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Roland Cube 40XL 40W 1x10" Compact Combo Guitar Amp

Part of Roland's highly durable compact guitar combo amps

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Roland Cube 40XL 40w Compact Guitar Amp

Next in the Roland Cube family is the 40watt 40XL. At 40 watts & with a 10" speaker, this is the first in the Cube range that you could realistically do small jams & gigs with. As well as the higher output & bigger speaker, the Roland Cube 40XL also features 3 footswitchable channels, 10 different amp sounds and 8 built in FX. But what really sets it apart from other amps at this price is the built in 80 second looper - that means you can record & then continously loop up to 80 seconds of playing, whilst you then jam over the top. Great for practice & teaching. We think the Roland Cube 40XL will be the most popular of all the Cube amps. 

Here's what Roland say about the Cube 40XL

The latest addition to the top-selling CUBE amp family (with over a million sold) is the CUBE-XL series. The CUBE-40XL is compact enough to grab and go, yet powerful enough for live and studio work.

The CUBE-40XL provides 40 watts of power through a 10" high-performance custom speaker. There are discrete, footswitchable* channels - JC Clean and Lead - with Solo settings for each. Ten COSM amp models are onboard, including the new Extreme setting, and eight effects to choose from, including the new Heavy Octave and COSM vintage Spring Reverb, plus an 80-second Phrase Looper.

*Hands-free channel switching is available with footswitch (Boss FS series, sold separately).


  • 40-watt guitar amp with 10" high-performance speaker
  • Three footswitchable channels, including JC Clean, Lead, and Solo with memory capability
  • 10 COSM amp models, including the new Extreme amp
  • Eight effects, including the new Heavy Octave and COSM vintage Spring Reverb
  • 80-second Phrase Looper built in
  • Power Squeezer for full gain at low volume
  • Hands-free channel switching via footswitch (sold separately)

Amp factory

The CUBE-40XL houses a killer collection of COSM amp models. With the twist of a knob, you can choose instantly from an authentic and awe-inspiring collection, including Tweed, Brit Combo, Black Panel, Classic Stack, R-Fier, Acoustic Simulator, and the new Extreme. It's like having 11 coveted amps in one!

Multi-channel flexibility

Switch instantly between Lead and JC Clean channels, and activate Solo settings for each. Channels can be selected manually from the control panel or via footswitch (Boss FS series, optional). When it's time to shine onstage, activate the Solo mode - complete with dedicate volume knob and memory for storing your favourite sound setups for the Lead and JC Clean channels.

EFX and Looper

High-quality Roland/Boss effects are built into the CUBE-40XL. Choose from a variety of reverbs, delays, and more, plus the new Heavy Octave for massive bottom end, and activate the Power Squeezer for achieving full-gain tone at low volumes. Also onboard is a sound-on-sound Looper for creating impressive layers of sound and dazzling solos on the spot. Up to 80 seconds of audio can be captured and looped.

COSM defined

Composite Object Sound Modelling (COSM) is Roland's innovative and powerful sound-modelling technology. COSM analyses the many factors that make up the original sound, such as the electrical and physical characteristics of the original, and then produces a digital model that can reproduce the same sound. In designing the CUBE-XL series, Roland meticulously analysed and modelled an array of world-class amps and effects to bring you the versatile and authentic tone palette that these amps provide.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 06 November 2013

    Pretty much as good as I think you'll get for the money.

    alan | Purchase date: 05 February 2013

    roland cube 40xl excellent piece of kit, i can recommend this for bedroom practice, but beware, although its quite small its got a very large sound, its a clever all-rounder,Great...

    Anthony | Purchase date: 15 January 2013

    i bought this practice amp for home use and i think its great. It can play all genres but i recommend you buy a foot switch if you are planning to use some of the effects or looper effectively.

    clive | Purchase date: 15 September 2012

    Very good product, very robust with excellent sound. The onboard effects are also good and give good tone.

    This amp gives the impression it is built to last,overall a very good buy.

    Well done Roland!

    John | Purchase date: 02 September 2012

    Great product at an excellent price, recommended.

    Marc | Purchase date: 27 July 2012

    This amp is fantastic! I spent all day finding out everything about it and I really enjoyed it. Im going to Leeds College of Music in september 2012 and I am over the moon to take this as my practise amp as it does everything I want it to do. I even use it as a speaker for apps of my iPad. Brilliant piece of kit and im over the moon with all the voicing options. Andertons were extremely fast at sending this out to me aswell.

    Howard | Purchase date: 25 July 2012

    The cube 40XL is just what i wanted, its done everything i've asked of it, it sounds better than i play but hey you cant have everything.I'm loving the looper it opens up all kinds of new ways to practice your lead /rhythm.Its as good as the andertons team said it was,I'm well impressed.

    Sallianne | Purchase date: 07 July 2012

    I bought this amp for my 20 year old nephew who has reported back to me that the amp is all-round superb!!!

