tine adjustments or dial in a preset V scoop with the 'preset' dial. You can mix and match between the Graphic EQ and Preset knob for each channel independently
  • NEW 2 Fully Independent Channels with 4 Style Modes: Channel 1 choose from Clean for glassy tones or Crunch for low gain overdrive tones through to dirty rock tone. Channel 2: Blues or Burn Modes
  • Besides these awesome new features the Express Plus is the same great 1x12" combo as the original with all of the quality in both tone and build quality that comes with the Mesa Engineering label. The Express covers loads of classic Mesa tones from classy cleans through dirty crunches through to searing lead distortion!

    Here's what Mesa say about the Express Plus 5:25

    With uniquely inspiring Tone and a layout that’s intuitive and easy to navigate, it’s no wonder The Express Plus Line has become one of our most popular instruments. All-Tube and Hand-Built in our only shop in Petaluma, CA, the Express Plus offers genre-defining sounds, near-limitless versatility and unbeatable value that others can only imitate. How do we do it? We’ve been doing this for 44 years with all the same people…it’s our Experience – and there are no shortcuts to that. The new Express Plus amplifiers feature four exciting new features that bring them even closer to the flagship status of our award-winning MARK FIVE.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 02 January 2016

    This is a really high quality piece of kit, the versatility of the amp is superb, the clean tones just shimmer and sound way better than my Fender Blues Junior, while the crunch is amazing. The lead channel really sings. The independent switching from 5/15/25 watts on both channels is brilliant. Still experimenting but I will probably use the clean channel on 25 and the lead on 15 to give headroom and drive respectively. There is loads of volume and it may be that for rehearsal the 5 watt setting is enough, it really packs a punch. The reverb is superb and so is the switchable EQ. I've yet to play the amp live so just hope it sounds as good at gig levels, but in the bedroom it brings out the best in my strat, with a beautiful clean and a nice dark melodic lead. I play in a covers band and need the variety but my favourite tones are SRV/Gilmour/Robben Ford/Jeff Healey and at bedroom levels I can nail these. The addition of the foot switchable EQ and Solo boost makes this a great live amp. My only slight gripes are that in live use you're really down to 2 channels not 4, as the extra sounds from each channel are only available via switches on the front of the amp not the footswitch; and the FX loop is built for line level rack not floor units - I've tried it at home with a couple of stomp boxes in the loop and it sounded fine but I'll need to test it live to have confidence that it works like this.

    In conclusion a great amp with superb pro quality features and really classy clean and smooth melodic drive sounds available at bedroom to gig levels.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 08 September 2015

    As Above

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 28 February 2015

    Spent many years going through many amps to finally arrive at this little beauty! I considered a Mark V but that amp's way too complex for live use esp when you need to access your tones & adjust things quickly, the Express Plus has all the tone you want with the right amount of simple flexibility to use at home, in the studio, or live at a gig and can handle small, medium & large venues easily. This amp has obviously been designed by someone that knows exactly what a gigging player needs, no extraneous frills, just everything where you need it and tone in abundance. I've been playing 25 years and owned many amps, some almost twice the price of this one, but this little Mesa is quite simply the best one of all.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 23 August 2014

    All of the sounds on this incredibly versatile amp are great, the reverb is beautiful and the build quality is outstanding. At the moment there is a slight hiss on all modes, including the clean mode, which I am hoping will go away - other than that, fantastic.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 09 February 2014

    I bought the Express 25 after gigging with a Rectoverb 50 for the past 10 years. The switch was solely because I have started to suffer with some back problems and needed to downsize on all my gear. Weight has become a big issue for me. (br/) (br/)I was willing to compromise on my sound (I generally prefer 6L6 tubes and wide body cabs) for a smaller amp but having just finished my first gig with the Express 25 , I cannot stress enough how blown away I was by this combo. The sound was simply huge for such a small unit. If anything, I would say it sounded bigger than my Rectoverb! Gigged a big pub and didn't need to mic up. I was concerned that (being 25 watts) the solo boost wouldn't give enough boost to cut through but no problems. (br/) (br/)Tone wise, I would say that the clean channel if far superior to the Recto range. I also own a Rivera Chubster and Cornford Hurricane. The Express clean channel is better than either imo. (br/) (br/)I would say that you do NEED to use the sliders on the lead channel. I couldn't get a great dirty sound without the sliders but could easily find the signature Boogie sound with the sliders in classic V set up. Gain wise, 12 to 2 o'clock was great for AC/DC, Foo's type rock. Would do classic rock / NWOBHM no issues but probably not a great choice for extreme metal. (br/) (br/)Me - I'm very happy.

    Brian | Purchase date: 04 March 2013

    A whole range of very fine tones available from this versatile amp. Worth the money.

    Brian | Purchase date: 16 November 2012

    The Mesa Boogie Express Plus 5:25 is everything that I expected it to be. I have a wide taste in music so enjoy a range of different guitars and playing styles. After a number of years using modelling amps, which are actually pretty good for most of the music I play, the return to a valve amp took me back to days of small valve combos from my earlier years. The dynamic capability and response to the guitar controls is what I now have again. It took me no time at all to get great tone from my ES339, Tele and Strat, all retaining the essential character of each guitar. Everything appears well made and with some nice features, including a well designed cover.

    Channel 1 clean is absolutely fine but I will rarely use it. Channel 1 Crunch, with the 5 band EQ engaged, produces a hard edged tone for me which is great for soft jazz with the volume rolled off on the guitar and rock full bore. Channel 2 Blues, again using the EQ with a delay in the effects loop provides exactly what it says Blues. Channel 2 Burn is a rarely used one for me but there is instant singing sustain. Due to proximity of walls and eventually neighbours, 5 watts is plenty for me, but there is a distinct character/tone change at 15 and 25 watts, as well as a significant increase in volume which I will be exploring.

    Overall I am very pleased with the Mesa Boogie Express Plus 5:25. As a measure I am probably playing twice as much as I was before it arrived and give my less used guitars more of a run.

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