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Yamaha HS50M Powered monitor (Each)

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Yamaha HS50 Studio Monitor

Following in the foot steps of the legendary NS10M monitor, the Yamaha HS50 creates that classic studio sound, but in a convenient powered speaker - no external amp required.

Here's what yamaha say about the HS50M

The new HS-series reference monitors have been created by Yamaha's studio monitor engineering team to deliver exceptionally flat, accurate response that you can trust. Unlike "monitor" speakers with exaggerated bass and treble that make a good first impression but can't be relied on for accuracy, the HS series were designed to be true studio reference monitors in the tradition of the legendary Yamaha NS10M.

Whether you're mixing for stereo or 5.1 surround, mixes that sound good on Yamaha HS-series reference monitors will translate accurately to the widest possible range of reproduction systems which is engineer-speak that simply means they'll sound good on anything. And that is the ultimate goal of any reference monitor. We should also mention that the HS-series monitors not only sound great, they look great, too.

Please don't forget that HS10M's are sold in singles - if you want a pair you'll need to order 2.

    Elliot | Purchase date: 18 April 2013

    Great speakers!

    Audio quality is amazing for the price.

    They are active so no messing around with separate power amps.

    More than loud enough for small studio use.

    I particularly like the EQ options on the rear of each monitor, allowing you to compensate for compromised room acoustics.

    Mik | Purchase date: 31 December 2012

    Extremely pleased with these monitors - crisp, clean audio delivery and ideally suited to a home studio.

    andrei | Purchase date: 10 September 2012

    great monitor for the money.Probablly the best choice in the pricerange for guitar fx users .I use it wit my kemper profiling amb and they sound amazeing at all volumes .Really rich mids ,silky highs and realistic lows....therefore i think they are almost perfect as a home/studio frfr solution for electric guitarists.For general monitoring purposes they might need a subwoofer but for my aplication i don't feel the need for any.I get a really rich base too.

    Adam | Purchase date: 29 March 2012

    I'm blown away by these. The sound quality is superb!!!

    They're more than loud enough for home use.

    Would buy them again in a heartbeat.

    Will Grove-White | Purchase date: 16 June 2011

    Great for my purposes, recording and mixing mostly acoustic music. These are not sub-bass woofy speakers

    Mr J Sullivan | Purchase date: 19 December 2010

    I'm fairly new to music production but any amateur soon finds out they can't mix on a hi-fi unit. After doing some research, and trying out a few sets of monitor speakers in the shop, I chose two HS50M's from Yamaha.

    I can tell you two things:

    (1) I'm hearing things I've never heard before, which makes it really easy to eliminate unwanted sounds and bring out the best from the sounds you do want.

    (2) When I export tracks from my D.A.W (Record Reason), and play my tracks through various other sound systems, the mix simply sounds as I would expect it to sound, based on the mixing time spent using the HS50M's.

    Great purchase!

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