    Shaun | Purchase date: 12 June 2012

    A great amp for the money, bottom end is a little thin due to the 10" speaker but all round a brilliant home or practice amp. The foot pedals are a little expensive in comparison with the amp but all in all very happy.

    jamie | Purchase date: 28 April 2012

    very good quality, does a sterling job!

    david | Purchase date: 25 April 2012

    good build quality from Roland as we've come to expect, bright punchy clean channel with smooth stong low end response plenty of drive models to choose from decent echo, usable looper, usable fx settings & enough power for small gigs, the only reason I don't award 5 stars is because of the "popping" (at max) spring reverb, that said it's still a very good amp and you get a lot of bang for your buck. FS-5U foot switch essential for me.

    Pete | Purchase date: 03 March 2012

    After watching the Chappers & The Captain review of practice amps recently, I thought I'd try a few out as I was in the market for one.

    I tried a Line 6 spider and the Fender mustang, but was totally sold on the Cube after about 5 minutes of playing.

    The Looper is a great little tool, good for putting down a riff or 2, then layering a solo over.

    But my favourite is the low-octaver. Bloody brilliant :)

    Go try one out if you doubt me. you won't be sorry.

    David | Purchase date: 24 January 2012

    Great little amp. Rugged, well built and functionally very good. Particularly like the 80 second loop. Not sure if it is a gigging amp yet - maybe small venues or with a good PA. No speaker extension output or efx send rec so a little bit restricted. Played live with it once and was disappointed with its power until I discovered the squeeze button was on - makes a helluva difference switching it off! Good value especially if a footswitch is included in price!

    Phil | Purchase date: 10 December 2011

    Great amp. I got this to replace a little old Marshall combo thing I had that never really fit my needs. For an amp of this size the volume it can go to is very loud, while still maintaining sound quality. The amp models and effects are great. I mainly use the Recifier model, and as I own a dual rec, i can tell you, it's not a bad approximation for a little amy.

    The effects controls allow you to have delay, reverb and one of the other effects going at the same time, which is great, and you can store your settings on the solo chanel.

    You really need footswitches to unlock the potential of all the channels and effects on this amp - at least for jamming. You will probably want more than the one Andertons are nicely throwing in free. The amp can take 6 FS5Us or 3 FS6.

    Controls easy to understand and use. Great that it's all knobs, no Line6 style computer displays.

    Negatives: only 2. No specific cab line out like the Cube 80 has, acustic sim has slight background hum.

    I am amazed at how good this is for this price.

    Simon | Purchase date: 01 November 2011

    This amp is flawed by a constant and annoying hissing/white noise that Roland describe as a 'characteristic' of the amp. The range of sounds available on the amp is great, it's built well and looks good but because of the hissing/white noise I've found it useless for recording and annoying to play at home.

    The service from Andertons was first class.

    Richard | Purchase date: 26 September 2011

    The Good:

    Very sturdy construction, this amp is built to last and would certainly survive a life on the road.

    Produces a lot of volume from a very compact enclosure.

    Nice controls and logical layout make it easy to set up with no tedious menus to scroll through.

    Very tight, vibrant and punchy sound with very useable amp simulations.

    Sounds good with an acoustic guitar which many electric guitar amps don't.

    Not so good:

    A bit noisy but it does have a noise-gate. Not a problem for gigging but maybe not so good for recording.

    Effects are a bit limited and only one at a time.

    I would prefer one clean reverb option rather than the two clangy built-in mechanical spring or plate emulations.

    The "Power Squeezer" doesn't seem (to me) to bring any real advantage to playing quietly.


    A Very well made, versatile, easy to use and great sounding amp that suits a wide range of musical styles and situations and that I'm sure would last for many years; and it's a bargain at the price.

    Andy | Purchase date: 25 September 2011

    Visited store to compare the cube to Marshall MG30, Fender mustang II and the line 6 SPIDER 4.

    All 4 had obvious merits, Marshall - sounded like a Marshall, Fender good Fender tones, Line 6 a good digital amp, Roland - well to my ears it covered all of the others without any obvious allegiances to any one brand, it also has a more traditional amp layout rather than deep editing features which may eventually become obsolete. It's also built like a brick outhouse - perfect for the knocks it's bound to get from my son while he learns to play.

    For me it was about the sound but the features are great - 80 seconds of looping means my son isn't bored of preactising yet.

    I felt the roland cube40xl is potentially a lifelong practise tool.

    Jan | Purchase date: 05 September 2011

    great guitar amp for home practising. would recomend it to every one who wants to get great sound quality and loud very heavy metal sound.

    nicholas | Purchase date: 11 August 2011

    brilliant. the range of sounds available for such a low price, are phenominal. buy this now !

