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Ampeg PF-500 Portaflex Bass Amp Head

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A highly portable Bass amp head, the Ampeg Portaflex 500 is everything a gigging bassist needs - powerful, portable and affordable. The PF-500 is packed with power and features, despite its diminutive size! The only downside is that you won't get such a good workout when carting this compact bass head around on tour!

Here's what Ampeg say about the Portaflex PF-500

Ampeg's Portaflex PF-500 bass head delivers a staggering 500W of power in an ultra-compact design providing pure Ampeg tone in an extremely portable package. Precise tone controls and gig-friendly input/output options provide ultimate flexibility. Pair it with our PF Series flip-top cabinets for the vintage styling and portability of Ampeg's iconic Portaflex originals.


  • RMS power output: 500W @ 4 ohms
  • Preamp: MOSFET
  • Power amp: Class D
  • Tone controls: Bass, mid, treble
  • Mid-tone control: 5-position
  • Ultra Hi/Lo boosts
  • Onboard compressor
  • Balanced direct out
  • Pre/post EQ option
  • -40 dB pad
  • Ground lift
  • FX loop with dedicated mix control (footswitchable)
  • Power amp in/ preamp out
  • 1/8" headphone out / line in
  • -15 dB input pad
  • Mute (footswitchable)
  • Power supply: switching
  • Dimensions ( H x W x D inches): 3  x 14 x 11
  • Handling weight:  11 lbs / 5 kg

Here's what Ampeg say about the Portaflex Series

Portable, powerful and affordable, Ampeg's Portaflex Series combines the vintage styling of Ampeg's iconic flip-top cabinet design with a selection of modern, powerful heads. The lightweight PF-350 and PF-500 heads match perfectly with either the PF-115HE or PF-210HE cabinets. The flip-top design allows you to store your head, cables, etc. right inside the enclosure for ultimate portability. Covered in sleek black diamond tolex and featuring premium Eminence speakers, the genuine Ampeg look and tone are unmistakable. Plus, modern features like the onboard compressor/limiter and switching power supplies are sure to please any professional. Heavyweight history in a lightweight design - Ampeg Portaflex Series.

Vintage Design

Inspired by the iconic B-15, Portaflex Series delivers the vintage styling of the original in modern designs for today's bassists. The grille cloth, sleek black diamond Tolex and flip-top functionality are straight from Ampeg's legendary history.

Modern Features

The two high-power Portaflex heads deliver the power demanded on today's stages. Both ultra-compact and lightweight heads provide useful tools like onboard limiting, a dedicated DI and FX loops, either head is perfect for your next gig.

Flexible and Portable

Mix and match your head and cab to create the perfect, portable Portaflex rig. Ideal for anyone who takes their gear from show to show, you just take off the top, store your cables and pedals inside and flip the top back on for transport.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 02 February 2014

    Brilliant sound, and awesome power for such a small head! I think I'll be looking for my ideal sound for a lobg time such are the options on offer!

    Marc | Purchase date: 10 September 2012

    This light weight Ampeg gear really punches above its weight. I have gigged with it over the last month and it' sounds wonderful. It's clear, punchy with that great Ampeg sound.

    Highly recommended.

    Adrian | Purchase date: 30 June 2012

    Classic Ampeg sound from an amazingly small package. Holds it's own easily in small to medium sized venues without the need to run through the p.a.

    Steve | Purchase date: 05 April 2012

    An excellent head which I have used live, in rehearsal and in the studio.

    Sounds great with my passive basses and has a whole bunch of great features. Incredible value foir the price and a great sound. The best combination!

    Andy | Purchase date: 05 March 2012

    Had it a month so far and I'm very impressed. Done several practices and 1 gig.

    I've yet to really play around with the tone controls, I just set everything flat - plugged in and it sounded awesome straight off. Other reviewers mentioned the US power cord (mine came with a 3 pin) and potentially fragile controls but I haven't found that to be an issue.

    I bought the amp along with the PF-115HLF cab and attached the amp to the flip top lid so when storing and transporting the amp part is hidden away. Note that the head will only fit one way on the lid - check carefully first as I got it wrong the first time around.

    In terms of sound/tone it's great for what I play (60s/70s/80s rock/blues covers) and the comments from band members is that it looks and sounds great.

    It has a built in compressor but I favour using my own external one, just cos with my existing compressor I can dial in exactly the setting I want.

    For our band it's plenty loud enough and we only put vocals through the PA, but it has a DI output if you need to use it.

    Mr pitt | Purchase date: 19 June 2011

    still getting used to amp but seems to perform well.Tone controls make quite a differance and can get a variety of sounds.Setting up the fliptop option is a bit fiddly but worth it.One major gripe,amp comes with a two pin power lead which you cant use in a british socket.

    Mr. steve marks | Purchase date: 06 June 2011

    bought a couple of weeks ago, gigged it twice, rehersed it twice as well. Pros, good sound, light, cheap. Cons, dials feel a bit flimsy.

    If you're after the Ampeg sound, this is a good entry point for the price. You're not getting the SVT sound obviously, but you aren't getting the weight or cost either.Stick a decent tube preamp pedal in front and you're almost there. Loud enough for my 3 piece rock band for pub stuff, Di to PA for bigger venues is handy. Switchable EQ and bass boost also good. For the money (£300) this is a bargain and its Ampeg so you wont feel ashamed of it sitting on your cabs! My only concern was the dials all feel a bit cheap and flimsy so we shall see how long they last. Quite "toppy" as well i thought but that could be my bass (Jap Fender P/J) but easy enough to dial in your sound with quite a good EQ. 4 stars from me, but its early days!

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