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M Audio AV40 Studiophile Monitors - Pair

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M-Audio AV40 Studiophile Monitors - Price per Pair

These miniature speakers have a big sound! With 4" Woofers, these desk-sized monitors are ideal for musicians, video editors and audiophiles who want high quality sound in a package that is the right size for working at a modestly-sized workstation.

Here's what M Audio say about the AV40 Monitors

The compact Studiophile AV 40 powered speakers deliver the same proven M-Audio technology favored by top producers, recording engineers and musicians around the world. The combination of 4" polypropylene-coated drivers and 3/4" ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters provides punchy lows, crisp highs and a balanced, uncolored response. Custom cabinets with dense wood construction deliver more accurate bass response than you could ever get from plastic multimedia speakers. And for the highest possible fidelity, the Studiophile AV 40 speakers also feature OptImage III wave-guide technology and a 15 watt-per-channel internal amplifier that utilizes Class A/B architecture. The Studiophile AV 40 reference monitors are the perfect solution for traveling musicians or anyone who wants top-notch sound from their desktop multimedia system.

Professional Components-Professional Results

The Studiophile AV 40 monitors are designed with the same quality materials and internal electronics that are used in M-Audio's acclaimed professional monitors. You'll find features like audiophile-grade Class A/B amplifier architecture and balanced 1/4" TRS inputs in addition to RCAs. It all adds up to a big sound that belies the speakers' small size. With the Studiophile AV 40s, you don't have to give up professional-grade fidelity to enjoy the ease and mobility of a compact speaker system.

Extended Low End

If you require extra bass response, the Studiophile AV 40 speakers have you covered. MDF wooden cabinets, bass reflex design and an integrated bass boost switch let the Studiophile AV 40s crank out plenty of low end-perfect for urban/dance music, DVDs and more.

OptImage III Technology

M-Audio's proprietary OptImage III wave guide improves overall detail and clarity while minimizing sound issues that can plague other compact monitors. The system works by improving the overall efficiency of the tweeter as well as time-aligning the drivers. This ensures that the audio from each driver reaches the listener at the same time, guaranteeing precise stereo imaging and accurate response.

Magnetically Shielded for Desktop Use

Unchecked, all speakers emit electromagnetic waves that can wreak havoc with your computer's video monitor or a nearby TV. The Studiophile AV 40 speakers are magnetically shielded so that all of your electronic equipment can coexist on your desktop without interference.


  • 4" polypropylene-coated woofers
  • 1" diameter, magnetically shielded silk dome tweeters
  • OptImage III tweeter wave guides for superior imaging
  • 15-watt-per-channel amplifier with Class A/B architecture
  • magnetic shielding
  • 1/4" TRS balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs
  • 1/8" headphone output
  • 1/8" stereo auxiliary input
  • front-panel volume control
  • rear-panel on/off control
  • bass boost control
  • MDF cabinet with bass reflex port design

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 06 March 2015

    As Above

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 09 July 2014

    Excellent service, the staff were patient and knowledgeable.

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 13 March 2014

    very good for the price

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 14 November 2013

    Good pair of speakers, better than 2.1 speakers i have used. Strongly recommend

    steven | Purchase date: 11 November 2013

    great sound for the price they fit perfectly in my home studio, the service and quality of m audio av40

    is very good, hope to deal with andertons again.


    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 27 August 2013

    Great speakers which exceed my requirements for a pair of desktop monitor speakers.

    Graham | Purchase date: 22 March 2013

    Great little speakers, much less coloured and more detailed than Hi-Fi speakers and most headphones. Like the multiple inputs. Great for small scale recording setup monitoring, perfect for enjoying your CD collection with greater clarity.

    Richard | Purchase date: 09 January 2013

    Superb quality speakers. Excellent sound production and clarity. I am using these to amplify my mustang floor and as stereo speakers for my laptop. Incredible value for money and perfect for playback of backing tracks !

    Big Chris | Purchase date: 12 September 2012

    I am a Hip Hop and R&B Engineer

    Used these speakers at a friends home setup and on a budget u can get some great results. Good sound on most frequencies for mixing and a basic master! @BigChrisRnB

    Patrick | Purchase date: 15 August 2012

    I bought these speakers for use with my home studio and they deliver. Once they arrived I did note that these speakers are the V2 av40s and not the v1s (pictured) so I was a little dissapointed.

    Rich | Purchase date: 18 May 2012

    Bought these for use with Cakewalk V-Studio 20. They sound spot on. Also use them with iPad/Gargeband. Very good

    Martyn | Purchase date: 15 March 2012

    This is my fist pair of 'monitors' so how good they are compared to others is something I can't comment on. I've always used HiFi speakers and got reasonable results for my needs. However, I wanted some decent speakers for my iMac and these have surpassed what I would have expected at this price. They sound fantastic, even at lower volumes (which I find less tiring on the ears) with no loss of bass. My set-up is far from ideal but they deliver all the clarity I was hoping for. Really please with these.

    donny | Purchase date: 02 October 2011

    these speakers are very good for referencing and playing my music off of itunes, they come with a lead to connect to a headphone socket.

    they fit on my desk easily, looking very smart.

    for a beginner in recording they are great but i ca see how I will need to upgrade in future.

    Anthony | Purchase date: 23 August 2011

    I bought these monitors to attach to my digital piano so that I can listen to other sources at the same time and use with my computer to record in Logic. The number and type of inputs are perfect for me - two stereo inputs on the rear for my piano and computer, plus a 3.5mm front input for my cd player.

