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KRK RP8 Rokit G2 Powered Monitor w/ 8" Driver - EACH

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KRK Rokit RP8

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Whether you're just starting out in desktop recording, or you've already laid down a few thousand tracks, you've probably heard about KRK Rokit Powered Studio Monitors. After all, for years the Rokit has been a popular choice for accurate monitoring in home and project studios large and small. Rokit enthusiasts include guitar and bass players, electronic musicians and re-mixers, beginning artists and industry professionals.

But now is a great time to check out the all-new, Rokit Generation 2 Powered Studio Monitors. Generation 2 Rokits set a new standard with even better performance and accuracy, raising the bar once again. So "getting ahead of the curve" means even more than ever.

New KRK Proprietary Woofers And Tweeters
Speakers, crossovers and amplifiers are tuned for maximum performance: Improved top end frequency response, increased articulation, better imaging, faster attack times, less distortion. The 1" Neodymium Soft Dome tweeter is more natural and less harsh than metal-domed tweeters, resulting in reduced ear fatigue and more natural mixes. The Glass Aramid Composite Cone Woofer maximizes excursion performance without compromising reliability and minimizes distortion. We've even improved the speaker voicing of new Rokit (no simple feat considering how great Rokit's have always been in this regard). Simply put, RokitG2 is the most accurate monitor in its price range.

New Radically Curved Front Baffle Design
Our new Rokits look different, so they can sound better, and in a wider "sweet spot". Traditional rectangular speakers with square or slightly rounded edges suffer from diffraction as sounds leaving the edge of the cabinet are reflected back into the original sound field, and at different time intervals. This phase distortion creates a "narrow" or boxy" sound. The Rokit Generation 2 Series eliminates this issue with radically engineered curved surfaces, so diffraction is virtually eliminated. Simply put, you'll get better sound in a wider area.

Recessed High Frequency Waveguide
KRK has designed a superior tweeter waveguide that provides optimal high frequency pattern control and focuses the sound outward, away from the cabinet. More conventional designs direct sound along the plane of the cabinet where waveform interaction can cause phase problems and increased diffraction. KRK knows a properly engineered high frequency waveguide is a critical component to great sound, and one key to our award winning performance.

Bi-Amplified Design with Active Crossover
Power Up! A great sounding monitor doesn't stop with a great cabinet and custom drivers. Our true bi-amplified amplifier system provides discrete low-distortion power for each driver. While our active crossover systems provide smooth and accurate frequency response, and again, accurate diffraction control.

Newly Designed Rigid Wood Cabinet
While the radically designed curved front panel with flush and radius surfaces provide excellent imaging characteristics and a much wider sweet spot, the new Rokit's rigid wood cabinet construction improves overall structural integrity, extended low frequency response and increased damping characteristics.

Multiple Input Options
You've Got Connections, At KRK our focus is your mix. But it doesn't stop at creating accurate monitors. We live this stuff and appreciate the need for monitors that not only sound great but work easily into your particular set up. That's why you'll find plenty of input options with your Rokit sure to accommodate any studio environment. So if it's RCA, Quarter-Inch (balanced/unbalanced) or XLR inputs you require, Rokit has got you covered.

High Frequency Level Control
While your Rokit Generation 2 leaves the factory voiced to our demanding specs, KRK also knows that no two rooms "sound" the same. As such, each comes equipped with a High Frequency Level Control. This feature provides specific adjustment of high frequency output most commonly affected by room acoustics. It's just one extra level of control that KRK gives you to ensure the most accurate mix for your particular room's acoustics.

Front-Firing Port
Take a look at competitive monitors and you'll find ports on the back of the cabinet. These rear-firing ports tend create bass coupling with walls and corners amplifying low frequency information which will color your mix. Just like it's big brothers (VXT and Expose) the G2 Rokits include front-firing ports, which are just the right shape and taper to reduce port turbulence. You'll appreciate the clean and accurate bass performance, this approach delivers, even at high SPL's.

