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Line 6 DT25 1x12 Tube Combo

Combine with a POD HD to get any tone conceivable at the touch of a button!

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The essential amp for all POD HD owners - the Line 6 DT25 puts the amazing technology of the DT50 into a mid-powered package ideal for gigging and jamming. Watch our *exclusive* Line 6 DT25 Video below!

The new Line 6 DT25 amplifier takes inspiration from its bigger brother - the DT50 - and combines a convenient medium-power-output amp with the pinnacle of Line 6 amp technology to produce an amp that is versatile enough to allow you to switch between amp circuits found in some of the world's most revered amp designs. The DT25, co-designed by Reinhold Bogner, will adapt to the sound you need; American or British, vintage or modern. The result is an amp that will take you from classic rock to modern metal in the flick of a switch - an invaluable tool for session musicians, recording artists and guitarists with diverse musical tastes.

Combine the DT25 with a POD HD and you get even more out of this awesome amp. By configuring presets on the POD, including amp and cab settings and pretty much any effects chain you can imagine, you can switch between any two rigs at the press of a footswitch! Imagine being able to go from a Big American clean with modulation effects, to a raucous British hi-gain tone with a wah pedal at the ready - all with one switch. That is what the DT25 and POD combination will help you achieve.

The Line 6 DT25 is an amazing amp in its own right with big bell like cleans and the ability to produce high quality drive sounds at reasonable volumes. When you start to explore the options you have with regards to switching and combining the different circuits in the DT25, you will realise the potential of this amp. Add a POD HD into the mix and the possibilities of the DT25 are practically limitless!

DTV2 Software Update
The DTV2 Software update for Line 6 amps is now available! This version 2.0 firmware update gives Line 6 DT amp users 30 HD preamps (there were 4) and 12 new reverbs. It is a free download from this link so it's well worth getting if you have or are planning to buy a DT amplifier.

Here's what Line 6 say about the DT25 Combo

If your tone is your masterpiece, DT25 is your paintbrush. This portable 25W/10W tube amp from Line 6 and tube-amp guru Reinhold Bogner gives you four stunning, lust-worthy amp voicings and unprecedented versatility that lay the foundation for you to build your perfect tone.

The powerful combination of reconfigurable analog components and HD modeling allows the DT25 amp to be four boutique tube amps in one capable of producing stunning American cleans, British crunch, class A chime and modern high-gain. Selectable operating class, power tube mode and four Voicings (which offer the perfect combinations of negative feedback loop topology, and HD preamp and tone stack modeling) can dial in classic vintage tones or be shaped into highly customized originals - and each one drips with boutique tone and touch-response.

The DT25 amp gets to the point. It's a simple, two-channel amp with a streamlined front panel. But if you connect a POD HD multi-effect pedal or POD HD Pro multi-effect rack to this little monster the two integrate to become a boutique tube amp factory!

Connected via exclusive L6 LINK technology, the DT25 amp and POD multi-effect rewrite the traditional amp/multi-effect paradigm and introduce powerful new concepts in control and customization. Add effects, additional amp voicings, foot control and instant scalability (including stereo operation with multiple DT25 amplifiers). DT25 is the perfect pairing for POD HD multi-effects. The days of plugging a POD into the front of an amp are over!

Revolutionary Bogner tube design meets Line 6 HD modeling

The Voicing switch is the heart of DT25 amp. It conjures the characteristic tone, feel and response that are at the heart of four celebrated amp voicings: American clean, British crunch, class A chime and modern high-gain. Different negative feedback loop topologies pair with HD preamp and tone stack modeling to produce the perfect tonal springboards for you to craft your perfect tones.

  • Voicing I: Classic American Clean (tight negative feedback loop)
  • Voicing II: British Crunch (medium negative feedback loop)
  • Voicing III: Class A Chime (zero negative feedback loop)
  • Voicing IV: Modern, High-Gain (resonant negative feedback loop)

Selectable operating class and power tube mode

Take your tone in many different directions with the selectable operating classes and power tube modes. Mix and match them with the Voicing switch to dial in truly unique tones. Or align the components in tried-and-true combinations to deliver fresh takes on the immortal classics.

  • Selectable operating classes - Class AB/25 watts/fixed bias; Class A/10 watts/cathode biased
  • Selectable power tube modes - Pentode; Triode

Any two amps you want, separated by a single channel switch

The two channels can be set to any combination of Voicing, operating class and power tube mode, so the channel switch is more like an A/B switch connected to two different amps. (Or, for a boost channel, set the channels the same with one a little louder.)

