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KRK Rokit RP5 G2 Active Monitor Speaker with 5" Driver

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Whether you're just starting out in desktop recording, or you've already laid down a few thousand tracks, you've probably heard about KRK Rokit Powered Studio Monitors. After all, for years the Rokit has been a popular choice for accurate monitoring in home and project studios large and small. Rokit enthusiasts include guitar and bass players, electronic musicians and re-mixers, beginning artists and industry professionals.

But now is a great time to check out the all-new, Rokit Generation 2 Powered Studio Monitors. Generation 2 Rokits set a new standard with even better performance and accuracy, raising the bar once again. So "getting ahead of the curve" means even more than ever.

New KRK Proprietary Woofers And Tweeters
Speakers, crossovers and amplifiers are tuned for maximum performance: Improved top end frequency response, increased articulation, better imaging, faster attack times, less distortion. The 1" Neodymium Soft Dome tweeter is more natural and less harsh than metal-domed tweeters, resulting in reduced ear fatigue and more natural mixes. The Glass Aramid Composite Cone Woofer maximizes excursion performance without compromising reliability and minimizes distortion. We've even improved the speaker voicing of new Rokit (no simple feat considering how great Rokit's have always been in this regard). Simply put, RokitG2 is the most accurate monitor in its price range.

New Radically Curved Front Baffle Design
Our new Rokits look different, so they can sound better, and in a wider "sweet spot". Traditional rectangular speakers with square or slightly rounded edges suffer from diffraction as sounds leaving the edge of the cabinet are reflected back into the original sound field, and at different time intervals. This phase distortion creates a "narrow" or boxy" sound. The Rokit Generation 2 Series eliminates this issue with radically engineered curved surfaces, so diffraction is virtually eliminated. Simply put, you'll get better sound in a wider area.

Recessed High Frequency Waveguide
KRK has designed a superior tweeter waveguide that provides optimal high frequency pattern control and focuses the sound outward, away from the cabinet. More conventional designs direct sound along the plane of the cabinet where waveform interaction can cause phase problems and increased diffraction. KRK knows a properly engineered high frequency waveguide is a critical component to great sound, and one key to our award winning performance.

Bi-Amplified Design with Active Crossover
Power Up! A great sounding monitor doesn't stop with a great cabinet and custom drivers. Our true bi-amplified amplifier system provides discrete low-distortion power for each driver. While our active crossover systems provide smooth and accurate frequency response, and again, accurate diffraction control.

Newly Designed Rigid Wood Cabinet
While the radically designed curved front panel with flush and radius surfaces provide excellent imaging characteristics and a much wider sweet spot, the new Rokit's rigid wood cabinet construction improves overall structural integrity, extended low frequency response and increased damping characteristics.

Multiple Input Options
You've Got Connections, At KRK our focus is your mix. But it doesn't stop at creating accurate monitors. We live this stuff and appreciate the need for monitors that not only sound great but work easily into your particular set up. That's why you'll find plenty of input options with your Rokit sure to accommodate any studio environment. So if it's RCA, Quarter-Inch (balanced/unbalanced) or XLR inputs you require, Rokit has got you covered.

High Frequency Level Control
While your Rokit Generation 2 leaves the factory voiced to our demanding specs, KRK also knows that no two rooms "sound" the same. As such, each comes equipped with a High Frequency Level Control. This feature provides specific adjustment of high frequency output most commonly affected by room acoustics. It's just one extra level of control that KRK gives you to ensure the most accurate mix for your particular room's acoustics.

Front-Firing Port
Take a look at competitive monitors and you'll find ports on the back of the cabinet. These rear-firing ports tend create bass coupling with walls and corners amplifying low frequency information which will color your mix. Just like it's big brothers (VXT and Expose) the G2 Rokits include front-firing ports, which are just the right shape and taper to reduce port turbulence. You'll appreciate the clean and accurate bass performance, this approach delivers, even at high SPL's.

