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Marshall AS100D Acoustic Guitar Amp

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The Marshall AS100D is a quality amplifier that has proven to be invaluable to a great many people. Whether you're a one man band performing at open-mic nights, or even an Irish Jig trio, the AS100D contains everything you'd need to produce a high quality professional sound. You get 4 channels with this beauty, including 2 instrument channels, 1 vocal channel, and even a stereo channel for external audio devices, so you could play along with backing tracks or play CD's during your set breaks!

As everybody knows feedback from mics can be harsh on the ear, and unfortunately with acoustic music it's more likely to happen too. Thankfully those clever chaps at Marshall have built in an effective Anti-Feedback system to eradicate those unwanted howls! The AS100D also has some great sounding FX built in sweeten your sound.

If you're anything more than a 2 or 3 piece group, you may want to consider purchasing a small P.A system instead which would allow you a bit more freedom for vocals etc. However, for intimate sounding performances with say up to 2 instruments and a vocalist, the AS100D is absolutely perfect, with enough power to comfortably project your music at small/medium sized gigs. Top marks!

Here's what Marshall say about the AS100D 2x50W Acoustic Guitar Amp

For the acoustic player who wants it all, we offer the comprehensively featured and powerful AS100D - a 50Watt + 50Watt, 2x 8 inch combo with two high fidelity, polymer dome tweeters. The AS100D has been specially created for use with a variety of acoustic instruments and now boasts new and improved speakers conceived by our design experts in conjunction with Celestion. Between its four channels, this combo has the flexibility to handle instruments with piezo transducers or magnetic pick-ups, plus microphones, for both vocal and instrument reproduction. For those using two pick-ups via a single stereo jack, the two main Acoustic Channels (1 and 2) can be linked together via a 'Link' switch, affording you independent Volume and EQ controls for each pick-up. The other two channels are a dedicated Microphone channel (3) and an Auxiliary channel (4), the latter of which has phono (RCA) stereo inputs specifically for use with external audio equipment. The AS100D houses an internal limiter to ensure you can achieve maximum output while your sound remains distortion free.

Even though the AS100D's 50Watt + 50Watt stereo configuration offers more than enough power for many typical acoustic music venues, a stereo pair of balanced XLR DI outs and Line Outs allow you to connect directly to an external PA system for larger venues. When playing live, one of the most difficult aspects of amplifying acoustic instruments is unwanted feedback. To help eliminate this, the AS100D features several 'anti-feedback' controls, including an individual Phase switch on channels 1, 2 & 3, plus two frequency controllable Notch Filters with selectable extra depth for channels 1 & 2.

The superb quality of the 16 built-in, adjustable stereo digital effects (10 Reverbs, Delay, Chorus & more) adds an entirely new dimension to the already wide range of sounds this professional combo has to offer. Additionally, there is also a stereo Parallel Effects Loop, complete with Level Control, on the rear panel. Compact and portable, the stylish AS100D offers great flexibility and is the ideal amplifier for the acoustic player who wants the highest quality performance, with absolutely natural tonal reproduction.



  • Output (RMS) - 100 Watt Stereo (50 Watt per side)
  • Channels - 4
  • Volume Control (1 per channel) - Yes
  • Independent Tone Network per Channel - Channel 1, 2 & 3
  • Microphone Input - Channel 2 & 3
  • Phase Switch - Channel 1, 2 & 3
  • Phantom Power Switch - Channel 2 & 3
  • Phono Inputs - Channel 4
  • Anti-Feedback Notch Filter - Channel 1 & 2
  • Channel Assignable Chorus - No
  • Reverb - No
  • Master Volume - Yes
  • Digital Stereo FX - Yes
  • FX Level & Mix Control - Yes
  • FX Loop - Stereo
  • DI Outputs - Balanced
  • Line Out - Unbalancd
  • Speakers - 2 x 8 inch
  • Dimensions (mm) - 600 x 540 x 261
  • Weight (kg) - 21

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 21 July 2014

    I have played this twice so far and finding it difficult to work sounds out as it all sounds pretty much the same..I was sold the As100D amp off the shop floor so it was not boxed and no written instructions included as this was the only one in stock. If they usually come with instructions would you please forward them to me. Thank you..Chris..

    Anonymous review via Feefo | Purchase date: 13 January 2014

    very nice amp - good clean and a nice range of effects (not too many). Useful also to have four discreet inputs with individual controls.

    Paul | Purchase date: 13 September 2012

    Very satisfied with the service and professionalism with Andertons. Top quality item purchased with fast delivery and brilliant customer aftercare.

    Alec | Purchase date: 18 July 2012

    Gotta say firstly how knowledgeable, helpful and non-pushy Dave Bartlett was (from Andertons Music). I tried the Fender Acoustonsonic 100 against the Marshall and whilst the Fender is more compact, lighter and cheaper with a clever tilt stand, the Marshall stereo sound was superior. Really loving the way my new Marshall amp has improved my playing! How is that possible? Also, nice it has a separate channel for an MP3 player, mike input and 2 instrument inputs. The built in FX are perfect for my needs. Highly recommended!

    The Picnic Band | Purchase date: 08 July 2011

    I looked at both the Marshall AS50D and the AS100D and although I could see that the smaller of the two, the AS50D, was a great performer, I decided on the AS100D because its baby brother didn't have quite so many features nor quite as much power.

    The AS100D is powerful enough for a small club venue and it has XLRs out so can be used as a monitor and the XLRs simply passed along to any on-site PA that a club might have for even more power.

    I'm only using two channels, one for guitar and one for a dynamic vocal microphone but they both sound crystal clear when used together and not at all muddy. The amp produces a very clean acoustic sound and with controls at the 12 o'clock mark it seems to reproduce exactly what's put into it just louder. My Takamine guitar just sounds like the Takamine I know and love. I've not used it at high volume much yet but when I tested it there was no problem with feedback. There are feedback controls on it but to be honest I didn't have to use them.

    The only bad thing I have to say about this amp is that the handle is pretty flimsy and Marshall could have given it a sturdier one. I unscrewed it straight away. Still... with such great sound, who cares about a handle. The amp is too heavy to carry without a dolly cart anyway. It's not something you'd ever want to travel on the bus with! Taking off the handle is easy and it looks neat enough after this mod. It also provides the perfect space for my two Art Tube MP pre-amps to occupy which I use to warm up both inputs. They sit on the top in between the heat vent grills. This is a fantastic acoustic amp. It does just what it says on the tin.

    Lastly, I know this review is about the amp and I've said it's a good one but I simply can't leave a review without saying that the service I've had from Andertons Music Co. has been second to none.

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