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Blackstar HT5 5Watt Valve Combo Guitar Amp with Footswitch

Ex Display - Small Tear to the Front Tolex

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This Blackstar Amp is good condition but it is worth noting that it is ex display and has a small tear to the tolex on the front of the amp (see pictures)

Blackstar HT5 5 Watt Valve Combo with Footswitch HT-5

The Blackstar HT5 proves that small is beautiful! The HT5 has everything a guitarist could want from a low output tube amp. Sweet sounding, warm clean tones at low volume, going through some nice crunch with a little more volume, & singing like a bird when it starts to cook.

The Blackstar HT5 is perfect for home & studio use - it'll really get the most out of your guitar. And for gigs, if its just a jam or a small gig you'll be fine, and for bigger stuff, stick a mic in front of it & you'll be away. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you can pick the Blackstar HT5 up in one hand, and pay for it without needing a mortgage. We love it (can you tell?).

What Blackstar say about the HT5 Guitar Combo Amplifier

The HT-5 is the ultimate studio and practice amp, packing all the great tone and innovative features of the award-winning HT valve pedals into a two channel, footswitchable valve combo.

The patent-applied-for ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) circuit gives you infinite adjustment over the characteristics of the tone control network and takes you from the USA to the UK and any where in between. So now you can effectively design your own tone and finally find 'the sound in your head'.


  • Innovative 5 Watt valve amplifier
  • 1xECC83 and 1x12BH7 valves
  • Unique push pull power amp design
  • Award winning HT Pedal preamp
  • Two footswitchable channels
  • 10" Celestion speaker
  • Enhanced tone controls
  • Patent-Applied-For Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
  • Fully equipped for studio or practice
  • Speaker emulated output with 1x12 or 4x12 voicing
  • Effects loop with effects level switch
  • Footswitch included

The Blackstar Range is used by...

  • Razorlight
  • Whitesnake
  • Manic Street Preachers
  • Groove Armada
  • Johnny Truant
  • The Kooks
  • Ocean Colour Scene
  • Kasabian
  • New York Dolls
  • Happy Mondays

...and many others!

HT5 - 5 Star Review - December 2008
The new HT-5 got a rocking 5/5 and a Best Buy award from Total Guitar magazine. Not bad for a little fella! Stephen Lawson summarises the Pros: 'Looks, build quality, awesome valve distortion at low volumes' and the Cons: 'Not a single thing!' Says it all really...

HT-5 awarded Guitarist Choice award - November 2008
The HT-5 is the latest Blackstar product to be covered in critical acclaim. The range consists of a combo, head and mini stack and punches well beyond its 5 watts. As Nick Guppy from Guitarist magazine puts it, 'It's the fact you can get that everything on 11 effect at benign sound pressure levels that's most surprising.' The combo and the stack both received Guitarist Choice awards. Nick Guppy concludes, 'We reckon that the little HT-5 is likely to find a lot of dedicated fans and we suggest you order yours now. There might be quite a rush!'

Click here to check out what various artists think of the HT5

Want to give your HT5 a little more umpf!? Add the matching HT110 extension cab & you'll get a little more volume & a bit more bass end. Plus you can make a cool looking mini stack too! Click here to see the HT110.

FS-1 Footswitch

If you require a longer footswitch lead for your HT5, for playing on a large stage for example, we recommend the Boss FS5U. You can connect it to your HT5 using an ordinary guitar cable of any length you like!


There is no built in reverb in an HT5, but it's easy to add! You'll need a decent Reverb pedal (see optional extras below for some suggestions) plus a couple of patch leads to connect the pedal to the amps FX loop (also known as the send & return loop). Most players will have the reverb effect on all the time & just leave the pedal sitting on top of the amp, so the patch leads only need to be short. A bit of reverb will make your HT5 sound even more amazing than it already does!

    Kevin | Purchase date: 31 May 2011

    Delivery time was excellent as I ordered on the Bank Holiday and the amp arrived Wednesday morning, first thing.

    THe Blackstar was all I had hoped for, the rich sound and intonation is excellent and the ISF adds an extra dimension. This will keep me happy for quite a while and thanks to Andertons I didn't have to wait.

    Would definitely buy from them again, great service.

    Charlie Hurst | Purchase date: 21 May 2011

    Great versatile little amp with awesome tone.

    At this price I don't think there's anything that sounds as good. The omission of a reverb is the only plausible negative point. but with the quality effects loop you really can't complain.

    It can't really do the metal tones on its own, but that's what distortion pedals are for.

