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AKG K271 Closed Back Monitor Headphones MKII

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The extremely popular K 270 Studio have unfailingly proven to be a reliable tool over the years.
The new K 271 Studio, while providing the same performance as the K 270 Studio, is much lighter and easier to use, and still provides a natural, pristine sound.

The closed-back, circumaural earphones provide maximum attenuation of high ambient noise. The K 271 Studio are also ideal for all applications where no sound must leak from the headphones. The headphones switch off automatically when taken off. Since this feature prevents headphone signals from spilling over into an open microphone it is highly appreciated by recording studio, live sound, TV sound, and broadcast engineers.


  • Headphone type closed
  • Audio Frequency bandwidth 16 to 28000 Hz
  • Sensitivity headphones 104 dB SPL/V
  • Max. Input Power 200 mW
  • Rated Impedance 55 Ohms
  • Earpads 
  • Detachable cable yes
  • Cable Length 3 m
  • Earpads Replaceable yes
  • Type Screw-on Jack Combo (1/4" and 1/8")
  • Gender Male
  • Contacts 3-pin
  • Interface Finish Gold
  • Length 110 mm
  • Width 205 mm
  • Height 200 mm
  • Net Weight 240 g

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 27 January 2015

    Very nicely sounding headphones in affordable price range.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 30 November 2014

    Great service, friendly helpful and knowledgeable staff

    Ray | Purchase date: 09 March 2013

    Arrived on time and in pristine condition. An excellent set of phones for home recording.

    Kevin | Purchase date: 15 December 2012

    AKG 271 MKII headphones are excellent value for money not only do they sound neutral but they are very comfortable. They don’t seem to colour the sound at all and come with connections for 3.5mm and 1/4” jacks. There are 2 types of ear cushions, soft velvet and leatherette type material are both included. Coiled and straight cables are included which unplug from the headphones. They are quite light and comfortable to wear as the weight is spread across the flexible head band rather than concentrate the pressure on the few places that they touch, as on some design of headphone headbands. They come with the leatherette ear cushions fitted which are very comfortable even with spectacles as they don’t press too firmly around the ears. However I found that they could slide around the head if the lead gets caught or drags on anything. The velvet cushions seem to make them more stable without any more pressure around the ears. Very good!

    matt | Purchase date: 06 December 2012

    excellent product, sound quality is v impressive at this price

    Jonathan | Purchase date: 30 October 2012

    Already had AKG (K171) on-ear for frequent use for 9 years which sound fantastic but get uncomfortable for extended use so wanted over ear headphones as well.

    The K271 were therefore the natural choice. These headphones are light (lighter than K171s) but still feel quality.

    I use them mainly for silent playing of guitar and mixing through processor and the sound is excellent. All the sounds are really clear and allow me to hear subtle differences.

    The cans are very comfortable. The light weight combined with over ear design make wearing them for hours very easy. They are supplied with leatherette type pads and velvet type pads. As these are for home use I use the comfortable velvet pads.

    The self adjusting design means I just stick them on my head and they fit. No fuss.

    Gavin | Purchase date: 10 October 2012

    Superb quality headphones.

    Mike | Purchase date: 05 September 2012

    I bought these headphones as a replacement for my Beyer DT990. The Beyer are high impedance and I found a problem feeding them from some of my equipment. The AKG are lower impedance and give more volume with some of my gear making them more useful. The other great bonus is that the AKG have a straight cable as well as a curly cord. I hate curly cords and fail to see how anyone can like them. They pull your head over and weigh you down. So the AKG are great as they have both and you can choose what you want. The AKG have two different pairs of earpads, one sort of mock leather and the other one a velour sort of material. I prefer the velour ones but unfortunately the inner diameter of the whole through them is smaller than the mock leather ones so they are not so comfortable over my ears and I do not use them. The Beyer have velour pads and are a thousand times more comfortable than the AKG! I knocked the AKG down a star over that as the mock leather ones sort of creak a bit when you move with the headphones, a sort of plastic creak if you know what I mean. I am a bit disappointed about that but maybe they will wear in. The headphones are a bit plasticy and feel cheap. The headband is comfy and they work well. The sound is nice and they are lacking in bass compared to my other phones but the sound is good and clear and they make the music sound much as it was intended with no undue emphasis. They are advertised as monitor headphones and would agree that what you hear is what is there. As they are closed back they are good at isolating you from noisy neighbours and dogs, or the other half! On the whole not a bad pair of phones and they are the ones which I have on now so must be ok.

    Richard | Purchase date: 07 October 2011

    Comfort - 10 out of ten, working on a radio station I wear these headphones up to 8 hours a day, I dont event notice these.