    Mark | Purchase date: 09 August 2011

    I bought this amp almost a year and a half ago now and has done me well, however since i have gotten a lot better since buying the amp its hard to create your own sort of tone for own material. Would recommend for beginners as the clean channel is great and has some good presets on the lead channel

    Mr. Wojciech Gurycz | Purchase date: 04 July 2011

    This is my second Amp after Epiphone Studio 10S, so i was very excited about overall sound quality and power even more after watching 'Ultimate Practice Amp Shootout' video witch is awsome and helped me solve dilema Vox or Roland. I was Expecting:

    Descent clean channel - i was surprised it's better than i thought

    Drive channel (Lead) - that's why i chose Roland on top of Vox Valvetronix, for heavy playing is perfect

    Good bottom - its amzing how good it is

    Loudness - it's enough to jam along percussion

    Descent built in effects - they are ok, to get most of them you need set of footswiches and you have to spend same price as you spent on amp, or you can get effect processor for that and it will do more, nice Amp models, -lack of presets, Looper, Power squeezer

    Durability - WELL BUILD, looks and feels as it would survive a lot

    I don't like one thing about that Amp witch is Recording out output doesnt work very well connected directly to sound card of my PC and there is no option to monitor sound on Amp speaker monitoring through PC headphones output is imposible because of lag, have to try with Adio interface like Cackewalk or Steinberg so far i'm recording it with dynamic Mic and i'm VERY HAPPY



    Mr Mark Bick | Purchase date: 28 March 2011

    Great little amp, great value for money - a looper, amp modelling and FX all built in. And light enough for an old guy like me to carry around without setting off the tennis elbow! The sounds are good, amazing for the price & weight, but obviously not as good as the real thing, a slightly thin edge to some of the overdriven sounds. Being a lightweight cab with 10" speaker, it does rattle a bit when you start putting through any significant volume of low notes, but it is better than I would expect for that price and size.

    The Roland footswitches are ridiculously expensive, but it is not really practical to use the looper without them. I have been searching the web for alternatives, there is quite a bit of discussion on various forums. I bought a Behringer AB200, which as well as switching between amps and guitars is described as being able to “operate guitar amp controls”. I think this may be possible, but will need a uniquely wired breakout lead which I will have to get wired up specially.

    Instead I have purchased a pair Bespeco unlatched footswitches @ £15 each from Strings direct, recommended by a guitar tech friend which should work with a standard stereo jack to two mono breakout lead.

    Mr. Peter Baynes | Purchase date: 24 January 2011

    Bought the Roland Cube 40XL unheard, after trying out Fender Mustang 11 in local shop I wanted a practice amp, for home use, with built in effects, that was also loud enough for rehearsal with bass & drums. Selected the Cube, due to enthusiasm shown on the web, for example in the Andertons demo video, and because it was much simpler to use and intuitive than the Mustang, and I trusted the fact the effects were based on Boss pedals.

    After a couple of weeks, delighted with it, and actually gigged with it last night! It has a great clean channel, and great spring reverb (there is choice between spring and plate) and so for a basic setup, and good tones, that is all that is needed. I play a 2000 Fender USA Texas Special Strat and so look for good clean blues tone. However, it also has all the efffects and amp modelling, so great for playing around to get those other sounds - esp like the Brit Combo setting - although I haven't really fully explored all the other features yet, like storing settings, using the looper, etc. The only thing I can say I dislike is that to get the most of out, it really needs footpedals - to use the looper, switch channel, turn efffect on/off - and they - the recommended Boss modelss - are £50 a piece! It is a robust and well built but of kit, and looks great.

    Mr. Lee Thomas | Purchase date: 04 January 2011

    I bought this amp because I've never owned a modelling amp before; couple that with its portable size / weight and the result is the start of a beautiful relationship.

    I've got a Fender 2x12, but I haven't turned it on since I bought this Cube. It's just too much trouble to turn it on, turn all my pedals on and fiddle with all their knobs etc when I can just flick this Cube on and have all the effects I need (for random bedroom playing at least).

    The controls are all very easy to understand and well laid out. The effects all sound great, which was surprising in a way. I spent about £90 on a Line 6 chorus pedal about 2 years ago and the sound was truly abysmal (I'd like to point out that I did NOT buy that POS from Andertons). The built-in effects are all great, and the only benefit I can see to buying them in pedal form is that you might get more control over the sound that way, but for the times when I just want to sit and play with some chorus thrown on, this more than suffices.

    The low-end this amp chucks out is truly gob-smacking. Turning the bass up and / or the volume past the 9-10 o'clock mark makes the whole thing (and the room) shake rather alarmingly.

    The only thing I could possibly do to make this a better amp would be to run it into a 4x12. I would do terrible things for the opportunity to hear it through a 4x12.

    Mr C Casey | Purchase date: 28 December 2010

    Roland Cube 40 xl, arrived shortly after christmas. I'm forty three and mostly play clean chords and single note melodies, this amp does clean effortlessly. With chorus, flange, phaser and tremolo to flavour the basic sound - as well as seperate reverb and delay, it's easy to dial in a great tone.

    My son is sixteen and soon had the Roland on meltdown using the Rectifier setting on the lead channel, amazing the amount of volume on this compact amp. The power squeezer function allows you to keep the heavy gain dynamic at lower volumes. The Roland 40 xl is incredibly versitile but best of all can be transported easily which was the deciding factor in my purchase. Looking for a portable amp with plenty of volume, and convincing tones as well as useable effects this is the amp for you.

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