    Best practice amp out there? it's gotta be up there

    Mr. Edward Parker | Purchase date: 19 May 2011

    Having been used to higher wattage valve amps back in the day when I used a stack I wasn't expecting the same sort of quality and sound from this amp, but on opening the box I have been blown away by its sound quality, versatility and simple beauty. This is simply the best home practice amp I have owned and I have owned a lot. At low volumes you get great sounds, crank it up when no one else is in and it is absolutely outstanding for its size and volume. Great clean, great bluesy crunches to super heavy lead sounds this amp has it all.

    NOTE: If you can stretch the extra few quid I would recommend getting the newer version with the built in reverb unless you intend to use an external effect which can be pricey in itself if you dont already have one.

    I am a Blackstar convert!!

    Mike | Purchase date: 11 April 2011

    Very impressed with the level of service from Andertons, the amplifier was posted the next day as promised and received the day after. This is the complete opposite of another well known online retailer who claim to have products available for next day delivery but then inform you after purchase that there is a long wait!

    Had a choice between this and the Marshall class 5, went for the HT-5 due to the effects loop and the ISF feature. I'm not disappointed with my choice. The clean channel sounds fantastic, really lets the tone of the guitar come through. It's a very versataile amp and great value for money considering the wide array of tones that you can get from it. The build quality is good and it's nice that they've included the foot switch so to activate the drive channel.

    Mr. Mark Milbourn | Purchase date: 09 April 2011

    I bought the Blackstar HT5 after lots of research and trying out every similar product I could find. In the end I'm really glad I bought the HT5. It's small, light, looks good and sounds great.

    The clean channel is clear, dirties up at the edges when required and punchy when needed. The dirty channel produces everything from mild crunch to rocking overdrive with all the harmonics you could want. All musical and all controllable, SRV, Zep, Kosof, Clapton they're all there once you get the hang of the controls (which are intuitive asnd easy).

    The only downside is no reverb but I believe the latest version has digital reverb which should do the trick. Putting a decent drive pedal in front of it give a third lead channel if you want.

    The only thing I haven't had a chance to try in a gig situation is the direct out but if it's as good as everything else on the amp it will be high quality.

    i've been playing guitar amateur and semi-pro for almost 40 years and this amp is so much fun it's inspiring. It's a brilliant piece of kit I'd recommend it to any guitarist who wanst a quality valve amp with great tone.

    Mr. Shaun Elliott | Purchase date: 02 March 2011

    I love this amp, it's by far the best practice/recording amp that I've used. The sound is punchy and clear, which really compliments my Tele twang!

    I also use a Les Paul which sounds lovely when used with the overdrive channel. Real tube distortion which sounds as it should...natural

    The ability to customise your amp style (ISF) makes this one a real winner, deep low end USA grunt to the light bite of a vintage brit....cool

    The cherry on top would have been a reverb to get a bit more space, but it's something that can be done through the effects loop etc. if you really need it.

    Overall a great amp, I'd certainly buy this brand again, just a great quality bit of kit

    Mr. Bogdan Mihai Buse | Purchase date: 26 January 2011

    Bought this online. Delivery was really fast. The amp was really well wrapped.

    Blackstar HT-5 is a really well built tube amp, although it's made in Korea. Sounds really well at bedroom levels. Most impressive thing for me was the clean channel which is really special. I use a SSS American Standard Strat, so I expected to hear hum on the crunch channel, but I was surprised to hear almost nothing. At low levels it's almost inaudible ... When you are half way up on the gain and on the volume you start hearing it and on the clean channel it's even quieter. Can't wait to test it with some 4x12 cabinet.

    The only issue i have with it is that it has a distinctive metal on glass rattle. I know the sound because i head it before on other tube amps. It's the tube guard rattling against the tubes. I haven't solved the issue yet, i am trying to avoid opening the amp. Other that this it is amazing.

    I own an 12 year old, UK made, VOX Cambridge 15, with a 8 inch Bulldog Celestion Blue speaker. Compared to the VOX this is a different beast, more powerful, more hard / heavy orientated, more bass, more trebble, more middle, more gain ... just better.

    Mr. Thomas Moran | Purchase date: 18 December 2010

    Extremely pleased with amp, clean very reminiscent of marshall 70's/80's cleans, with a great crunch when the volume in cranked, Great tube tone

    Gain goes from a light and sparkling AC/DC crunch to a high gain modern soar.

    Delivery, was reasonable although long wait caused by ice and snow.

    Would like it to have just a couple of watts more power, its volume is plenty for jam, gigs would be pushing it (hoping to buy 1x10 extension to move some more air)

    Excellent for Bedroom rocking and sits excellently in the mix on recordings.