Input Gain Control
Why compromise gain structure to achieve a comfortable listening level? As musicians and recording people ourselves, we know that your monitor has to play nice with other components in your system, which is why we gave RokitG2 an ultra-compatible Input Volume Control that provides an adjustable gain range from +6dB to -30dB. Just another way RokitG2 lets you focus on your mix, and not on compatibility concerns.


  • New KRK Proprietary Woofers And Tweeters
  • 1" Neodymium Soft Dome tweeter
  • Glass Aramid Composite Cone Woofer
  • New Radically Curved Front Baffle Design
  • High Frequency Waveguide
  • High Frequency Level control
  • Input Gain Control
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Front-Firing Port
  • Recessed Tweeter Waveguide
  • Bi-Amplified Design with Active Crossover
  • Rigid Wood Cabinet
  • New KRK Proprietary Woofers and Tweeters

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 28 August 2013

    I speaker was faulty and replaced. Replacement is fine.

    Dave | Purchase date: 30 December 2012

    Great speakers. Tried a few different speakers in the £200-400/pair category and liked these the most. Suits my needs, give them a try

    Martin | Purchase date: 02 May 2012

    I bought this monitor (just one) to connect to my POD HD500 in addition to its normal connection to a DT25 amp. I have a JTV89 guitar which has acoustic guitar models onboard and wanted a FRFR speaker to amplify the guitar model via the HD500 without colouring the sound. This monitor works perfectly and doesn't cost the earth.

    Iassen | Purchase date: 26 February 2012

    I purchased these straight from the shop on a Sunday. The shop assistant (can't remember his name) was extremely helpful and showed me different models. I ended up buying the KRK - not only for their sonic performance but also the looks (love that yellow driver). Unfortunately one of the speakers was buzzing so I had to return it. Anderton organised a swift exchange via a courier, so a few days later I had my house rocking. As usual great experience and great service from Andertons.

    Mr J Howley | Purchase date: 10 February 2011

    I came into andertons pretty clueless and in need of a set of studio monitors. As always the guys were really helpful and I was lead to buy the KRK rockets- theyre literally perfect for what I wanted them for- (dubstep production) and they are easily the best in their price range- way to go!

    Mr. Steve Barton | Purchase date: 15 January 2011

    I can't remember what my old (and recently deceased) speakers were called but I do remember them being recommended by a popular home studio based magazine. So I've spent the last few years assuming that there was nothing better out there which was within my price range. The result has been too much top end and/or too much bottom end on every single one of my mixes. Of course being familiar with your speakers is important whatever they are but the fact is - you're very unlikely to stumble across the eq sweet-spot if the sweet-spot doesn't exist in your speakers. But I plugged in the RP5's and I swear the first mix I tried was EQ'd within 10 minutes. It was like I'd been playing guitar for years and then finding the tuning pegs... and taking my mittens off.

    I use my electronic drumkit as midi triggers so before I used the RP5's I was a little concerned that they might not be loud enough, but as it turns out there is absolutely no shortage of volume. I will say that the bass stood out a tiny bit more at higher volumes but that's almost certainly an issue with my cramped room - not the RP5's. While I'm on the subject of volume, I find what really separates the boys from the men is the ability to keep things sounding level at low volume, and in this respect I found the RP5's to perform outstandingly well - top middle and even the bottom end was all there regardless of how quiet they were running.

    Build quality - there's not much to say really, all the sockets feel very solid and they're heavy enough to stay anchored without the need for blue-tak or concrete mounts. The 5" cones thankfully aren't made from that horrible shed roof type material which clings to dust. They're smooth enough to withstand minor beer spillage and a wipe down, yet at the same time nice and sturdy. The tweeters feel a bit exposed but no more so than any other monitor so the usual, necessary care should be taken.

    I can't honestly see the balanced inputs making much (if any) difference to most peoples setups but the different sockets could come in handy if you use TRS or XLR connectors (although I'm quite content to use the RCA inputs personally).

    These monitors tend to sell out quickly eveywhere and it's clear to see why. I'd most certainly recommend them to anybody with recording gear and a pair of ears.

