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Ashdown Dual Band Compression Pedal

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This Sale stock has been on display hence the incredible discounts! We take good care of our display stock but eventually we have to make space for other products so don't miss this chance to pick up a great bargain today!

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Designed to meet the specific needs of the modern bass player, Ashdown's Dual Band Compressor splits the signal into high and low frequency bands and applies compression separately to both – fast attack and decay for the high frequency and slow attack and decay for the low frequency or fundamental waveform of the note. The amount of compression applied to each is independently variable and the balance between the high and low frequency components of the signal is also controllable as they are re-combined into a single, full range output.

The pedal is housed in a durable metal case and features an input level control with a trademark Ashdown VU meter to allow optimum signal matching from any instrument – active or passive. The pedal also features an output level control – essential for obtaining the perfect balance between the effect and the true bypass mode.


    Mr. Tom Holder | Purchase date: 26 November 2010

    I have been an avid Ashdown for quite some time and nowadays their equipment is all i use. So when i looked at getting their Dual Band Compressor i had to ask myself, would it be as good as anyone else's?

    The unique selling point of the Ashdown compressor is that you can adjust the compression on both the lows and highs independently from each other and then blend them back together. The only problem with that is that there are no other dials to affect how the compression works. The attack, threshold ect are all preset by Ashdown and can't be adjusted.

    For the beginner bassist just getting into pedals and tone shaping that isn't too much of a problem, but for those who like to spend time crafting their perfect tone this pedal might not be for you.

    For what it does, this pedal does it very well. The compression levels seem to work well, although adjusting the EQ balance dial to get the blend between the 2 takes some adjusting depending on your playing style, how many highs and lows your playing with ect.

    So overall this is very much as does what it says on the tin kind of pedal, but thats not necessarily a bad thing!

    Mr. Steven Tuck | Purchase date: 12 October 2010

    I found this to be rather hissy, and the gain was too low for my Ibanez EDB700. Andertons, helpful as ever, let me exchange it.

    Tom Goggin | Purchase date: 21 August 2010

    Excellent Dual band compression pedal by Ashdown,

    Works an absolute treat and i would highly recommend to anyone, especially at this price, The onboard VU meter is also very helpful for keeping unwanted gain / nasty buzz's out of the picture.

    Overall Strong robust and well build with a decent finish and with the metal bars to protect the precious glass, The VU meter also has an in-built light which lights up when the pedal is in use, this is great for using the pedal for a dark live event, The product is also great for use in recording keeping everything under control.

    5/5 Nice one Ashdown reasonably priced good product.

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