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Mackie SRM350 Version 2 Active PA Speaker In Black (Price Each)

Mackie relaunch besting selling PA speaker with new BLACK finish

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Mackie SRM350 V2 Active PA Speaker in Black (Price Each)

New for 2010 - the SRM350v2 now comes in Black

Continuing the incredible popularity of the original Mackie SRM350, the SRM350 v2 is now lighter, punchier & even more reliable. It's still the number one choice for musicians & entertainers who want high quality sound in a really small & portable box.

Here's what Mackie say about the SRM350 v2

Now, thanks to the all-new SRMv2 Series Portable Active Loudspeakers, live sound is being rocked by a new movement. Featuring new powerful Class-D Fast Recovery amplifiers, with an ultra-efficient, heat-minimizing switching power supply, the SRMv2 loudspeakers are made to be loud and stay cool-even when driven at top volume, all night long. Plus, with all new transducers, including a neodymium woofer with 3-inch voice coil and heat-treated titanium compression driver, the SRMv2s deliver even more punch and clarity than the original SRM loudspeakers. Bringing whole new meaning to the word "portable," the SRMv2 loudspeakers are more lightweight than their predecessors, too-the SRM450v2 weighs 11 pounds less, and the SRM350v2 weighs 6 pounds less.

  • 2-way bi-amplified, optimized Active loudspeaker system
  • High-output, titanium dome compression driver
  • 10" Neodymium long-throw low frequency transducer
  • 165W class-D, Fast Recovery LF amp / 30W HF amp
  • Ultra-wide, smooth dispersion via HF waveguide
  • Built-in phase accurate 24dB Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover
  • Electronic time correction, phase alignment and EQ for studio quality sound
  • Mic/line input and pass-thru connector
  • Lightweight for ultimate portability (26 lbs)
  • Flyable, Pole mountable, Floor wedge-able

Check out the full spec on the Mackie SRM350 v2 here http://www.mackie.com/products/srm350v2/

    Andrew | Purchase date: 07 September 2012

    I had already bought 3 of these speakers and find them to be good value. The top end is clear without being screechy like some of the old Mackies. They have a very wide throw angle which is useful if you want to cover an audience that is spread across a wide area, without having gaps in the coverage. This is exactly our situation and they perform admirably. If you are in a very reverberant space and want to keep the sound off the walls then these might not be the speakers for you, unless you are able to mount them close to the audience and/or far from the walls.

    We use some as mains and some as foldback monitors. They have plenty of volume and frequency range for non-rock volumes of keys, guitars and vocals. Obviously they aren't going to give you the lower end of a bass guitar or kick drum thump - but you could pair them with a sub and get that done.

    Took off one star for build quality, as one of the other 350s we bought has developed a dodgy on/off switch - we just tape leave it on and switch it off from the plug.

    Jim | Purchase date: 01 March 2012

    Already have the SRM450 V2 for PA which I really like. This was bought as a floor monitor and looks and sounds really good. Also Very light weight. I've purchased a number of items from Anderton's and their Customer service and aftercare is excellent.

    KEVIN | Purchase date: 05 February 2012

    I have used FBT speakers before,which I thought were about the best on the market.These new Mackie certainly come up to the mark for quality and performance considering their price,size and weight compared to the FBT they are very good value,clear and punchy particularly on vocals.Recommended.

    Mr S Cooper | Purchase date: 03 June 2010

    The sound quality of these speakers is amazing!! They look great and the lightweight design makes them easy to move around. They double up as a foldback aswell I'd recommend the Mackie's to anyone.

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