    Mr Mark Hadlow | Purchase date: 05 November 2010

    Great reproduction. Plenty of range for such small monitors. Would definitely recommend.

    Mr S Smith | Purchase date: 23 September 2010

    These excellent speakers are great in a small room and have tighter bass response than other speakers I have tried. I previously had a pair of old Genelec monitors but felt that they lacked a full rich sound. The KRK rp5s are pleasing to listen to and not fatiguing at all, they are also honest and provide a good representation of your mix. If you have not had monitor speakers before you may feel the need to start listening to cd quality music again rather than low bit-rate mp3s!

    For the money they are the best speakers you can buy. If you have a bit more to spend Adam and Genelec make excellent choices. Being a student I had limited budget and space so the KRKs are a good compromise.

    Simon Williams | Purchase date: 28 January 2010

    I was hesitant at first purchasing such a small pair of speakers for my home studio, but having read countless reviews on these I decided to take the plunge, without even listening to them. They arrived very quickly and extremely well packed, two outer cases and solid high density polystyrene protection. On unpacking I was immediately taken back by the finish quality and solidity, these speakers really look and feel like they are built to very high standards and high quality control. I connected them up to the outputs of my Tascam Fireone and once I overcome the ground loop issues of the firewire powered Tascam by plugging in its PSU, the noise loop completely vanished. With high expectations I fired up a few high quality CD tracks and it was then I realised what all the fuss is about. These speakers are truly outstanding! Even at very low volume levels, I can hear the position and full range of every instrument in the mix, feel the presence of low bass notes and a gorgeous airy mid range presence that unfolds as a 3D soundstage. I've only got the monitors on a desktop about 1.5m apart and just 1m infront of me (set as a equilateral triangle with the speakers pointing in towards me), but the definition and stereo imaging is dead on. Turning them up to modest listening levels, I was truly amazed, well actually lost for words at how the low notes, dynamics and response speed of the speakers reproduced all types of music I threw at them. The built in amplifiers are capable of some eardrum splitting levels, I can only assume these drives are super efficient but these little bookshelf monitors can really kick out a solid, full range and at the same time clean and precise sound stage. The background hiss from the speakers when there is no signal is practically inaudible unless you stick your ear next to the tweeter and even then its barely audible. I havent needed to adjust the tweeter levels, the sound is really spot on. If anything, and this is being very critical, when the volume is cranked up the bass can feel a tad stronger, but this makes for a very listenible speaker monitor and in no time do they tire or make long listening sessions hard work. The sound is smooth, crisp, plenty of definition in the top and lower ends and the are simply perfect for any small studio. I would definitely recommend these speakers, I almost went for the 6's but glad I didnt as these are just gorgeous! If you get the chance to test drive these, take along your own top quality sounds and make sure you demo them at sensible monitoring listening levels and not too far away, they are truly cracking little active speakers and what's more, Andertons do a great service and price on these (I got a pair of quality 1/4 inch guitar cables included with mine).

    Mr C Rayneau | Purchase date: 17 November 2009

    These speakers are really good and worth every penny, Sound is clean and clear with plenty of dynamic bass with its front fireing ports, However add an active sub and suddenly the sound takes on an even greater depth of dynamics Highly recommended.

    Steve Aikman | Purchase date: 25 September 2009

    The KRK Rokit 5 RPG2's are the smallest and cheapest in the line.

    As I only had a small budget and the fact im a dj getting into producing, they seemed the logical choice for what I need.

    Although the KRK Rokit 5 RPG2's only have a 5" woofer, I was surprised with bass and upper bass frequencies.

    At low to non ear bleeding levels of volume, they sound fantastic.

    When pushed at a high volume they lost a little of the bass but not to the point of distorting, however the bright mid range seemed to stay.

    I have listened to Genelec, Yamaha and Mackie monitors in the same price range and more expensive and found for the money, the Rokits are great all rounders.

    If you have a larger control room/studio you may be wise to look at the RPG6's or RPG8's, but if like me and you only have a 10ft x 16ft room, the KRK Rokit 5 RPG2's can't be beaten.

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