    The sound is very impressive for the price, with the treble and midrange sounding particularly clear. The only reason I have knocked one star off is that A) there is a loud clunk when switching the power off and B) the upper bass is a bit boomy (this may be due to the rear firing port).

    I did consider the Roland MA-15D monitors for a slightly higher price but didn't need a digital input and much prefer the controls to be on the left speaker as I am left-handed.

    Overall highly recommended.

    Mr. David Fleming | Purchase date: 31 March 2011

    For what they are, these speakers do their job nicely. Disregard the idea that these are professional monitor speakers - that kind of marketing hype actually gives them a bit of a bad name because people start comparing them to Mackies and KRKs - if you compare them to these, they get blown out of the water. These are very much consumer speakers - and good ones at that.

    If you want a set of stereo speakers to listen to music on or to use with your PC, you've come to the right place. They deliver good bass response (sometimes too good - late at night I have to EQ it a bit so I can hear the conversation in whatever film I'm watching without the action scenes causing family members to scream at me) and tight shimmery highs. The mid is scooped a little bit and feels ever so slightly 'boxy' to me, but if you're just listening to music or watching films they sound great overall.

    One of the problems with them being wannabe studio monitors is that they lack volume. I don't tend to listen to my music at booming levels, but if you are the type who wants to be deaf by the time you're 30 then you might want to get something a bit beefier. They're not quiet, they're just not loud either. I suppose the intention (as it says in the included 'monitor setup guide') is so that you aren't monitoring too loud, but as I said before M-Audio should've really focused on selling these as consumer speakers rather than monitors because as monitors go they're not really worthwhile.

    That is, unless you intend to primarily use them for music/films while occasionally monitoring home studio projects, in which case there's no reason to spend more.

    Keith Hill | Purchase date: 15 March 2011

    I purchased these speakers to go with my new iMac and Logic home studio setup. Having read a few reviews I decided on this model and I am glad I did. These speakers really have to be heard - they sound fantastic. Not only are they great studio monitors but playing my iTunes collection through them is just amazing. You can really hear things in songs that I couldn't pick out on my expensive Sennheiser headphones. Very highly recommended.

    Mr. Adam Slatter | Purchase date: 06 November 2010

    Have had these speakers for a while now and have been really pleased with this purchase.

    Some reviews on the interent talk about these speakers having a baseline hum, But I have them placed within a meter of my ears and haven't noticed any sound other than the ones I am wanting to hear.

    These speakers are solidly built and sound ok to my ears, maybe not the best of all the many different speakers I auditioned in store, but these provided the best sound for the best price for me.

    Simon Lyon | Purchase date: 15 October 2010

    These monitors are surprisingly loud and good at handling bass frequencies. Although they are active monitors, only one is powered and the other is a slave. As a result they are a lot lighter and very portable. Sound purchase.

    James Ward | Purchase date: 31 August 2010

    I purchased the M-Audio studiophile AV40s as I wanted a pair of monitors for home music production. This product has been very good in that respect. The sound quality is excellent when arranged properly in a room. I found the bass boost feature to be a bit pointless however. The inclusion of 1/4 inch input is very useful. The price was very attractive too.

    Daniel Dapaah | Purchase date: 26 July 2010

    My Item arrived well packaged and I am so pleased with my monitors. They have great sound and easy to install. Would definitely recommend this product.

    Mr. Howard Brown | Purchase date: 30 April 2010

    I recently bought an Apple iMac which has a reasonable sound quality, but I wanted to improve on that, so after extensive research I decided that these speakers fitted all my requirements and I was not disappointed.

    The speakers are great through all ranges, the quality of sound is clear, no distortion even at high volume, and the bass is fabulously punchy.

    The quality of the build is excellent, the size of the speakers is perfect for desktop and they look good too.

    Connection to my PC was simple, and playing my MP3 player from a dock is easy.

    Delivery was speedy and reliable I am impressed with the customer service I experienced with Andertons Music Co.

    I have no hesitation in recommending these speakers, they are brilliant and really good value for money, look no further these are what you need.

    Mr. GRAHAM ATKINS | Purchase date: 09 March 2010

    Like many people I am spending more and more time working at my computer and have been loading my extensive collection of CD's on to the system. I had been listening to my music via a typical pair of PC speakers that I bought with my first Mac. It was only one evening that I sat down properly to listen to music on my hi-fi system that I realised what I had been missing. I decided it was time for something better. Having read many reports on how good the AV40's are I decided to try them out. The first thing is the size of these, they use a fair bit of desk space and look intimidating even beside my 22" monitor which could be off putting for some. The finish of the monitors is very good, and despite some comments the "powered" monitor does not seem to get particularly hot even after prolonged use. They have a useful range of connections, the front of the powered monitor has a headphone jack for silent listening and an auxiliary connector for your walkman or ipod, and the rear has connections for the computer on RCA (Phono) jacks but also a pair of 1/4" TRS jacks. The latter makes them useful for other little jobs in the studio, testing out a synth for example. Most importantly the sound of these is very good with improvement in detail in midrange and high frequencies, but most noticeable is the much improved stereo imaging. There is also a bass boost switch on them to emphasise the LF but in practice I don't find it necessary. About the only oddity with the AV40's is that the front aux connector does not break the signals from the rear jacks but mixes the 2 but this is being picky, overall I'm very happy.

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