For example, set Channel A to a California clean tone. It can be complete with a high amount of negative feedback for a tight sound, characteristic class AB headroom and plenty of pentode-powered body. Set Channel B to deliver vintage Class A chime with zero negative feedback for an open, dynamic feel. Triode mode darkens the tone a bit and rounds off the edges, and Class A operation provides no shortage of touch sensitivity when you dig in with your pick. That's total analog and digital reconfiguration in one touch.

DT25 amplifier + POD HD multi-effect = Boutique tube amp factory

DT25 amplifiers and POD HD multi-effects don't just connect, they seamlessly integrate to transform into a boutique tube amp factory capable of creating any tone you need with incredible tone and feel. POD HD multi-effects come to the party with additional models including 20+ HD amp models, 20+ HD guitar preamp-only models, huge collections of effects, cabs, mics and more. With a single L6 LINK connection, you get:

Automatic analog configuration. Select a POD HD amp model or preset and the DT25 analog components will automatically configure themselves to the appropriate operating class, biasing method, negative feedback topology and power tube mode.

Save custom analog configurations. Saving your custom DT25 configurations is as easy as saving POD HD presets. Tweak the DT25 amp settings, press Save on the POD HD multi-effect and incredibly unique and complex amp configurations can be recalled instantly.

No ground loops. You'll never get ground loop hum from an L6 LINK connection!

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 30 June 2015

    Haven't had time to explore more than a very superficial play, but so far the amp sounds very good indeed. I am using it at home really, as I'm not a gigging player, so only had it on at low volume. Doesn't sound boxy at all. I also bought the HD500X to go with it and they do indeed work very well together. Some great sounds so far.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 15 May 2015

    Awesome product. So far so good.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 26 January 2015

    As far as the amp goes, in my humble opinion it's fantastic. Although I haven't gigged with it yet it does everything I need and more. Four amp configurations into two channels the sound is awesome. When combining it with my POD HD through line 6 link its amazing. I can't wait to actually blast it in all its glory.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 04 January 2015

    Fantastic little amp withe awesome sounds, especially when paired with one of there effects boards.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 27 December 2014

    As Above

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 22 January 2014

    The best amp I've ever heard, let alone used. Absolutely top quality product.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 20 January 2014

    Love the new amp!

    colin | Purchase date: 08 April 2013

    This amp is everything that i expected and more. I bought it to complement my HD500 but I have only plugged it in once so far. Theres so much to get from the amp on its own. Its well built, sturdy and looks the part. The warm tones, even at low volume, are just brilliant. Its range of sounds is stunning, although I play mostly metal I have been using sounds I forgot existed. Worth every penny

    Brian | Purchase date: 03 April 2013

    Excellent. Most versatile amp I've ever owned. I replaced three other amps with it. Although heavily 'americanised' the range of amp models and tones is both superb and more importantly practical and useable. Heavy though. If weight an issue for you get the head and cab.

    Simon | Purchase date: 11 April 2012

    Bought this along with the HD400. Really impressed with both individually and the way they function together. As much volume as I think I will ever need and to my ears it sounds superb.

    I have recently started practicing and playing live and get all the sounds I want from this. And practising at home is great too (in low vol mode). I like to bypass the hd400 too, it sounds great with nothing in the way..

    As I bought online without seeing it in a shop, I was surprised how big (and heavy) it is. I used to have a 40A 1x12 Flextone 3. I'd say it's smaller, but not much.

    Gareth | Purchase date: 31 October 2011

    Superbly manufactured and designed product - low volume switch allows home rehearsals via modelling, whilst the valves provide plenty of volume for small / mid sized venues. A huge array of sounds is easily accessible via the topology / pentode/triode switches and the amp has two identical "channels" that can be set to different modes.

    Up to 4 of these can be run via the L6 link from HD500 or HD pro units allowing for a superb level of control. They can also be run using midi pedals whihc makes the amps extremely versatile. Overall, a spuerb little amp for the money!

    Martin | Purchase date: 21 September 2011

    This amp has by far exceeded my expectations. Line 6 equipment can often leave a player (me) feeling overwhelmed by the limitless combinations of knob tweedling and button pushing to create the perfect tone. In the past I had spent literally hours just blindly tweeking amp and effects models with the Gearbox software but not actually playing anything. Forget that with the DT25. On its own set the dials wherever you like and it sounds great. The amp comes with a printed sheet with some basic amp settings to demonstrate the 4 voicings and if you only ever used these settings they would show just how versatile this amp is. Connect up a POD HD500 and run through all the basic amp models with default settings and all the crazy effects turned off and every tone makes you want to play something. I pushed the boat out and also bought the Variax JTV-89 and this just adds limitless classic tones to the amp. I am done tweeking. I love this amp!

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