Input Gain Control
Why compromise gain structure to achieve a comfortable listening level? As musicians and recording people ourselves, we know that your monitor has to play nice with other components in your system, which is why we gave RokitG2 an ultra-compatible Input Volume Control that provides an adjustable gain range from +6dB to -30dB. Just another way RokitG2 lets you focus on your mix, and not on compatibility concerns.


  • New KRK Proprietary Woofers And Tweeters
  • 1" Neodymium Soft Dome tweeter
  • Glass Aramid Composite Cone Woofer
  • New Radically Curved Front Baffle Design
  • High Frequency Waveguide
  • High Frequency Level control
  • Input Gain Control
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Front-Firing Port
  • Recessed Tweeter Waveguide
  • Bi-Amplified Design with Active Crossover
  • Rigid Wood Cabinet
  • New KRK Proprietary Woofers and Tweeters

    Ryan | Purchase date: 15 January 2013

    These monitors looks very stylish and sound great. I have found them very good for mixing, with a good clean response and not too much bass. These speakers are quite large, so if you have a small home studio they're going to take up some room. The 8" drivers also kick out some volume, especially with a finished mix, they are loud! Alot of people associate KRK monitors with mixing electronic music, but I use them for mixing a variety of genres, from indie and rock, through to metal and black metal.

    Volker | Purchase date: 13 July 2012

    These speakers are everything. I needed to complete my small Home studio. Since the purchase the old problem of overcompensating for not hearing the bass on smaller Yamaha speakers has been removed. The bass can be shaped much more easily and new compositions in reason and cubase always sound amazing straight away. Best speakers I ever had, and heard no one else I know with better sounding ones, yet. :)

    I read several reviews and was advised by songwriters with extensive experience that an 8 inch speaker system was the best solution for my requirements, rather than the 10 inch version. KRK get extremely good reviews in the magazines, being extremely competitive on price.

    Really good buy, won't be disappointed if looking for good set for your shome studio.

    Konrad | Purchase date: 13 September 2011

    Fantastic purchase! Very good clear sound, enough bass.

    Great value for the price

    Mr. Matt Hayes | Purchase date: 16 March 2011

    Great monitors. Full sound without too much bass. Quite large, so make sure you have enough room for them.

    Mike Thorn | Purchase date: 07 February 2011

    Simply fantastic. I've been using these for a month now and the sound is really clear and uncoloured. These are the first proper monitors I've had so I can't compare with other brands. Nonetheless, I am very happy with them.

    I did have to return one of the units in the first week because it buzzed. Andertons swapped it without any problem (they sent a courier to pick up the old unit and drop off a new one). So, the service from Andertons is pretty good too.

    Mr. Alastair Hellard | Purchase date: 29 December 2010

    Bought these monitors on recommendation from a friend, I have to say they are amazing, they are so flat and the clarity for the price is amazing, so easy to set up to.

    Definitely would recommend for home studio if you're on a low budget.

    Carl Johnston | Purchase date: 24 December 2010

    I got these RP8s with the 10S sub and have been doing some sound tests in an studio environment.

    What I can say about them is that as stand alones the high end is really crisp and defined, but it sounds like there is something lacking in the mids, and for an 8" driver, it doesn't have as much bottom end as I was expecting.

    Having said that 80

    Mr. James Burns | Purchase date: 29 April 2010

    I searched the web for reviews on studio monitors for days.

    A tricky setup compared to buying hifi speakers. I looked for brands who invest money in their products, second was my budget. After asking around i kept coming back to KRK. If you've done as much research as i have done you'll know why i went for this brand. To go for the 8" woofer version ment i did not require a subwoofer at a later date. After letting the monitors warm in for two days on a low volume i found i had bought some seriously accurate monitors that could blow sharp tight bass into my room like nothing else. i didnt expect the volume. If you need volume with amazing detail and a strong tight bass, look no further.

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