    Gio | Purchase date: 08 October 2010

    Got this for my studio, brilliant little amp with one of the cleanest sounds out there.

    Mr. Tom Stanton | Purchase date: 14 September 2010

    300 pounds? At this price, you just can't complain about this amp. It just gets so much right, first time from such a new company. Blackstar clearly have everything to play for and haven't messed around when designing this amp and deciding on which features to include and which to bin. It feels like they made good pragmatic decisions in this respect: could they really afford to put in a good quality reverb at this price? Probably not. So best they didn't disappoint with a half-hearted attempt to tick another box.

    Blackstar doesn't have a pedigree to hide behind, unlike Marshall / Fender / Vox and this is evident in the build quality of the HT-5 compared with Marshall's class 5 and build quality issues for example. I love the choice of features like external cab outputs and headphone output, I love that they give you a quality footswitch for no extra cost, but most of all I love how hard they've tried to make a great product at the right price, and pulled it off. If you're in any doubt as to whether to buy this, take a chance and go for it.

    Mr D Jones | Purchase date: 13 August 2010

    Superb amp with some fantastic sounds achievable. A shame there is no reverb but otherwise perfect.

    Nitrofinish | Purchase date: 02 August 2010

    Yes, everything you'd heard really is true. There is no other choice. At the very first plug in I knew I'd found what I was looking for. Slight pest that there's no reverb on there (I do feel a touch helps) but, hey, the send return loop's there for just that. What's the overdrive like? Creamy, defined, delicate, aggressive, saturated, zingy - yes, you just dial in what you need. I own a Rivera Venus 3 - the HT5 tonally wipes the floor with it - that's how good it is.

    Paul | Purchase date: 06 June 2010

    This is a truely awsome amp amazing sound for the wattage im really pleased with it, it has such a verity of different sounds it can litrally do any type of music you like it wont do death metal but stick a boss mt-2 metalzone pedal (or likwise) in front of it and it will.

    The attention to detail is stunning theres not one little inperfection to be found anywhere this amp will last.

    i would recommend this amp to anyone, it can do just about everything

    Thanks Andertons

    Mr. Michael Thursby | Purchase date: 20 May 2010

    I had read and heard a lot about the HT-5 and in some ways it sounded to good to be true, but it does live up to everything that has been said and for home use and practice it is just about perfect. Soundwise it has it all with excellent clean and overdrive channels not forgetting the very useful ISF control that allows you to go from British to American flavours. There is also a useful effects loop, speaker emulated line out and included footswitch. In a nutshell a fantastic product which suits my needs 100

    Mr. Tom Rawlinson | Purchase date: 18 May 2010

    Andertons staff were very helpful, giving me a good deal on two old amps I had in part exchange for this awesome little amp. Its small size and low powerating means that you can drive it to get those wonderful "tube" tones without having to blow your head off. This will serve me well for small gigs and recording and if you need to play a larger gig you can always connect up an external cab or just mic it and put it through the PA. Highly recommended.

    Hilary Whitley | Purchase date: 24 April 2010

    This amp is quite simply stunning. There is no other way to describe it. Unless you're playing death metal you will find your sound here, and it will be amazing. The clean channel sounds beautiful, and will open up whole new realms of sound for you. Then if you switch across to the drive channel (using the free supplied footswich) you will continue to be stunned at the vast range of tone, even at low volume. I really don't think that you'll find a better 5 watt amp.

    Mel Tyler | Purchase date: 05 January 2010

    I have a Fender Hot Rod Deville 212, and just wanted a portable amp for bedroom practice and potentially something for smaller gigs. It was a toss up between this and the new Marshall class 5. I have definitely made the right choice!

    For a start, the clean channel is gorgeous - at whatever volume. This is brilliant if you plan to mic up the amp for recording. But even the emulated out (which swtiches between 1x12 and 4x12 cab models) is fantastic if you fancy DI'ing straight into an audio interface/recording equipment.

    The Drive Channel sounds incredible. You can scope between UK and US amp models via the ISF control and the difference is immence. There is a sound for everyone, no matter what genre of music you play or style.

    Lastly, despite this only being a 5watt valve model, it is LOUD! I plan to use it live as its so light - you can lifet it with one hand - and I'll mic it up via the PA if I need more volume.

    Its simple. Buy this amp. NOW! You will not regret it

    Mr. Adrian Snood | Purchase date: 30 November 2009

    Wow... what an amp...

    I did my research for a small amp to use at home with a view to use it for recording with.. Iv'e never been a fan of amps with effects and gadgets on them.. I just wanted a pure valve amp, and wow what a lovely tool this is..