    Sound Quality, I have seen negative reviews about stereo fielding and bass response, It isnt amazing, but lets not forget theres are mid-range, the fielding is fantastic on the tracks I tested including an orchestral arrangement and drum solo. Bass response, it is there, if the song has bass! I checked this with both the prodigy and chase and status, and believe me if the bass is meant to be heard, you hear it! The audio output is crystal clear, speech is brilliant, drums play crystal clear. I have a recording of a led zep track, these cans are so clear you can hear a musician changing the page of their song book......beats by dre cant produce that sound!

    Style - you will look like an space man but for the output, its worth it, if you want to look good in headphones, beats by dre - if you care about quality first and foremost...AKG

    Extras - mini xlr connection so handy if like me you step on the cable a lot you wont pull it out, Screw jack converter - not noisy and secure. Auto-muting, a cool extra and so useful if you are recording or live on air and take your cans off you wont ruin anything. Choice of two cables, coiled or straight....all ways nice, choice of pads - felt or leatherette again nice to have the choice, i fin leatherette comfier. Self adjusting headband increases comfort to a high level.

    I really recommend these headphones great all round quality for an unbeatable price!

    Mr PC Tarver | Purchase date: 24 June 2011

    Very good stereo headphones, very clean uncoloured sound, nice treble mid and bass response. Includes 2 seperate leads 1 straight mini-jack lead and 1 coiled mini-jack lead plus a 1/4 " screw-on adaptor plug. Also includes a spare set of earpads. Well constucted with a nice feature so when you remove the headphones the sound cuts off. Also very low bleed level from the headphones so no unwanted sound when recording vocals etc. Overall a great pair of quality headphones.

    Mr P Van Vuuren | Purchase date: 07 May 2011

    A great set of closed back headphones! Friendly and efficient service from the staff at Andertons as per usual.

    Mr. Ryan Carpenter | Purchase date: 21 March 2011

    Extremly happy with my purchase and speed of delivery. Amazing sound quality from the headphones, esp with the price. Helped my music production 100

    Mr. Neil Coles | Purchase date: 02 March 2011

    These headphones are really nice. Great sound quality, very comfortable to wear and they even auto-mute when you take them off your head. Nice !!

    Callum McMorran | Purchase date: 18 February 2011

    Absolutely no hesitation in saying the service was top class received item quicker than anticipated and the headphones are amazing!! Thanks!!

    Mr. Lee Thompson | Purchase date: 31 January 2011

    Really good headphones I will use them for monitoring my mix and when needed I will plug them into my amp for quiet practise, either way these are great headphones. They could cancel noise a bit more but they are very good for the price.

    Mr. Neil Darling | Purchase date: 21 December 2010

    I am really pleased with the sound quality and the build quality of these ear phones. There is no sound leakage at all (the wife even verifies that!!) The fact that they have a inter changeable cable is also very useful for different situations. I also like the fact that the cable is only attached to one side of the ear phones. This makes guitar practice easier as there is less cable to get in the way and catch on things.

    The sound from these phones is also of extremely high quality, from bass and treble levels. They are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time and dont get too hot either. With a spare cable, spare ear foam pads and a jack all included along with excellent sound quality, the AKG closed back phones are excellent value for money. Would highly recommend.

    Mr D Kirby | Purchase date: 20 December 2010

    I’m using the AKG K271S headphones at the mixing desk at times when monitors can not be used.

    They are comfortable to wear and the sound quality is satisfactory.

    Mr Mark Osborne | Purchase date: 11 December 2010

    I bought these headphones for use with my Tascam 2488-neo and they are great. After months of trying to find good quality, confortable headphones that sound great I have now at last found them.

    Mr. Reuben Williams | Purchase date: 19 October 2010

    An excellent pair of headphones, well balanced frequency range, clear sound response.

    Well recommended for mixing and home production use.

    Frank Reid | Purchase date: 22 June 2010

    I ordered these particular headphones because the write up said that they were a studio standard due to the feature whereby the sound switches off when you're not wearing them

    This isn't something I thought I particularly wanted but it has proved quite useful - somebody wants to say something to you while you've got your headphones on. You take them off and have a much more pleasant conversation without the sound buzzing away in the background.

    Quality is good of course from the name and the price and a nice feature is that the headphones come with a mini jack as standard but with a 'screw on' converter to professional standard 1/4"

    Mr. Daniel Hawksley | Purchase date: 18 March 2010

    These headphones are great. I was a bit dubious at first, as they were given away free with the piano I bought but the sound quality is fantastic from my new Roalnd D-990. Although they are quite bulky, they are very light and comfortable to wear and do a great job of blocking out the sound from the TV which is in the same room!

    Mr. Gary Fury | Purchase date: 25 January 2010

    excellent headphones,im using them to monitor guitar through my pc and ive had no complaints.they r very comfortable aswell having used them for some long sessions late at night.i have heard the bass response is a bit low on these headphones but i havent noticed any faults to be honest,i have also used them to monitor recordings and have found them excellent.the only reason they dont get a five is i cant compare them to higher end phones.

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