    2 channels, 3 band eq and the ISF feature.. You want a tone? you can get it out of this.. everything from beautiful chiming clean tones to huge metal tones.. It really is a versatile amp.

    The great thing is.. being a 5watt amp you can use it and not annoy the neighbours.. don't be fooled though, the overdrive channel is still loud.. not enough to gig with but it has enough grunt to sound like a full stack without making your ears bleed. It has wonderful squishy natural compression when it starts to get pushed.. and you can push it all the way to maximum volume and it never gets out of shape.

    I tried many other amps and all of them appealed in various ways.. this however, did all the tones that I wanted.

    It is very well built and I mean very well built.. Comes with a footswitch, has an external speaker output, effects loop and will also emulate the sound of a 4x12 out of its headphone socket.. great for practice late at night.. or recording.

    This amp does not have reverb, but it really doesn't need it. It is just pure tone.

    Read the reviews elsewhere but please come and try one of these out. It is amazing value for money compared with some of the other "high end" stuff. Why pay more when this does it all.. This IS the ultimate practice amp....

    Mr Fleming | Purchase date: 01 September 2009

    I had been using Line6 amp modellers previously (Spider 30, POD XT Live, Pocket Pod) with a Line6 variax, epi and mexican tele. But I recently took delivery of a Gibson Les Paul 1958 VOS and really wanted to hear the organic sound of the guitar. I had read consistently excellent reviews of the amp and decided to go for it.

    I have been mostly using the clean channel as I love the sound, although I'm surprised as reviews had commented on a lack of headroom on the cleans.

    Also sounds awesome with a Little Muff Pi - sustain goes on for days....

    Paul | Purchase date: 02 August 2009

    I love the amp from marshall tones to modern its great!. And the simulated output is excellent!

    Mike | Purchase date: 02 August 2009

    I have got to say that the amp is mind blowing - I use it live, through a 4x12 marshall cab mic'd up through the PA.

    The tone you get from the amp is simply amazing...

    A J Murphy | Purchase date: 01 August 2009

    I have purchased one of these today, and I am delighted to the possibilities I will probably attain once I master its functions and controls, I thought long and hard between the vox actv4 the vox night train head plus cabinet,but felt that the blackstar had more to offer,ie more versatility like head phone capabilty. Line in /out function,etc etc. I was astounded at the volume this 5 watt amp pushes out,i can see why marshall are doing there own version of this type of amp although I dont think theirs is going to offer as much functionality. Totally delighted AJ Mmurphy

    Robin | Purchase date: 17 July 2009

    So far I've had no trouble with the amp and, if anything, it's better than I expected.

    The HT-5 was the only small amp I saw with 2 channels/fx loop/recording output/etc. and, from the reviews I read I was fairly confident it would sound pretty good.

    I didn't expect it to out-perform my JVM, but the quality - clarity and definition - of the sound has really impressed me. I don't know if it's the lack of hiss and hum but, recorded, it sounds much louder and clearer than the Marshall at the same level. And, unlike the JVM, I've been able to find just about every kind of guitar sound I want with it - I tend to use a SansAmp GT2 for recording when I need "non-Marshall" guitar sounds but the HT-5 has made it redundant.

    The amp also seems to be particularly well suited to my old Les Paul Custom, I've been able to nail a lot of sounds with it that I could never quite get before - particularly the Billy Gibbons/Texas blues sounds that usually come out sounding a little too muddy (or too harsh and brittle with the mids backed off and the treble pushed to try and get more clarity).

    So no problems at all - other than the return of Les Paul backache, and there's not a lot Andertons can do about that!

    Ove | Purchase date: 04 July 2009

    Blackstar HT5 head is absolutely working great. No issues what so ever; a true "Plug-and-Play"-amp. It produces distortion in spades. And that was pretty much what I was looking for. Sweet sound at bedroom level, both CLEAN and DIST. It works well together with an other guitarist..., as a small practice amp. Bringing in drummers like the Animal in Muppets needs a little more volume. But not much.

    So for what I bought it for, at home alone or together with a guitarist or bassplayer; absolute GREAT! Great amp! Great service!

    Very happy costumer over here. Thank you!!!

    Michael | Purchase date: 19 June 2009

    I'm absolutely delighted with it - it's a fantastic piece of kit. I'm still experimenting with the sound, and for me it's very much a process of trial and error because I don't understand what the various knobs do, despite having read the literature several times. I think the manual assumes more technical knowledge than certainly I have, and an idiot's guide would definitely be helpful, but pending that I'm having fun!

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